You’re never getting rid of your blackheads – and here’s why you shouldn’t!

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You know that eternal combat against blackheads? The never-ending search for a product, that would minimize your pores and make your skin clear and smooth? I have some bad and some good news for you.

They aren’t blackheads! And therefore – you can’t just squeeze them out. In some cases, anyway.

If they aren’t blackheads, most likely they are sebaceous filaments. A natural part of you that belongs to your skin. They are a tiny collection of sebum and dead skin cells around a hair follicle. Some people have perfect skin and they aren’t visible but with some skin types, like oily skin, they are visible and can be mistaken for blackheads.

I have sebaceous filaments. A lot of them. I have some blackheads too – but it’s important to spot the difference.

Blackheads versus sebaceus filaments – what’s the difference?

A blackhead is just that – a clogged pore with a black head. It’s quite easy to spot (because it’s black). It’s consistency is quite solid and when you squeeze it out it comes out in a one piece, most likely.

Sebaceous filaments look almost the same but they have grey, brown or yellowish head. And as I said – they are a natural part of your skin. They are smaller, but they can be bigger too if the pore is enlarged. When you squeeze them out, you can see sebum coming out, but it’s not necessarily as solid as a blackhead. And it doesn’t necessarily come out in one piece. And here’s what’s important: no matter how many times you extract them, they always come back. That’s how you know. Isn’t that kind of a relief?

Sebaceus filaments

Sebaceus filaments

Sebaceus Filaments

 Here is my skin in it’s all glory in HD: Sebaceous filaments, enlarged pores, blackheads, closed comedones and an oily but dry skin. All that brown spotting is sebaceous filaments AKA my pores.

Sebaceous filaments are a natural part of your skin

Okay – so you may have a skin where there are brown spots all over your face and you can’t get rid of them. And you just have to live with it. This is most likely the case – so you should prepare for that and embrace your looks anyway..

(And I am with you on this one ’cause I don’t have the perfect skin and will never have that. It’s okay too, pal. We don’t need to be perfect!)

.. but there are some products that you can use to help live with them and to not make them worse, because they can turn into blackheads (Sons of bitches, I know!). And needless to say the most important thing would be to eat healthy and drink lots of water, because that has a huge impact on your skin condition.

Since sebeceous filaments are your pores just developing sebum and hair they are likely to come up. To surface. At least that’s how my skin works – and it can even feel bumpy if I haven’t exfoliated it in a while. So the best product to keep your skin smooth – is to exfoliate.

The best recommended products for treating SF or enlarged pores are BHA and AHA products. They are basically acids and they help to exfoliate your skin without the physical irritation and to keep your pores cleaner. AHAs are water soluble and a bit more gentle to the skin and BHAs oil soluble and especially recommended for oilier skin. There is a lot of info on both of these on the internet but I found this article on this one amazing blog that I suggest you read.

There are AHA/BHA products for daily use and then there’s exfoliants and masks, that you only use once per week. I’ve mostly used products from the last group because it’s the easiest way to bring these acids into your skincare routine without drying out your skin. Usually all the brightening masks or products that promise glow include acids. If you haven’t tried a brightening mask you haven’t lived! They actually work – and the secret is in the gentle exfoliation (=brightening) they give.  I want to note that when you’re using BHA/AHA products your skin gets more sensitive to the sun and a sunscreen is a must have. Every day.

You can also exfoliate your skin with scrubs that work by just physically scrubbing your skin – but always be careful not too use too much force.

Here are some of the products I’ve been using to treat my skin and that I recommend for treating sebaceous filaments.

Great AHA/BHA products for sebaceous filaments

the body shop drops of youth concentrate


*The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

The BHA,  that I use daily is a serum. It is The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Concentrate and I have a post about it here. It’s possibly the most important product in my skincare – it’s a key factor in keeping my skin clean.

Pixi Glow Tonic*

I tried a little sample bottle of this that I got from my lookfantactic calendar and I wanted to throw it on this list too. The ‘Glow’ comes from a clear skin that you get by using glycolic acid (AHA) that is in this product. This is especially good for normal, dry or mature skin. This is  really affordable and looking at it’s INCI list I like that there are mostly natural ingredients in it. The only minus comes from the fragrance that is not that bad, but that I could live without.

Sosar Sacred Forest Peat Mask Review

Madara has three awesome masks, that are great for treating SF. I actually have a whole post about them, so if you want to know more about them, check out this post!

Madara Ultra-Purifying Detox Mud Mask
This is a highly effective mud mask that contains lactic acid. Mud masks are a great way of taking care of the SF. Mud absorbs sebum from the skin leaving it fresh and clean.

Madara Brightening Aha Peel Mask
Awesome brightening mask. Super effective in just a few minutes. My skin looks glowing after this!

Madara Smart Anti-Pollution Charcoal&Mud Repair Mask
A more gentle option for the Detox mask. Another favorite of mine! My skin always looks and feels so smooth after this.

Madara Scrub
This scrub is a gentle option for those, who prefer physical exfoliants. It’s oil based and it doesn’t strip your skin from it’s natural moisture. It transforms into a milk when water is added and it leaves the skin clean and soft. Definitely a favorite!

evolve beauty miracle mask

I also have a full post about these two awesome Evolve Beauty products here, so if you want to know more, check that out.

Evolve Beauty Radiant Glow mask

Okay, so I guess I have a few favorites, but this is another favorite mask of mine. It gently exfoliates skin with coconut shell powder, but leaves the skin glowing thanks to all the oils and other nourishing ingredients. And it smells like vanilla!

Evolve beauty Miracle Mask
Super effective mask that contains fruit acids. This is like a professional treatment, in a jar, that you can do at home. In five minutes.

Sosar Sacred Forest Peat Mask
I couldn’t make a list and not tell you about this. This is awesome. It’s pure peat and it dries quickly and absorbs all the excess sebum. It’s really effective so best for oily skin.



I hope this post helped some of you. Let me know what are your favorite AHA/BHA products – would love to try something new!


The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar – Week 1


Finally I got to open my Advent Calendar from lookfantastic! I’ve already opened 4 boxes so let’s see what I got.

I’ve already tried all these products so these mini reviews are also my first-impressions on these goodies.
I also picked my favorite and least favorite surprise of this week.

Box 1 – Pixi Glow Tonic

I was so happy when I opened the first box and found the Glow Tonic from Pixi. I’ve read about it a lot and I was gonna test it anyway at some point. Now I got this small size so I get to try it, yay! The Glow tonic works by exfoliating your skin with glycolic acid which it contains 5 %. It’s definitely good for any skin types but especially for my oily skin and large pores! I’ve been using acid in my toners for a while now and I will definitely continue in doing so. This toner seems really good – it has a nice subtle scent, it’s not drying and it’s affordable.

Box 2 – Rituals The Rituals of Sakura magic touch body cream  ♥

Again I was so happy to find this in the second box! I’ve been using Rituals’ shower gels/foams for about two years now. I use them weekly if not daily. I actually have this Sakura one in shower gel too. It has a lovely clean yet sweet scent. It doesn’t contain mineral oil or parabens which are something I try to avoid. It’s really nourishing and definitely a bit creamier than what I normally use but it absorbs quite nicely into the skin. Love this! I will buy this in the future. This was my favorite product of this week.

Box 3  –  Inika Loose Mineral Blush – Blooming Nude

Box 3 contained this beautiful loose mineral blush from Inika. I love mineral makeup so this was a nice surprise. It’s also vegan and organic. The color is this beautiful peachy nude shade that suits many skin tones. I love the packaging – I think it’s very pretty and I like that it’s smaller than some of my mineral blushes. I tried it on my face too and it blended nicely on the skin.

Swatch of Inika Loose Mineral Powder in Blooming Nude. Matte, peachy, nude beautiful color.

Box 4 –  sleep plus+ pillow spray

Okay the first impression was: what the f? But actually I’ve been having trouble falling asleep and this could work. There’s no harm in trying it, right? This smells like lavender which is known to be calming. I have a night oil which smells like lavender and I like to use it so I think I will like this too. You’re supposed to spray this into your bed linen and your natural movement releases the scent when you sleep = you’re relaxed and you sleep well. Still definitely the most disappointing product of this week.

My post about lavender oil, aromatherapy and it’s benefits in skincare & well-being can be found here.

The next week’s boxes will be posted on the next Sunday. I open the boxes everyday on my snapchat – charkkueve.

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