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kocostar korean beauty

K-beauty. Most beauty innovations seem to come from Korea. I’m fascinated by Korean beauty products, because they are innovative, they use interesting ingredients and they are usually pretty affordable. I’m always up for some new exciting things, although I usually seem to be late to the party (I just recently gave in to string shirts, which have been in fashion for what, two years already).

The latest brand I’ve explored is KOCOSTAR. I got some products as pr to try out and today I’ll be talking about them. Here are quick reviews for slice mask sheets, eye patches and Spot treatment patches. These products are suitable for all skin types – even acne-prone skin – since I used these even with my acne being super bad. Actually I used these particularly on those times, so they might come in handy if you’re dealing with breakouts or problematic skin.


kocostar slice mask sheets

There’s nothing new about sheet masks, but having them sliced actually does make a difference. I’ve been using sheet masks for a long time now and I absolutely love them. Sheet masks are an amazing way to moisturize and soothe the skin, no matter the skin type. My skin is mixed and it has a tendency to oiliness, but I can still use sheet masks. However – if you have inflamed acne, your skin might not enjoy sheet masks or any other ‘excess’ products. But that’s when these sliced sheet masks come in handy! Even with acne I could use these, since I could just go around the acne and apply the slices where my skin was normal.

It makes sense to have the mask sliced, because then you can focus the mask where it’s needed and skip the parts, you don’t want to be masked.

Also: these masks are super fun. Skincare shouldn’t be boring, right?


kocostar princess eye patch

kocostar eye patches
Kocostar princess eye gel patches.

We all know what age does to your eye area. All of a sudden your eyes take their time to wake up and they look puffy, tired and dark. Taking care of the skin around your eyes is super important – a good gentle routine helps, but there are products like these, that help to go that extra mile. These gel patches are packed with moisture and they refresh the eye area. Obviously I never suffer from hangovers, but if I did, these would go perfectly with those days. I love the packaging and I like that the masks are biodegradable.

If your eyes are super sensitive, these might be too much for you. My eyes are pretty sensitive, but I can still use these for a shorter period of time.

Pro tip! Keep the jar in the fridge, so you can get extra fresh with cool gel patches.


kocostar spot treatment patch

kocostar spot treatment patches
Here I have three Kocostar spot treatment patches on my skin. Can you see them? They are pretty invisible.

This might just be the most interesting product out of these three. This package contains 36 patches for spot treatment. They contain tea tree oil and salicylic acid, which help to heal spots and reduce inflammation. The patches are transparent, so you can use them day or night – they don’t really show on the skin. You can even apply makeup on top of them! I actually use these either at night or at day just by themselves. Even though they are transparent, they kind of reduce the redness of the spots, so they don’t look as bas as they would without any product. I love these on a no-makeup day on the worst red spots, to hide them and treat them at the same time.

The only downside to these are that they really stick to the skin, so you might want to use water to remove them. I’m also a bit undecided on the fact, that I am ‘suffocating’ my spots and skin with these things. My brain says, that it would be better to let the skin breathe, but then again they do contain ingredients to help the inflammation and they prevent the skin from bacteria, that would otherwise get to the spots.

Also: the packaging includes a small mirror, so you can keep these with you and treat the spots even on the go.

kocostar spot treatment
Kocostar transparent spot treatment patches.

Have you tried any of these products? What interests you the most out of these three?

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