Mostly yellow days

If I had to draw my feelings and moods everyday, there would be a lot of colors.  I like drawing, but I loose my focus easily, when I’m not interested enough about the subject. Such as, drawing. So my drawings are quick and childish. Lines and circles, abstract things and usually there is a heart of two.

I still color everyday. I see colors, pick them up and and create pictures of them. I favor some colors and some colors I would like to remove from my palette.

The enemy color for me is black. Usually in drawings it’s just messy lines and circles. Black doesn’t really leave space to other colors and it’s usually accompanied by greys and browns. I have a whole collection of black drawings in my closet. There was a black time, where all I could draw was what I felt.

But when you make drawings, it’s easy to see progress. And when you draw enough, you’ll grow tired of the constant black and white.

Slowly there started to appear some spots of color in between the black lines. I could see purple, blue, green and yellow. Color is hard to contain – it spreads so easily around, once you let it loose from the jar. Do just that. Let it flow.

When I go through my paintings now, there is rarely any black in there. It’s only there when it’s accompanied by other colors.

And what’s the coolest thing here, really…

is that now it’s mostly yellow days.

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Here’s one text from my archives. I like to write these things ever once in a while, mostly for myself. Though I like to share them too. Maybe someone gets it? I doubt I would have written anything clearer today – the weirdest flu has been weighing me down ever since Friday. I feel dizzy, my head hurts and getting out of bed requires Thor’s superpowers. So I’m staying in bed, keeping myself hydrated and entertained by Skam, a Norwegian tv series. Hopefully not for too long.

photos Inka Lähteenaro

Can I just take a moment?


beauty lifestyle blog

beauty lifestyle blog

Can I just take a moment to write about what’s going on right now with my life? Because my brain feels all smushy, but I still want to write to you (and take a nap).

I hate to complain or write about negative things, when I don’t feel like I’ve already overcome those things, but today I’ll have to. And anyway, that’s just life and it’s not that serious, not really.

Long story short: this Fall hasn’t been the greatest for me. I’ve had some problems with my health and I’ve been sick a lot. I feel like I’m good with the mental side of things – I find it easy to be happy and productive, when my physical self is doing at least okay. But when my body is forcing myself to bed, it’s extremely hard to stay positive. I’ve also discovered I’m a bit of a workaholic – and I hate that I haven’t been able to work as much as I’d like to.

Luckily it’s my favorite time of the year – the time, when I’m filled with childish joy and excitement. I’ve already put up a small Christmas tree, and there are lights on the balcony and a star by the window. I guess now if never is the time to take it easy, enjoy the calmness that those cold winter nights provide and be grateful for what you already have.

Hope you are all well,
x Charlotta

beauty lifestyle blog

Photos: Jasmin (and the jacket is hers)

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