Amazing hair growth results with Caffeine Hair Tonic

o'right hair growth

When I heard about the serum, that can grow your hair 7 cm in just two months, I knew I had to get it and see for myself. Who wouldn’t want longer and healthier hair? Lucky for me, I got the hair tonic for review purposes and I’ve now been using it for about three months. Spoiler alert: I think it works!

Now before we get to the serum and my experience with it, here’s some background information about my hair problems. If you’ve been reading my blog before, you know that the end of last year was not that pleasant for me health-wise. I suffered from bad acne and hormonal imbalance, which also led me to lose a lot of hair. A lot. That sucked, because I actually started to use this serum first in October, but decided to stop when I knew the results wouldn’t look that great, since my hair was falling off and thinning. I wanted to give this serum a fair chance – when my hair would be in somewhat normal state. Luckily my hair recovered pretty quickly after I started to take birth control pills (in November) and they stopped falling off.  So I started to use the serum again in December and continued to use it through January and February. Obviously some of my hair growth is due to the pills and the fact, that they helped balance my hormones, but I think this serum has still made a positive difference. And I was the perfect candidate for it, since I had lost so much hair.

O’Right Caffeine Hair Tonic review & hair growth results

o'right hair tonic results
Three months’ hair growth results using O’Right Caffeine Hair Tonic. As you can see my hair was very thin and limp in December – my hair situation has improved so much. You can see the difference not only from my lengths, but from how low my own natural hair color has grown!

O’right’s Caffeine Hair Tonic contains 95 % natural ingredients and as it’s name might suggest it contains caffeine extract, which stimulates hair growth and keeps your scalp healthy. To get the best results, you should apply it daily to your scalp and massage it in.

I used the serum daily or at least multiple times per week. Some evenings I just forgot. I applied the serum all over the scalp section by section and I massaged it in. I loved this routine – I know that massage itself helps hair growth and it’s actually very relaxing to give yourself a little massage. I was afraid of what the tonic would do to my scalp or if it would leave it oily, but I found that it actually was amazing for my scalp. It gave some healthy shine to my roots as well.

healthy hair

Overall I’m super happy about my hair right now. It has grown so much and it has strengthened a lot. I think you can see the major difference in these photos as well. I know my jaw dropped to the floor once I put those two photos side by side.

It’s always hard to estimate how some product works, when there are other factors to be taken into consideration too (such as your hair’s natural growth cycles and in this case, hormonal changes), but I think it’s safe to say that even though this serum might not give the 7cm growth straight away, it definitely encourages healthy hair growth.

Can you see the difference? Have you tried any hair serums?

O’Right’s international website here

o'right caffeine hair tonic

How to grow out your natural hair colour

growing my own hair colour ashy blonde

how to grow out my hair and maintain a beautiful colour

If I could go back in time, there would be one thing, I would do differently. And that is, not dyeing or bleaching my hair. Ever. My hair color experiments started very young – I have tried red, peach, black and different shades of blonde. It is just so easy to want something, that you don’t have and hate everything, that you do have. I used to hate my hair colour, my hair type (curly) and so on.

Only now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually come to realize, that my natural hair colour is pretty bomb. The perfect colour, really. It’s light and ashy and it has natural highlights from the sun. And after so many experiments, I’ve firmly decided, to grow it out.

I said this to my hairdresser. I said, that I want my natural colour no matter what – even if my hair looked yellow compared to my natural colour. I was done with hair dyes and especially with bleaches. With everything that has happened in my life, I’ve kinda taken a kinder approach to my looks, trying not to judge everything and accept myself as I am, imperfect.

But on my last visit to the salon,  my hairdresser had the perfect solution to my so called problem. She said we could tone the hair with a lightweight dye, that doesn’t change the colour too much or damage the hair. So we did just that, plus we cut the dry ends. Cutting your hair while growing it is pretty important too. That way it looks healthier – and better.

how to grow your natural hair colour


My tips for growing out your natural hair colour

  • Cut it regularly. That way it looks healthier and stronger.
  • Get it toned/dyed with a gentle dye by your hairdresser. That helps to smooth the line between your roots and your lengths.
  • Use conditioners or toners to maintain the hair colour. My natural hair colour is ashy blonde, but my lengths are yellow, so I use silver products to make the hair look more or less the same colour.

And if you want your hair to grow faster, you can

  • Eat biotin. It really helps hair growth, while also strengthening your nails and lashes.
  • Try serums, that help your hair growth. I’ve been trying out this Hair tonic from O’Right, which contains caffeine and it promises to grow your hair 7cm in just two months.

Using these simple three steps, the process of growing out my natural hair colour is effortless and my hair still looks beautiful.

Thank you Susanna Pomèll/ Healthyhair for my beautiful hair. You can find her work and booking details on her site. 

Anyone else growing out their natural colour? 

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