Happy Holidays


happy holidays

merry christmas

Holidays – the best time to be sick, am I right? Well, luckily my condition doesn’t seem too bad – nothing a bag of chocolates and lots of good food won’t heal. And I’m prepared with the best kind – Toffifee and Ferrero Rocher, to name a few.

I will try and not spend too much time on the computer – and actually log off a little. But since it’s my favorite holiday and I’m on a joyful mood, I just wanted to come here and quickly say to you, from the bottom of my heart: Merry Christmas.

I also acknowledge that for many Christmas is a lonely party. There are so many emotions, they can’t all be joy. For you, I just hope you can make the best out of it and not to think too much of it. Christmas is also a Sunday, just one of many.

Anyway – if you need me, I’ll be out of touch. On the sofa, watching Santa live, answering children’s calls and listening to them caroling. And then later on – having dinner, probably complaining of eating too much, and then top it off with some more food. Oh! And opening presents – I’m not ashamed of admitting they still cause butterflies in my stomach, just like they did twenty years ago. I’m not selective though, like a kid – give me a 1€ candy bar wrapped, and I’ll smile like it was the best thing I could have ever hoped for.

Lots of love,

merry christmas

My vanity – How I organize my makeup

Welcome to one of my favorite places in the world: my vanity. It’s where the magic happens – where I try out new products, feel creative or drink my coffee in the morning barely managing to apply any makeup at all. It all depends on the day, really. It is a special place for me, because it’s one of my dreams come through. So all of you out there with a special dream – don’t give up hope.

As I’ve mentioned before, we organized our entire apartment last winter using the KonMari method. I talked about how it affected my wardrobe and taught me a thing or two about style on this post. But there is one area, that was pretty difficult to organize – and that was my cosmetics. I have a lot of it and I can’t really get rid of it, nor do I want to.

But that doesn’t mean, that I don’t organize it at all. I actually go through my skincare products and makeup pretty often. My makeup table setting may actually vary a little every month. I thought I could share with you my collection, give you tips on how to organize them and show you how I keep them – somewhat – in place.

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Here is my battle station!

My vanity & how I organize my makeup

my vanity makeup organizing

my vanity makeup table

makeup organizing tips

makeup collection organizing tips

Details of this rotating makeup organizer is in the end of this post, where I have links to everything as well.

rotating makeup organizer

Let’s take a look inside the drawers:

makeup organizing

makeup collection how to organize them

Here is the first drawer – it is where I keep my primers, foundations, concealers and some of my blushes and bronzers. Here is everything I need for a quick everyday makeup, or everything for the perfect base. The black makeup bag on the side is my storage – it’s where I put all the primers and foundations I’m not currently using (or some other extra products). On the side I also have this clear makeup organizer (that is made for Q-tips), where I keep my short brushes.

best makeup organizers

Here is the second drawer. This drawer gets me excited – it has almost all my eye shadows in it (single eye shadows & palettes), eye pencils, liners, brow products and the shimmering powders (or blushes, that are super shimmery). On the side I have more palettes (my sleek palette collection consisting of three palettes). I also keep my q-tips on the side in a brush holder. The lost puppy in the middle is my dry sunscreen.

The third drawer is where I keep my lashes, extra products (back-up products of products I can’t live without) and hair stuff. I also have extra Z-palettes in here. Actually I only keep my hair “accessories” here – the rest can be found under my table in the black basket.

my vanity beauty blogger

So, where do I keep everything – and where have I bought those things?

First of all, my table is from Sotka. I was gonna buy my table from IKEA at first (they have quite nice ones), but then I decided to get it elsewhere, because I wanted it to be sturdy and of good quality. The stool is from IKEA though. So is the nightstand.

The big lighted mirror is from makeupmirror.com, but you can get similar ones cheaper from amazon like *this and *this. I couldn’t live without a lighted mirror – if you’re gonna have a good battle station you need good lighting. I haven’t put all the light bulbs in, because they are so bright I would be blinded. The smaller mirror is from IKEA and that is my main mirror (I really need to get my face close to the mirror, so that I see what I’m  doing).

I keep my brushes on the table in glass cups and normal coffee cups. I also have pink decoration stones in the glasses, to hold the brushes better.


And here are what we saw in the drawers:

Makeup organizers from IKEA

best makeup organizers ikea

Makeup storage from IKEA – These are the ones, that I use currently:
The photos are from ikea.com.

You can also find similar organizers from amazon.

Besides these, I use random boxes to organize stuff. The lashes are kept in an old tablet cardboard box. The extra products are kept on a glass cup. You can also see makeup bags used as organizers. In the first drawer I have extra foundations and primers in a makeup bag and on the third drawer I have my hair stuff in one.

There’s also a big box on my table, where I keep more extra products. I say extra, but I mean products, that I don’t necessarily need every week. Still need them though.

Makeup organizers from amazon

The rotating makeup organizer is the pride of my makeup table. This is seriously the best organizer I have. I like to keep all the prettiest products here, because seeing them make me happy. I also like to keep those products here, that I use daily. I couldn’t find the exact same on amazon anymore, but there are similar and may I say prettier ones like the ones above.

I use this *Brush Holder Cup for my q-tips and I also may take it when I’m travelling – most of my brushes are too long for it, but I use it just as a brush holder.

I also have extra makeup organizers, that are not currently in use. I have bought everything from amazon – these are awesome for makeup organizing and they are cheaper than in a store. Here are some options (click photos):

How cute is this lash organizer? I have been looking for some small box to keep my lashes in, but didn’t realize, that I would find one from amazon, obviously.

Find more here: *Makeup organizers

makeup organizing tips

makeup collection

And that is everything for now. I get new products pretty often, so as I said, I actually go through my makeup pretty often. I also get bored easily and might change the setting a bit, if I feel like it. But the key elements are here – the rotating makeup organizer, acrylic makeup organizers, boxes and the mugs.

Thank you for visiting my special place!

How do you organize your makeup?

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