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nafha silky body milk

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Photos Inka Lähteenaro

After-shower routines also include body skin care. Even in a hurry I make sure to moisturize at least the dry areas: arms, tears and knees

 skin dries and suffers from spraying, cold and, for example, stress. In fact, I always had a good deal of good body lotion. A good body lotion is first of all the kind that makes the mind put on the body. Then it’s a good idea to spread it. A pleasant fragrance or a beautiful jar are good temptations. Another important criterion is the composition of the ointment. It must be nutritious and sufficiently moisturizing, but nevertheless one that is absorbed quickly. No one wants to stick with the spray after the shower. The third criterion is quite new to itself, but important as well. I like to spread (besides the facial skin) also the safe, organic cosmetics of the body. Especially given that the product is used almost daily, into the large skin area and is also left to absorb it.

I received the NAFHAN wonderful silk body lotion from Finland’s Natural Cosmetics, which has been in great use and deserves its own post. The product is 250ml and comes in a convenient pump bottle. This is when you meet all of my criteria: the scent is absolutely wonderful, the composition is gorgeous silky, nourishing and yet quick-absorbing, besides the product is organic. I thought that the emulsion might not be enough for winter to moisturize, but I was wrong! The secret of the emulsion is hidden in four oils: argan oil, monkey bean oil, raspberry seed oil and hemp oil. Oils make the product succinct because it does not have to be tampered with.

This brings luxury to the bathroom. The consistency is so luxurious, that your own Spa moment at home is guaranteed. I’m hooked!

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