A highlighter, that doesn’t emphasize skin problems

maybelline strobing stick review

highlighter for problematic textured skin

maybelline strobing stick review

Highlighters – a threat or an opportunity?

I know, it might sound silly. What bad has tiny pieces of glitter ever done to you? What’s wrong with some shimmer? If your skin type is normal and your skin is straight from the heavens, the answer is: nothing. Keep on glowing and maybe skip this one. Or actually don’t, ’cause I have found a product, that looks beautiful on every skintype.

The threat, the problem, that I’m talking about it is this: with problematic skin such as oily skin or acne-prone skin, there are imperfections and therefore texture on the skin. Texture is glitter’s worst enemy. I mean – they love each other, but just can’t seem to get along that well. They highlight each other’s bad sides, all those bumps and wrinkles. So actually the same goes for mature skin – you don’t want to enhance your wrinkles with glittery products. So hear me out.

highlighter that suits problematic acne oily skin
See how the light hits my face (cupid’s bow, tip of the nose, chin)? It’s not light, it’s the highlight. And it doesn’t emphazise texture!

As you may well know, my skin is oily and I suffer from acne. I also suffer from texture, badly. So I’ve had not-so good experiences with most highlighters, usually the powdery ones, which look chalky and chunky on my skin, highlighting my skin issues. Though I’ll admit, I’ve still used those highlighters. Because I am a woman after all and I need to glow.

My dear sisters had noticed this and with all the love they got me a highlighter, that doesn’t highlight any texture. They said it loud and clear: “This doesn’t highlight your skin texture”. Gosh, I love them.

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maybelline strobing stick review

maybelline strobing stick nude glow swatch

Swatches of Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in Nude Glow.

The product that I got – and what I’ve been binge-using (is that a thing?) lately is Maybelline Master Strobing Stick. My shade is Nude Glow, which is a bit warm beige colour. There is another shade available, which is more pink and beautiful on fair skin, I bet.

What makes this strobing stick wonderful and suitable for all skin types is it’s unique texture. It’s not a powder, but not a cream either – it’s the perfect in between.  It’s not chalky in glitter. It reflects light beautifully and it almost makes your skin look wet. As stated before, it doesn’t highlight skin texture, but makes you look glowy and beautiful. Obviously it doesn’t hide your skin texture either, so if you have uneven skin, you’re still gonna have uneven skin after applying this. But it looks way better than most highlighters.

I usually add it with my fingers, but if I want a heavy glow, I just add it straight on my cheekbones with the stick.

What else? Well, I feel like it lasts well on my skin, I like the packaging and I like that it’s very affordable being a Maybelline product.

Have you had problems with highlighters? Have you tried this one?

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick (Ulta, $8,99)

highlighter and skin texture

highlighter textured skin
Bonus pictures of me on my birthday, after I received my present and wanted to show off my glow immediately.

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The beauty from All The Little Royals

I collaborated with beautiful Pauliina from All The Little Royals -blog and we did each other’s makeup.The whole day turned out to be super fun. It was so nice to meet another beauty blogger and get to talk about all the things that only another beauty guru understands.

I did Pauliina’s makeup and I went for this dark almost goth-like look that was inspired by the colors of autumn. I was really excited ’cause it was the first time doing a beauty blogger’s face. Pauliina uses a lot of color in her looks and she does different looks so there wasn’t really anything ‘different’ I could do on her. Of course my style of doing makeup is different from hers or anyone else’s so it ended up looking different than her usual looks anyway.

I love the finished look and that dark lip suits her amazingly! I have some serious brow envy – her brows were like the easiest to fill in. They only needed some brow pen and gel to look great.

What do you think about this look?




Stila One Step Illuminate Primer
Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude 25 HR Foundation in Ivory
NARS RCC in Vanilla
Everyday Minerals in Multitasking
Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Zuii Organic Melon Blush

UD Vice 4
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette
Zuii Organic Eyebrow Definer in Taupe
Maybelline Browdrama Mascara in Medium Brown

Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick

If you’re interested in seeing my makeup look done by Pauliina – go check it at All The Little Royals -blog!