Surprise weekend at a cottage


cottage weekend

cottage weekend

I feel both very relaxed and very tired after the weekend. I spent it at a cottage on the countryside with a small group. It was also one of my sister’s surprise birthday party. Who knew keeping a secret from your sister was that stressful? It was all worth it though. The look on her face, when I took a snapchat video and told her where we were going, was so pure and joyous.

A weekend in the middle of the nature was also something, I very much looked forward to.

I feel very relaxed, because for two days, I didn’t browse my phone or watch TV. For two days I basically had no electricity, no running water or the sound of speeding cars in my ears. I feel peaceful, because I got to lay on the grass, swing in the hammock and float around a pond on a floating device. I also got to see a rare butterfly, carry my own water from the well and dance through the night.

But I’m also very tired. I’m tired, because mosquitos liked to not only eat me alive, but also keep me awake with their annoying buzz. I’m tired, because I hunted for two days. I hunted for horseflies. But only when they came at me which was only constantly. I’m not sure if the word ‘horsefly slayer’ suits me, but that’s what I like to call myself. And I guess I’ll admit it – I’m also tired from dancing through the night.

Ah – the pros and cons of spending some time on a summer cottage. The count for mosquito bites is uncountable, but you just can’t beat a weekend in the middle of the nature. The feeling of waking up, opening the door, and being basically in the middle of the forest is just beautiful.

And coming home, taking a shower, scrubbing all the dirt from your feet and watching your favorite tv-show is also quite awesome.

photo: Inka Lähteenaro

At least a 100 reasons to love Finland

Finland’s 100th Independence day (tomorrow, 6.12.) forces me to write a little something about my country. I say force, but actually I’ve been wanting to write about it for a long time. I’ve been wanting to tell you about my roots, tell you about the place I live and share the things, I find beautiful and enjoyable here.

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But where should I start?

I feel like we have so many things, that we take for granted. Travelling has made me appreciate Finland even more. We have the best, clean and delicious drinking water – and we even get to shower in it. Our public transportation system is awesome (even though our train schedules are a joke in Winter). Our school’s are one of the best in the world and they’re free.

As people – we might be more shy than others, but I love, that I get to take a bus and enjoy a peaceful ride to my destination without any hassle. And I love it, when an unknown person compliments me on the street or at a bar – it happens not so often, but it is even more appreciated.

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1 & 2 photos: Susanna / Healthyhair

And when someone I know walks by – I instantly raise my head, smile and hug that person. The Finnish relationships are deep and majorly valued. If there was a lunch date planned, there is gonna be a lunch date. And when you ask me how am I, I am gonna tell you – honestly with all the ups and downs – and I am gonna ask you the same question. And I will not hear a simple ‘all good’.

Being Finnish unites us. Maybe the dark Winter and cold nights make us appreciate all the good small things even more? In November and December I find myself being full of love and I want to plan small get-togethers and make the best out of the misery we all are, more or less. You always think the darkness doesn’t affect you, until you find yourself being asleep by 4pm.

photo: Viivi N. Media

And then there’s the Summer. Nature wakes up and the light reaches to even the farthest corners.  It’s easy to breathe and walk on the streets, that are always so clean. Who knows, you might even smile to strangers.

I might not live my whole life in this country, but my home is and always will be here, by the rivers and the forests – oh – and by the grocery stores, that are full of healthy and fresh food.

I love Finland. <3

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