I bought Jimmy Choos

jimmy choo pumps

jimmy choo pumps outfit

I bought Jimmy Choos! Okay, I bought them used, but still. Besides, they look brand new.

The story behind the shoes goes like this. I was at my friend’s place.
Friend: “Hey, do you want to see what shoes I’m selling? Do you want to try on anything?”
Me: “Well, I’m not buying anything. But it doesn’t hurt to look..”

A week later, and I just couldn’t get those heels off of my mind.

jimmy choo heels

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Casually drinking my afternoon cup of coffee.

In all seriousness though, I have never worn heels as comfortable as these. They are still heels, but they don’t feel as they want to murder your feet. Or maybe I’ve always worn bad heels? Be it whatever – I’m now a proud owner of these pumps. They can be a birthday gift from me to me.

It’s only Wednesday, and I’m already declaring this week awesome. First my birthday, which was lovely, then a taco tuesday (that needs to become a thing!) and today a lunch date, which lead me to these shoes. And I already have nice plans for the weekend.

Actually – I have nice plans for Fall and for Winter too. For life?

It’s scary when you feel like things are going just right and you’re happy. You almost feel quilty.
But life has it’s own balance, so maybe I’ll just enjoy this good feeling while it lasts.
And this shoe-high. ‘Cause let’s be real – it’s definitely a shoe high.

…Or did life just get a tiny bit better at the age of 24?

jimmy choo victoria pump

Jimmy Choo Victory 85MM PUMP
About Jimmy Choo sizing: I’m size 37,5 in these. Usually I’m 37 in heels. So they are quite small.

How are you feeling?

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