Weekend at a cottage

my cottage weekend

cottage ice hole
What wouldn’t you do for that perfect instagram photo?
frozen lake
Straight from the cover of Vogue

Not everyone knows that I’m actually quite the country girl. I’m not afraid of going to a cottage with no running water or electricity. Quite the opposite – usually those extreme conditions make the trip even more enjoyable. Though on this particular cottage we had electricity.

What else? Well I…

… went ice hole dipping eight times – that’s a personal record

… sat in the sauna for almost three hours – also maybe a personal record?

… fell on my arse quite gracefully while running naked to the ice hole

… walked on a frozen lake and almost got a heart attack, when my boot sank a little

… bought new rain boots, which were surprisingly comfortable to walk in (and I dare myself to use them in the city as well)

… laughed a lot

… won Trivial Pursuit after a long and excruciating game

… fell even more in love with the Finnish nature

I thought I would just share this little update of my weekend and share these photos (which I personally love, and I have to say my sister’s phone has superb camera). I hope your Easter was relaxing!

And hey, remember to participate in the jewellery giveaway on the earlier post.

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  1. Emma Rankin

    Wow, your so brave =]

  2. jane

    it seems pretty relaxing
    what a great vacay!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. Amy

    Ah I’d love to stay somewhere like this! I think I could brave the ice dipping but I’m so bad with heat, I have to admit I can’t last 5 minutes in a sauna! Love these photos of you!


    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Haha, I think after the ice dipping you would love the sauna! Normally I wouldn’t last that long you see. 😀 Thank you <3


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