You are brave

”You are so brave for talking about this.”
“It’s brave of you to share this, thank you.”

Those are the kind of comments I get on some of my posts – mostly to the personal ones. Like when I opened up about my depression, or when I shared unedited photos of my acne. Or when I wore my acne anti-coverage makeup. Or just for even sharing my life with thousands of readers from all over the globe.

But here’s what I think:

Brave? Me?

you are brave

Maybe, but there are tons of people out there, who are actually, really, being so brave. People fighting cancer. People losing their loved ones. People having their life stomped to the ground and still walking their head held high. People being so depressed, that there’s no difference between night or day, sleep or conscious.

I am just sharing my life. It’s really no different from anyone else’s. I smile, I cry, I laugh and sometimes I fall. Just like you do. I don’t consider myself brave in the way you might think. I mean, it’s not about who is saying what – who has the guts to write something on the internet. It’s just as wise not to say anything, not to write anything or even not to spend any time on the internet.

I guess what I’m saying is, is that there are worse things, that surviving something horrible. There are worse things, that having some pain. There are not so nice things in the world. We all experience them. So what I’m really trying to say is, that you’re not really that different from me and it’s just life.

We all know there’s no such thing as perfect – maybe it’s time to stop acting like it? Maybe this blog is my way of saying, that you are beautiful, even though your road is bumpy and you don’t always smile to your salad.

Life is a beautiful mess. But then you get to go home after a horrible day, hug your loved ones and eat chocolate on the sofa and kick your socks to the floor. A moment, where no one has to clean up or save the world.

We are all brave in our own ways.


photos Inka Lähteenaro

My beauty bloopers

Although being a professional when it comes to skincare and makeup, I still make mistakes. It’s all good when I’m giving out advice, but sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I find myself doing things I actually advice against to.

I have my fair share of beauty regrets so here they come – don’t judge me.

beauty bloopers

I’ll have you known..

  • I’ve ruined my hair at least five times only to do it again the next time. “I’ll never touch my hair again!” Yeah right. I’m thinking the most previous time was actually the last and this time I’ll learn to love my hair just as it is and not to ever touch it again. Fingers crossed.
  • I always find myself picking on my skin only to say to myself “Wish I hadn’t done that.. Oh well, I’ll never do it again.” But is there anything better than getting a ripe blackhead out of your skin? Sigh.
  • I know my eyes hate liners in the waterline but I still end up trying new liners applied right on there. “Maybe this time my eyes won’t water…” Aand the makeup is ruined.
  • I used to not do my eye brows. Like, at all. No makeup, not even dye. I could wear a bold smokey eye with lipstick and all – but I was completely unaware of having a pair of brows. I have to say – acknowledging them later on has opened my world to the wonders of eyebrows.

my beauty bloopers

What are your beauty regrets? Let’s share!

Photos Inka Lähteenaro

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