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kicks cream please lipstick

My inner photographer is back! Thanks to the light and sun. Ah, spring. I’m gonna talk about spring even though it was snowing just a second ago and the ground is white. I already packed all my warm mittens and beanies away and I have pink roses on the table. Winter is over. Even though it’s just coming… GOT fans, anyone?

KICKS recently came out with some brand new stuff and I was so excited to try them. I’ve found some great products and brushes from them and I feel like they just keep getting better. It’s also a nice reminder, that makeup doesn’t have to be super expensive. And it can still look like it.

Products are pr-samples, links are adlinks*

KICKS makeup review – new spring makeup

I think the most exciting products from this launch are the liquid eyeshadows* (which are so pigmented!) and satin lipsticks*. I’m not a fan of matte lipstick and the consistency in these lipsticks is just to my liking. Not matte, not shiny – something in between. I also loved the new look of the makeup brushes (and their quality) and a gold highlighter. Nothing screams summer like a touch of gold on your cheeks.


Swatches of KICKS Liquid Eyeshadows in the shades Mesmerized, Hypnotized & Dazzled.

KICKS Liquid Eyeshadows

The liquid eyeshadows are very metallic and pigmented. They are an easy way to bring a little something to your eye look. The color is intense, but what I also like about these is that you can use them with your fingers and make them subtle. Below I have photos to show you the two ways to wear them. These are water-based, they dry down quite quickly, they last well and they feel comfortable.

Pro tip! If they dry down, you can wet your finger or brush and they can be blended again.

KICKS Liquid Eyeshadows* 12,90€ (now on sale 9,67€)

kicks liquid eyeshadow subtle eyeshadow
Wearing Mesmerized & Hypnotized on my lids. I’m also wearing the gold highlighter in my inner corner, a touch on the lid and on my cheekbones.
I showed you how to do this on my Instagram stories, so go check it out! Super easy to recreate, I promise!

Dazzled liquid eyeshadow on the lids cut-crease style. As you can see – very pigmented and metallic!

kicks cream please lipstick

KICKS Satin Lipsticks

Everything is done right in these lipsticks. The packaging is simple and beautiful with an attention to detail – there is a magnetic closure, which to me, adds that bit of luxury to the lipstick. The consistency in the lipsticks is creamy and comfortable. On my lips these last well and I only need to fix it a little after eating. Definitely recommend the lipsticks!

KICKS Satin Lipsticks* 14,90€ (now only 11,17€)

kicks cream please lipstick

KICKS Satin Lipstick Cream Please – warm light pink nude

kicks just kissed lipstick

KICKS Satin Lipstick Just Kissed – cool pink nude

kicks brick lane lipstick

KICKS Satin Lipstick Brick Lane – a raspberry red

Wearing KICKS highlighter, Fake Freckles Pen and Just Kissed on the lips.

KICKS Gold Highlighter

The gold loose highlighter is quite the basic loose highlighter. It’s very fine, so it can be applied quite subtly on the skin. Then again, you can layer it to get a super intense color. The jar is quite big so it will last a long time! The highlighter can also be used as an eyeshadow or you can mix a little to your body lotion to get a nice glow.

Soon available*.

KICKS makeup brushes

The first brush that caught my attention was the  Smokey eyeshadow brush*. It reminded me so much of my Zoeva 221 brush, which I use almost daily. It’s soft yet sturdy, so it’s perfect for my crease. I also like the face brushes. They are soft and make makeup application easy. I also love how the brushes look!

KICKS makeup brushes*  prices 5-15€, these are now on sale too!

kicks cream please with gloss makeup
Wearing Dazzled on my lid and Cream Please on my lips (with a gloss on top).

makeup blog kicks

For this makeup look I also used my Fake Freckles* pen to create a sun kissed look to my face. That product is one of the most genious products I’ve tried – as I told you, I’ve found some awesome products from the brand.

You can also see in the photos a gold hair pin*, which is pretty handy for when you want your hair up quickly.


What do you think of these products?

Cranberry red makeup – tutorial

cranberry red makeup

I have a new obsession and it’s an eyeshadow palette. The palette is from KICKS and this look made with the palette has been my go-to lately. I love how these colors make my blue eyes pop.

There’s a mini review on the palette at the end of this post, but for now, let’s get to the step by step photos.

makeup tutorial

cranberry red and gold eyeshadow tutorial

For this look you don’t need that many brushes. For the main colors I just used my fingers. But what you do need is some patience with the blending.

  1. First I applied a reddish shade as a base for my look. I blended it well. As it’s not a color close to my skin tone, it needs more blending than a more neutral color. I also applied it to my lower lashline and made it nice and smoky. Sometimes I start with a more neutral color before going in with the red, but I wanted to show you how it can work even without a transition color.
  2. Then I just used my fingers! I applied the cranberry shade all over the lid. Then I took the gold color and focused it on the center of my lid. I applied the gold color also to my lower lashline, right in the center.
  3. Once I had the gold on I noticed that my lower lashline needed some deepening in the outer corner. So I applied some more of that first reddish color in the outer corner. Eyeshadow is a process – it’s okay to go back in and fix things.
  4. Then I applied an inner corner highlight, lined my eyes and added mascara and lashes. I actually tried a red liner for the first time and applied it on my waterline as well. I feel like that really brought the look together.

kicks makeup

KICKS Eyeshadow Palette Holiday Edition* mini review

This limited edition palette has all the colors you need for an everyday look, but it also has these gorgeous pops of colors, which are actually wearable. The stars of the palette are definitely the colors I used here: a cranberry red color, which also has some gold in it and a pressed gold glitter color. Both of these colors are very unique and the texture in them is also something I haven’t seen that much. They are both quite metallic and they go on smoothly when applied with a finger. The gold color has more texture to it though, and if you pick it up with a brush, you can see the single glitters in it. Honestly it’s hard to describe, but that color has my heart. And the cranberry shade as well. I told you it was an obsession.

The price-quality ratio is great in this palette. The pigment is good and the colors are buildable. The packaging is simple and lightweight, so you can also travel with it. Oh – and there’s a big mirror. Honestly I’ve been quite impressed with a lot of KICKS’ products. I used to be so sad we don’t have Sephora here, but KICKS has stepped up it’s game so much I’m starting to think we don’t need one. (Just kidding, obviously I’ll take them both!)

kicks eyeshadow palette

kicks eyeshadow palette swatches

And since we’re talking about obsessions, I’m still loving that Lily Lolo base! It just looks beautiful and it lasts well on my skin. I wrote about Lily Lolo on my latest post here. If you want to see how exactly I use it, I did a video on my Instagram stories on it – as well as some other makeup videos. People are sometimes asking me for makeup videos, so there they are.

Products used for the whole look

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation, Popcorn*
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer (blog post here)
Jane Iredale Blush, Mystique
Lily Lolo Pressed Blush, Tickled Pink*

mad4eyebrow Natural Brow Filler, Blond
Jane Iredale Brow Pen, Blonde

KICKS Eyeshadow Palette Holiday Edition*
essence Lash Princess Mascara*
NYX Faux Blacks Pencil, Oxblood*

KICKS Lip Kit Your Lips But Better*

Lily Lolo, KICKS & Jane Iredale products I have received as pr-samples. *adlinks

makeup tutorial blog

What do you think of this eye look?

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