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Collaboration – Zadaa


I’ve become a pretty good second hand shopper. I’ve found some great items used. Nowadays I even do most of my shopping from second hand. But not from just any store, because I only use Zadaa.

It’s always a bit scary to open up the packages, but nine out of ten the item fits me like a glove and I do a little victory dance. I’ve surprised myself, actually. But it’s not just about luck. Put me in a physical second hand store and I want to run out of there as quickly as I can. Not finding anything.  But from the app?
I got this.

Second hand style –  outfit

I felt like a million bucks in this outfit, which was all second hand style (minus the pants and shoes).

I’ve been searching for a blazer, that would feel classy, but still girly, and this light pink blazer was the perfect choice with its cute ribbon sleeves. I think oversized blazers are quite trendy right now – and you can count me in on riding that trend. And probably even after, because to me style is not about fashion and trends. Besides that, I managed to find a nice cotton t-shirt and two (!) dream bags, that were practically brand new. I’m in love with the bags. The other is perfect for when I need to have half of my life with me (you know, a water bottle, camera, wallet, makeup, more makeup etc) – and the other is the perfect size for the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, a lipstick ). Oh – and I also found a new green jacket for spring.

And if you were wondering about the glasses – I was working in a cafe and I use glasses when I’m working. I need them for reading. I usually don’t take photos with them though, not sure why. I guess I feel like they don’t always go with my looks? And I’m a bit bored with them (having the same glasses for years now). But yeah, I guess I could wear them for photos every now and then. And no, I haven’t forgotten about the makeup post for glass wearers either. Actually this particular makeup look went great with my glasses.

This time I bought everything from Germany and it was just as easy as shopping from Finland. I picked up the package from my nearest post just like normal. The selection in Germany was great with lots of sport brands like Adidas etc. I know buying something a bit more expensive, like a DKNY bag, might be a bit scary, but Zadaa package comes with an insurance up to 10 000 euros.

If you haven’t installed Zadaa yet, go do it now!


Do you like to shop second hand?




Strong, independent (and awkward) woman

Once upon a time,

I went to a cafè all by myself.

In my head I saw this independent strong woman drinking oat milk latte by herself and just radiating good energy and productivity. In reality though, I basically asked the waiter if I could order an oat milk latte – instead of just normally ordering it. I literally said: “Could I order this oat milk latte?” after which I immediately mumbled: “I mean, I would take the oat milk latte thanks”. The waiter smiled a little and I just thought to myself: you’re the customer. Just order what you want and pay up, idiot.

And just a few hours before I froze when someone asked me how I was doing. I answered fine and just hit blank. How am I doing? Good, but what else? What’s something interesting that I could tell? Maybe that I’ve started boxing? Maybe talk about the weather? In hindsight, weather would have been the perfect topic. But oh well, you know. Being quiet and awkward is also always an option.

Luckily the latte was delicious. And the cafe was basically empty so it was perfect (no one asking me hard questions like how am I doing etc.). I guess it was one of those days where I couldn’t have smooth conversations and be awesome. It was more like being awkward the whole day – which I guess is just another part of me as well. Not my best feature, but just as real as my ability to look people in the eyes and instantly learn something new about their character.

My coffee moment was nice, even though my stomach hurt and I was on my phone the whole time. Stressing. I couldn’t decide if it was better to post an Instagram photo – or just update my Instagram story. I still don’t know, so you tell me. Though I have a feeling it doesn’t really  matter.

Scarf – Balmuir / Zadaa
Beanie – Bik Bok / Zadaa
Jacket – Soaked in Luxury*
Shoes – VAMSKO
Bag – DKNY*


Not every day is productive and good and sunshine. Not every day do I feel like a strong independent woman. On this particular day the sun did shine, beautifully might I add, but I was feeling so very average.

I thought it would be only suitable to share this piece of text with photos, that I ended up not being that happy about. My photographer was good, but I looked tired and my modeling skills had taken a hike to Africa on that shoot. I also had stomach pains and I was freezing. Not that it’s important. Still, I liked my outfit. My new scarf that I found from Zadaa (100% wool and in perfect shape!) and a new cute white beanie – also from Zadaa. I love how easy it is to buy second hand nowadays, if it wasn’t for Zadaa, I just straight up wouldn’t buy second hand. Luckily there is Zadaa.

And coffee. And that sunshine. And tomorrow. And the ability to laugh to myself. Not taking everything so seriously (though usually I do).

After I had drank my coffee I awkwardly thanked the waiter, walked away and got a car drive home. May tomorrow be better!


photos – healthyhairfinland


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