A bit of pain, lots of effectivity – A facial, that brings me to tears

dmk enzyme mask

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Collaboration with cosmetologist Anu
Contains a discount to DMK-facial & products

I’ve tried several different facials, but few of them are as rememberable as DMK’s enzyme therapy facials. While those usual relaxing treatments lovely and I enjoy for example face massage – it’s a totally different thing to leave from your facial, so that you don’t only feel the effect, but actually see it clearly. Who wouldn’t want to see results right away?

Today I’m going to tell you about a very effective facial and brand called DMK. DMK is quite different from other professional skincare brands. The facials are really different as well, because they don’t contain for example massage and the treatment can actually hurt a little. Yes, it’s a bit painful at times. I should also mention the mask, that tightens on your face and does it’s magic for forty-five minutes. You can’t really move your face during that time, but the mask does that for you – it works your muscles and it feels as if your face was at the gym.

Still it’s one of the most effective facials I’ve ever tried (this wasn’t the only time I’ve tried it) – and I’m excited, that I can tell you more about it through this collaboration with my cosmetologist.

dmk kasvohoito kosmetologi anu
Red as a lobster. And that’s all part of the DMK plan!

dmk skincare

DMK skincare brand

DMK is an american brand, which ideology is to bring balance to the skin with products and treatments, that work together with your skin, not against it. The products contain mostly natural, plant-based ingredients. The ingredients are categorized pharmaceutical, so they contain more active ingredients compared to base ingredients.

What is my own experience with DMK skincare line?

I think it’s a quality brand and I wouldn’t put in on the same line with many brands. The products look a bit boring, because the idea is to make the products awesome – not to use money on it’s packaging. At the same time when I look at the products they seem medical to me – just as the treatments and the education manual (I once went through the education for work). Cosmetics isn’t supposed to absorb that deep in the skin, but with these products it’s said, that they affect the skin on cell level. In my experience they are effective.

So you do get your money’s worth with these, even though the price seems a bit salty at first. The consistencies of the products are nice and there are no additional scents used in the products.

dmk kasvohoito
Plasmatic effect (see those veins on my shoulder?).

DMK Enzyme Therapy facials

Enzyme facial is one of my favorite treatments. It makes my skin glow from within and every time I leave the appointment I feel as if I’ve gotten a little younger. It makes my skin feel soft, plump and clean – and the effects lasts for at least a week. My skin just feels and looks lovely.

Enzyme therapy creates a plasmatic effect by dilating capillaries.  You can clearly see your veins after the mask, as you can see from the photos as well. It increases blood and lymph flow to the skin, which you can feel as the mask tightens on your skin and pulsates (as I said, it feels as if your face was working out). This makes oxygen to rush to the dilated capillaries.

DMK enzyme therapy effects:

  • removes dead skin cells
  • stimulates circulatory system
  • stimulates lymphatic flow (so it removes puffiness from your face!)
  • brings oxygen to skin
  • stimulates collagen production
  • strengthens your face muscles
effective facial dmk
Enzyme mask.

The treatment is quite simple, but every single step has an important task.

Before the enzyme mask, your skin is cleaned and wiped with detoxifying tonic, that evaporates toxins from the skin. It’s designed especially for acne-prone skin and to them, whose skin is exposed to lots of toxins (for example air pollutants). The substance transforms toxins into gas, and that can sometimes cause unpleasent smells. In my treatment I could smell a weird scent, but it wasn’t that strong.

dmk quick peel
After DMK Quick Peel.

Then we get to the painful part – and I’ll be honest here and tell you, that tears were literally streaming down my face. Quick peel is a chemical exfoliant, that contains acids. Even though it’s super effective, it can be used on many different skin types. It exfoliates, it increases blood flow, strengthens the capillaries, removes toxins and helps with inflammation. It also promises to prevent scarring by preventing melanin production.

I can say, that this burns. I’ve experienced quick peel many times, but I didn’t remember just how bad it was. I was both crying and laughing, while Anu made me feel better with a fan. That fan is like an angel in that situation – it helps the burning sensation so much. Lucily it’s only five minutes. After the exfoliation your skin is supposed to be red – and in my case my face got extremely red. That is normal and the redness will fade, once the acid is removed from your skin. Here is another example of just how different this treatment is!

Still I would take that exfoliaton again – it’s so effective. Maybe it’s one of those things, you are willing to do – you know – for your beauty’s sake. Just like brazilian sugaring. It hurts for a while, but it’s definitely worth it and you go through it every month again and again.

Here is the simple steps to Enzyme #1 treatment. At the end of the treatment, several different serums and lotions are applied on the skin. One of the important things in DMK skincare is also sun protection and DMK’s sunscreen is indeed very comfortable and lightweight (I could have recommended it on my last sunscreen post!).

DMK Enzyme #1 treatment:
Deep pore cleanser – Cleansing
Epitoxyl – detoxifying toner
Quick peel – exfoliation, 5 minutes
Enzyme mask – mask, 45minutes
Last, but not least: serums, oil, vitamin c, herb & mineral mist, lotion, sunscreen
Anu does DMK facials in her beauty room in Hiushuone Neo in Kamppi, Helsinki. Enzyme facial lasts for about 120 minutes and it’s normal price is 149€. So you could say it’s a bit more pricey than the regular facial, but as you might have already figured, it’s not a regular facial.

dmk facial review


Anu has an awesome deal for you right now: DMK Fundamentals kit, which contains one enzyme treatment done at the salon, and products for you to use for thirty days at home. Here’s a great chance to try not just the treatment, but also the products. It’s always recommended to use DMK’s own products with the facials, so that the results last for longer.

This kit is now 200€ (normal price 250€). The discount is valid until the end of June – make sure to tell, that you got the discount from Charlotta Eve blog.

If your skin needs a boost and you want to know, just how good a quality treatment feels like – consider DMK’s enzyme facial.

Facials are always customized to be suited for the client. Besides the enzyme treatments, there are other DMK-treatments available. There is for example DMK Beyond Botox – The smiling face treatment, which is awesome for those who use fillers, to make them last longer and to prevent the need for them.

Have you ever tried DMK treatments? What do you think of it? Do you prefer relaxing treatments or the ones, that give you results right away?

Extensions damage your lashes & other lash extension myths

lash extensions

In a collaboration with Kosmetologi Viivi

A while back I met with my lash tech and my friend Viivi for a breakfast. We talked about beauty – obviously – and the big topic was lash extensions and the myths revolving around them. Lash extensions are pretty common nowadays, but there are still some weird rumors or beliefs, that don’t necessarily have any truth in them. As a professional, it’s pretty often that you hear these things, that someone’s cat’s cousin’s sister overheard in a circus (not exaggerating at all here).

So here are the five most common lash extension myths – let me know if you come up with anything else or if you have questions regarding lash extensions. The comment box is open.

Links to products are adlinks.

lash truths

Lash extension myths

Myth 1. You don’t need to wash your lashes

One of the most common misbeliefs is, that you shouln’t wet your lashes, let alone wash them. It’s true, that you shouldn’t wet them 24 hours after having them done, but that is just for the glue to dry properly. After that you need to take care of your lashes and wash them daily.

You should wash your lashes daily with a cleanser specifically made for lash extensions. Foam cleansers are the best, because foam can easily get between your lashes and right between your lid and your lashes. Sebum, dirt and makeup can easily build up and that can cause infections. Washing your lashes helps to keep them hygienic, nice-looking and if you have volume lashes the fans stay beautifully open.

I use Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser, which I mix with water so it becomes a foam. It’s great for my sensitive eyes. Using this cleanser my lashes have stayed beautiful and clean.

Chrissanthie is approved by eye doctors and it’s hypoallergenic. It’s also proved to help treat blepharitis, which is known to be connected with lash extensions. The symptoms for blepharitis are red and swollen lids, pain, lema and the feeling of having something in your eye. The cleanser also contains tea-tree extract, which helps to clean excess oils, so that your lashes can stay on longer.

volume lash extensions

Myth 2. Lash extensions look unnatural 

Nowadays you can get very pretentious, doll-like lashes, which easily lets us to think that all lashes look unnatural. When in reality lash extensions are always custom-made, suited for everyone’s personal taste.

Volume lashes are more voluminous than classic lash extensions. However, the fibres used in volume lashes are super thin, so that they can look even more natural than classic lash extensions, if installed lightly. You can for example only insert volume lashes to half of your lashes, or dye your lashes and have some extensions installed to them. That way your look is very natural, but you don’t need to wear mascara. You can also mix classic and volume lashes, which is what was done to my first set, which I wanted to look quite natural.

My first set, which was quite natural. You can get even more natural than this, obviously.


Myth 3. Lash extensions damage your natural lashes

This is probably the biggest reason to choose a good lash tech and not always look for the cheapest price. It’s always sad to see lashes, which have – well, first of all – been cheap, wrongly installed and in worst case scenario, ruined it’s owner’s whole lash row.

When lashes are installed correctly, they shouldn’t damage your natural lashes. Your own natural lash thickness and length should be taken into consideration before choosing the right style and fibers for you. The fibres should be max. 3 mm longer than your own lashes, in which case they don’t cause damage. You can have longer lashes for a shorter time, but if you wear long lashes for a long time, they might weigh down your lash roots.

Another important note is, that your lashes shouldn’t have too much glue in them. If your lash tech has used too much glue, they can feel heavy and it can glue your lashes together. Then your individual lashes might not have room to fall naturally and grow back. Lashes (done right) should feel comfortable and light.

However, if your lashes are damaged and shortened, you can seek help from lash serums, which help your lashes to heal and to grow. You can also use lash serum while having extensions (given that it’s suitable for lash extensions), at which time it strengthens your lashes and helps to keep the extensions on even longer.

One that is very effective, and also suitable for extensions, is RevitaLash Advanced lash serum. Revitalash treats lashes by giving them moisture, flexibility and shine while actually making them longer. It also prevents your lashes from becoming brittle or breaking. This is the serum I’ve used myself and it does really work.

lash extensions myths

Myth 4. Lash extensions cause allergy.

People can become allergic to anything. You can also become allergic to lash extensions; to the glue, tape or gel pads used in installing the extensions. So if you experience any symptoms, the reason might not always be just the glue. For example, I’m a bit allergic to gel pads so Anu uses tape in my case. You should talk with your lash tech about any allergy symptoms before straight up removing them.

Here as well it’s extremely important to have the extensions installed correctly. Glue shouldn’t touch your skin and the lashes shouldn’t be glued shut to your lids, which in some cases can cause very bad allergy. I’ve seen these kind of cases myself, back when I did lash extensions, and it was awful to see swollen, red lids, when the extensions were far too close to the lid.

Lash extensions should only be installed to healthy eyes.

lash extensions

Myth 5. You can’t have lash extensions, if your lashes are too straight, short, your eyes are hooded or your eye shape is difficult

As a rule you can install lash extensions to every kind of healthy eyes and lashes, no matter the eye shape or lash size. So if you don’t have any sicknesses or some problem with lash growth, you can have a pair of beautiful lash extensions. Also – you can’t have too straight or too curly lashes for extensions. Lash extensions can be used to shape your eyes or to create an effect where eyes can appear closer or farther apart from each other. You can mix different curvatures and for example lift the corners of your eyes. Or if your eyes are very deep set, you can use curved extensions and natural volume set to widen your look.

Thank you Viivi for a nice morning, for helping me with this text and of course for my lovely lash extensions.

If you live in Helsinki, you can buy Revitalash and Chrissanthie straight from Viivi. In other cases, check the links I added in the text.

Do you use lash extensions?  

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