Christmas in our home

Welcome to our home – during Christmas time! Spicing up our home in November (I start early) is a top priority to me and it’s the key thing in bringing me that Christmas spirit. I thought it would be fun to share some photos of our decorations. Maybe you can get into the spirit as well? Besides, I always love seeing other peoples’ homes.

This might just be the first time I actually share photos of our home. I always compare our home and my photos to all these amazing home bloggers with their impeccable interior design and decorations.  And I know – these are professionals and it’s their job. Still I find myself comparing and feeling like our style is not good enough. I guess you won’t find our home in a magazine, but it’s a really special place for us nevertheless. And I’ve promised to stop comparing myself to others, so this is me trying to do that. (Recently I’ve even shared some messy photos of our home on IG, just to remind everyone – myself included – that mess is normal. We do live here after all. Plus I’m seven months pregnant and yes it does affect my motivation to keep everything tip top.)

Christmas in our home

We have two trees: big and small. The small table tree was the first Christmas tree I bought for our home. It was back when we lived in a small one-room flat and it was the only thing that fit. It’s still important to me and I love to have it in our bedroom. It was also actually the last one in the store that I bought it from. I was lucky to snatch it. The little tree reminds me of the moment I started to build Christmas traditions with Risto. However or wherever I spend it, I get to share it with him.

When it comes to the big tree, I’m actually dreaming of a bigger one. I’m thinking that for our next, bigger apartment, I’m getting a bigger tree with snowy branches. As for the decorations, I went for gold, bronze and white tones. Funny how I used to love silver and now can’t stand it. (I’ve still saved all my silver baubles, because I have learned not to trust my own taste. It changes.)

Our small table Christmas tree and our advent calendar. I saved last year’s Rituals’ Advent Calendar and filled it with chocolate. No regrets there!

The most wonderful time of the year

As for the other decorations, I have added an elf or some light strips here and there. For our windows I have two small white stars hanging. (Also on my list is to buy a huge lighted star.)

In our bathroom I just have a wintery candle. It’s funny how the tables have turned in our relationship. I used to be the one all crazy about Christmas, but this year Risto asked about decorations in the bathroom. “Surely the Christmas decorations can’t stop at bathroom? Are you gonna add something there? Maybe an elf or two?”

The dried eucalyptus I have in the vase stays there all year round.

Photo from last year (when I could still fit into that pyjama). But the Christmas beddings are still relevant! I got them from my sister and every Christmas I make sure to wake up from them.

I always look forward to Christmas. It’s a time for me to stop, reflect the year and really relax. Take some time to myself – and my family. This year I feel an extra need for the relaxation. It feels lovely being able to enjoy this pregnancy in December. Quite many Christmases I dreamed about it, after all. It’s not long until I’ll step away from work to the baby bubble and things will be really different. But for now, I’ll enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

P.S. How convenient, that after taking these photos we actually totally changed everything by switching the dining room and living room area vice versa? I actually love our home even more like that. Maybe, just maybe I’ll feel inspired to share photos of our normal home after Christmas. Maybe I could then share the bedroom/nursery as well.

Do you decorate your home for Christmas?

I also want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!


How I decorate and organize my makeup vanity

my vanity makeup table

glass gold makeup organizer


I warmly welcome you to my beauty station. It’s placed in our bedroom right in front of a window, so that it bathes in natural light. My setting is quite minimalistic and pretty. Instead of acrylic organizers, I’ve opted for glass and gold, so that that the products on display also act as room decorations.

My vanity

My vanity has a special place in my heart and a very important role in my every day life. It’s where I get ready for the day, enjoy my coffee, explore new makeup, go for the same products over and over again and more often or not stare outside the window at the beautiful ocean and blue skies. (Since we moved to a new apartment I actually have a proper view and I couldn’t be more excited.)

I have recently made some changes to my makeup spot and updated the decorations. I’m so excited to finally show it to you and share my decoration and storage ideas!

My makeup station

Here is my makeup station. Currently it consists of a big white table with three drawers and an IKEA dresser. At some point I would love to replace the dresser with something else, but for now, it does the job.

I have a lighted makeup mirror and a smaller mirror. I need both, because I can see the full picture in the big mirror and do my actual makeup using the smaller one, since I can really get in close. The big mirror is also crucial for its lights.

You can find beautiful *lighted vanity mirrors and *round makeup mirrors on amazon.

Makeup vanity decoration & storage ideas


Recently I got fed up with plastic organizers, because they can look a bit dull and cheap. I decided to buy glass makeup organizers with gold details instead. They look so much more sophisticated than plastic. Those are basically built for live and they don’t wear off like plastic does.

Glass & gold organizers as decorations

A *glass tray and a *glass makeup organizer don’t just store my makeup, but they also act as decorations. They could also be used in bathroom for other beauty products. The glass tray could be used for candles as well.

These and other *glass makeup organizers on amazon.

I store my makeup brushes in glass cups. I almost bought new ones, but then I decided I can very well manage with the ones I already have. They are pretty plain. The other one has some white watercolor strokes on it, but the other one is clear. You’ll find pretty *glass cup organizers on amazon.

The final decoration piece that I have is the *gold pineapple tray. That I got as a gift, but it suits my battle station perfectly. I keep some of my every day essentials on it such as a lip balm, lash glue and some bobby pins.

Makeup organizers

Nowadays I try to keep as little stuff on the desk as possible. That’s why I downsized to those glass organizers as well – only a few selected items can fit them. The rest I keep hidden in my drawers, but I can always switch up the products on display.

As for the storage in my drawers – that’s where those acrylic organizers come in handy. Besides *acrylic makeup organizers, I also use old boxes or the covers of old boxes to keep everything tidy.

My makeup drawers are not the most photogenic, but here is a little peek of my collection anyway.

Besides the desk I have the rest of my makeup and hair tools in the tall drawer.

Using a cover of an old box to hold my scrunchies.

Can you tell I love eyeshadow palettes?

That’s it! If you want to see how my vanity looked three years ago, click here.


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