3 posts I really want you to read

During my four years of blogging (is it that long already?) I’ve written a lot of posts. Some of them better than others. But I’m still happy about each and every one of them. It’s me in these words, after all.

That’s why I wanted to showcase three old posts that I want you to read. Yes, they are already published, but my blog has more readers now than it did four or even two years ago.

I chose three posts that are special or important to me – maybe you’ve missed them? Or maybe you’ve already read them? In that case, I would love to hear your feedback. Your comments, your likes, your follows on my social media are all so very much appreciated.

How to apply foundation like a pro
In this post I’m giving my tips on how to succeed in your foundation application. If you have any problems with foundations, I recommend you reading this post!

the body shop drops of youth concentrate

A serum, that actually makes a difference
Year after year I use this product and recommend it to my friends and family. It has saved my skin from a disaster more than once. Nowadays I use it anytime I can see my skin screaming SOS or when I get a pimple. It heals imperfections and texture so quickly. Yes, it’s honestly that good. I once recommended this personally to a reader of mine as well (through Instagram DM:s) and she even got back to me and said she could see a difference pretty quickly!

How to do your own wedding makeup & best bridal makeup products
For anyone looking for makeup recommendations on the best ever products, you need to check this out. You’ll like the products mentioned especially if you love long-lasting products that perform perfectly. This post is not just for brides! Who doesn’t want to look their best 24/7?

And there’s that! Or maybe not. Here’s a bonus: since it’s summer and everyone is travelling and panicking about packing – my post Travelling with only hand luggage – what to pack? – might be useful.

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