How to achieve the perfect red lip makeup?

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Is there anything more powerful than bold lipstick? It instantly cheers me up and makes me stand up straight. No wonder I chose red lipstick as my blog logo.

Lipstick makes me feel awesome – and I want you to feel that way as well. That is why I wanted to share my tips and tricks to applying lipstick. I used red lipstick as an example, but choose whatever color makes you feel powerful.

Now you don’t have any excuses and you can rock all your bold lipsticks.

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First things first: Get yourself a lip balm, that doesn’t cause addiction

You can’t make any lipstick look pretty, if your lips are dry and cracked.  I have used *Hurraw! lip balms for over four years now, and I swear by them. I use the *moon balm (which is the most hydrating of them all) every night and during the days I apply *vanilla lip balm every now and then. The thing about these lip balms is that they don’t make your lips addicted to them. I can survive a night without. I don’t have the need to reapply every hour. The ingredients in Hurraw! lip balms are awesome and they simply work by keeping your lips nice and hydrated.

How to apply red lipstick

  1. Lining your lips helps to get the shape right and it also prevents the lipstick from getting off-track, in the fine lines. If you struggle with the shape or your lip lines are not that clear, I suggest lining your lips first. You should apply the liner slowly – don’t even try and get it in one swipe.
  2. Start lining your lips on your cupid’s bow. Then make your way into the sides of your upper lip. Always stop and look in the mirror to compare the lines and make your upper lip as symmetrical as possible.
  3. Once your upper lip is lined and you have the shape right, start lining your bottom lip. Start from the middle – it honestly makes it easier to get the shape symmetrical.
  4. Smile while you apply the liner/lipstick. That way you’re stretching your lips a little and it’s easy to get the product in all the gaps. It also helps to see the lipstick in action to see the symmetry better.
  5. Apply the liner right in the lip line, not inside it. The line should touch your skin and your lip at the same time. You’re basically overdrawing a little. Understanding this changed my lipstick game. It sounds such a small thing, but it makes all the difference! It’s always up to you how much you want to overdraw. That said, it’s easier to succeed when you keep it as close to your natural lip shape as possible.
  6. Finally, color your lips with the pencil for extra lasting power, or just apply the lipstick.

Here’s another pictorial on how to apply the lipstick. If the lipstick has a matte consistency that stays in place, you can get away with just the lipstick. And when you’re in a hurry, you’ll probably skik the lip liner (I know I’m guilty of that). For the best result, use a lip liner first.

How to apply lipstick & how to apply lipstick without a lip liner

  1. Start applying the lipstick on your bottom lip. You don’t have to focus on the edges at this point, just make sure to get the lipstick somewhat in place.
  2. Press your lips together. That blends the lipstick on your top lip and makes everything so much easier. Even makeup artists use this trick!
  3. Go over the edges and perfect the lip shape. This is super easy with the YSL Tatouage Couture lipsticks, because the applicator is squared.
  4. Perfect the edges with a tiny amount of concealer on a brush or a Q-tip.

How to avoid getting lipstick in your teeth?

The final step in lip makeup is always making sure you don’t have or end up having lipstick in your teeth. I usually just put my finger in my mouth, press my lips together and pull out my finger. That way the excess lipstick ends up on my finger. It sounds weird, but it works!

YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Lipsticks

For this post I used YSL lip products. I chose some beautiful red colors that are perfect for Fall – or for any occasion. Yves Saint Laurent makes the prettiest lipsticks. I might not have a YSL bag, but I have their lipsticks, which is almost the same. Or not, but using these makes me feel glamorous nonetheless.

*YSL Lip Liner in Le Rouge

The most beautiful lipliner I own. The shade is a classic red shade, which you can see in the first tutorial. I love that the lip pencil is retractable, so I don’t have to sharpen it.

I also got three YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stains, which I’ve been using nonstop. I usually don’t like matte lipsticks, but these are so lightweight and comfortable on the lips, I could wear them every day. They have a genius applicator, that makes applying the lipstick so easy. The applicator looks weird, but it’s easy to get in the corners of the mouth with it. I got three shades:

*YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in  Crazy Tangerine 2
This is a gorgeous orange red shade. It’s bright, but not too crazy – even if the name suggests that. A beautiful color, that I know I will get a lot of use out of.

*YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in Red Tribe 12
This shade is the perfect plain red. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

*YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in Tatouage Couture 21
I got so many questions about this one, when I was wearing this on my Insta Stories. I love the shade as well. It’s a deep slightly brown red, that is made to be worn in Fall. I’m obsessed with this one at the moment.

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Do you like bold lipsticks?

Gift ideas for someone who already has everything

Sponsored collaboration with SLURP

I love giving and receiving gifts. But I’ll admit it gets difficult once you’ve already gone through the basic things: chocolate, pajamas, candles, socks or nail polish. I want to give gifts that are thoughtful and useful. I want the gift to put a smile on the person’s face. Perhaps even get the person to know to some awesome thing or product that I think she or he would love.

Since it’s already Fall and the season of giving (did I hear some jingle bells?), I wanted to give you some ideas to gifts. Especially when you feel like the person already has everything.

Gift ideas for someone who already has everything

  •  Time

Non-material gifts are awesome. My idea: make a gift card to go to a walk, a movie or something else together. The most important thing everyone needs is time spent together. Simple as that.

  • Something hand-made such as a painting, a candle etc.

I’ve surprised myself lately by actually enjoying crafting. I love making candles and just recently I started to paint. I think giving something hand-made always has that little special effect in it, since you’ve put your time and effort (and love) into the gift.

  •  Food

Okay, I know I said chocolate is a ‘basic thing’, but I’ll never get angry at a box of chocolates. Or, you know, something healthier. Everyone needs food and I think food is a great gift. Maybe make a basket of some delicious thing and put a bow on it? Okay, maybe that’s a pretty basic idea. But perhaps you stumbled here in a full gift-giving panic and hadn’t thought of that. In that case: you’re welcome! Ha.

  •  Coffee

Ah, coffee. Now there’s an awesome gift. And giving delicious sustainable coffee as a gift has never been easier. You know I’m a huge fan of Slurp coffee subscription, but did you know you can also give Slurp as a gift? Here is the ultimate gift for someone who has everything.

Slurp coffee as a gift

Slurp coffee subscription is a great gift idea, because you’re not only giving coffee as a gift, but you’ll be gifting an experience. Coffee experience. The person gets the coffee fresh, delivered to his or her doorstep. Gets to try some new artisan coffees.

And: the gift doesn’t go to waste. It can literally be enjoyed, one cup at a time. The prices for gift cards start from 25,76€.

And yes – I do have a discount for you. Code ‘CharlottaLahja’ gives you -10% off on the ongoing coffee subscription and gift cards. So now is a great time to shop for a gift – or pamper yourself with a coffee subscription. Order your SLURP subscription or shop gift cards here. The code is valid until 10.11.19.

And in case this is the first time you hear about Slurp, I recommend reading my first post with them.

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