NEON SKULLS & SUVA Beauty UV Taffies Palette

neon skull halloween



Are we tired of Halloween skulls yet? I hope not, because I have two cool neon skull looks for you. The other one is more traditional with black, whereas the second skull is more glam and toned down with brown matte shading.

I got to collaborate with nobe and Suva Beauty on this on Instagram, but I figured I needed to share the looks on the blog as well (and tell you more about the amazing palette!).

NEON GLAM SKULL MAKEUP with green & yellow

neon skull halloween look

neon skull halloween

neon skull halloween suva beauty uv taffies

neon skull halloween

NEON SKULL MAKEUP with Pink & Yellow

neon skull halloween look

neon skull

neon skull

Suva beauty UV Taffies Palette

Suva Beauty UV Taffies Hydra Fx Palette swatches & review

I had seen and heard of Suva Beauty and these amazing colorful liner palettes before. But I was still amazed of the quality and the amount of pigment these have! I have never owned makeup that is this bright. The UV Taffies palette has 5 bright colors that are activated with water. So you just wet your liner brush and dip into the color. It’s quite easy to get the right water-pigment ratio.

Suva Beauty UV Taffies Palette Swatches in natural light.
Suva Beauty UV Taffies Hydra Palette Swatches
Suva Beauty UV Taffies Palette swatches in UV light.

The colors looks beautiful and bright in natural light and they shine in UV light. Once these dry on the skin, they are really locked in and don’t fade. However, since they are water-based, I love how easily they’re washed off with water.

These colors work as a fun detail on every day looks, but obviously they really shine on Halloween or festival looks. 

I also like the fine liner brush that comes in the palette. It’s great for details – the brush is dense, but flexible. Another brush I used for these looks is Suva Beauty’s Six Forty. It’s bigger and was more convenient for example on the bigger lines of the skulls.


*Suva Beauty UV Taffies Palette (Beauty Bay)

neon skull

Now tell me  – which skull is your favorite? I actually had a mild nervous breakdown after one of these, thinking it was the ugliest thing ever. Then a few days after that I looked at the makeup again and realized both of the looks are pretty cool after all. I think we can blame the pregnancy hormones for this…

P.S. I’m already on week 23!

DRAFT SKULL – Easy Halloween makeup

easy halloween makeup draft skull



If you’re looking for an easy Halloween look, skull makeup always works. It’s easy enough to do and there’s lots of room to make it your own. For this draft skull you don’t even need a steady hand as a few misplaced strokes only make it cooler. The idea is to play with brush strokes and make it look like a draft or a sketch. I ended up adding some gold glitter as a finishing touch, but you could also leave it without glitter. Or you could add rhinestones or some other detail to really make it your own.

Check out my tutorial and step by step photos for this easy Halloween skull!

draft skull halloween ideas

Draft skull – Easy Halloween makeup

It’s definitely personal preference, but I really feel like tanned skin suited this look. It also really makes the white pop! So for your base you can use self-tan, a slightly deeper foundation shade or lots of bronzer. But more importantly, make sure to have a clean even base. So a medium or full-coverage foundation. That leaves room for the face paints to shine.

Draft Skull Makeup Halloween How To

Easy skull makeup how to:

  1. Start with the basics: Draw eye sockets and the nose. Then go through the perimeter of your face & carve out the cheekbones.
  2. Then draw the teeth. Use your real teeth as guidelines as to where to draw them. They don’t have to look perfect in order to work. (Says me who’s drawn them haphazardly for all these years. One could argue I could take the time to really perfect them, but yeah, nope.)
  3. Add lines and brush strokes along the lines you’ve already drawn. And a bit all over the face. The more the merrier! I also ended up painting the eye sockets white, yet still leaving some strokes visible there. See what looks good and what doesn’t. White paint is easy enough to erase and fix with foundation if something looks out of place.
  4. As a finishing touch I added white pencil all around my eyes, waterline and lashes. And I added some gold chunky glitter. Use your imagination and decorate the skull if you want to.

easy skull makeup tutorial

Easy Draft Skull Teeth

I also styled this look with some white pearl hair pins. White accessories or an all white outfit goes well with this look.

White Skull Halloween Makeup

easy skull makeup

Get the look – products:

*Charmcode Professional Face paints
*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk
*Gold chunky eco glitter
*Pearl bobby pins

Draft Skull Easy Halloween Makeup

Are you going as a skull this Halloween? What do you think of this one?

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