Feeling inspired – Yellow makeup

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Morphe eyeshadow in 08
Eylure 143 lashes
Zuii Buttercup lipstick
Benefit Hoola Lipgloss

I feel inspired by colours. You can thank the sun and the yellow May (it’s a saying) but actually I’m attracted by colourful things no matter the season. Back home we had this street that had a kindergarten next to it and it had windows facing the streets. One of the windowsill had a jar of colourful sharpened pencils on it and I always stared at the pencils when walking by. I wanted to take those pencils and escape to Neverland.

Note to self: I should draw and colour more often with my man’s goddaughter.

I get inspiration from other beautyblogs too. I follow many blogs but don’t know personally many bloggers. I’ve still met some awesome people through blogging and two of them are Laura and Pauliina. Laura is so enviable with her huge beautiful eyes and Kylie Jenner lips. She’s also crazy talented and fun to be with. Pauliina is super pretty and I admire her use of colours and her blending skills. I love this white eyeliner look that she did some time ago.

What should I paint on my face next? I finally feel like I can’t wait for the morning so I get to do my makeup!

Intense burgundy & darkness



I’ve been loving my new hair. I’ve actually got better at styling it. Guess what’s my secret? Enough product! My blonde hair with dry ends absorb tons of BB-cream and oil. Also my curls require a lot of hairspray and dry shampoo. This way the curls actually last for two days!

Wait, did I say BB-cream? For hair? Yeah. I will make a post about my hair care and products that I use later.

About this makeup though: I’ve been lately into dark colors and smokey eyes. I feel like I have to quickly get these dark colors out of my system to make room for spring & summer makeup styles.

It won’t be long until I’ll be posting about fresh and natural foundations, pastel colors and light pink lipsticks.

But for now I’m all about that dramatic smoke and that gorgeous lip color from my sister’s makeup bag.

Everyday Minerals Rose Primer
Everyday Minerals Matte Base in Golden Ivory
Everyday Minerals Multitasking Concealer
Sleek Makeup Palette in Vintage Romance
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
Zuii Organic Eyebrow Definer in Taupe
Eylure lashes in 143
TooFaced Melted in Fig (my sister’s)

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