Makeup for blue eyes

blue eyes makeup

makeup for blue eyes

I’m always one to say, that whatever your eye colour is, use whatever colours you like. And many colours actually do suit different eye colours. But for someone just starting with makeup and eyeshadow, it can be helpful to know a little something about eye colours and how to pair them with the best suitable colours.

In this post I will give you makeup tips for blue eyes. I love blue eyes – there is just something mesmerizing about them – no wonder my man has beautiful big blue eyes. Blue is also an easy colour to bring out, and you can enhance your eyes with eyeshadow colours.

Basically you just need to use some knowledge you have about colours and pair them accordingly. Also an important note is this: Is your eye colour more warm or cool -toned? If it’s cool, you can use warm colours, to get the biggest impact – or cool colours, if you want your look to be more harmonious.

What colours suit blue eyes?

complementery colours for blue

The complementary eyeshadow colours are bronze, golden and orange, so basically you can’t go wrong with warm brown shades. Blue as a colour is somewhat cool, so pairing it with warm complimentary colour really makes it stand out.

analogous colours for blue

You can also try analogous colours, such as blue or purple eyeshadow for blue eyes. That doesn’t make the eye colour stand out as much as using complementary colours, but it looks really nice and harmonious.

grey colours

Another great colour for blue eyes is grey. It makes your eyes look super icy blue and it’s great for those, who prefer cool tones.

What if my eyes are blue AND green?

I feel you, and I’m one of those people. Basically you can bring out the blue in your eyes using these same tricks and you can also follow the rules for green eyes, to bring out the green in your eyes. It’s a win win! I find that since my eyes are blue-green and leaning more to warm than cool – I can make the blue in my eyes stand out the most with cool tones such as purple (maybe that’s why it’s also one of my favorite eyeshadow colours).

Makeup for blue eyes

This makeup tutorial is a very basic tutorial for blue eyes – I’m using warm brown colours with gold and bronze. These colours really make the eye colour pop! I also paired this look with a fun blue liner (I just couldn’t  help myself, since I got this new liner as a present and I’m obsessed with blue), but you can obviously skip that or replace that with a regular black liner.

makeup for blue eyes tutorial

Step 1: First, apply a light warm brown shade on your lower lashline and on your crease-area as shown in the photo. Take a darker shade and deepen that colour. This is your eye shadow ‘base’. Blend these colour well.

Step 2: Apply a bronze and a golden shade on your lid, half and half. Pat it on to get the most pigment.

Step 3: Apply some light shimmer in your inner corner and line your eyes.

And there is that! Any blue-eyes ladies out there? What is your favorite eyeshadow colour? Any favourite palettes?

best makeup for blue eyes

This makeup and my photo with the visible acne/scarring got a lot of likes on my insta (@charlottaeve). I’m still proudly wearing my imperfect skin – and didn’t want to edit it for this tutorial either. Makeup is about so much more, than being perfect. For anyone suffering from acne: don’t let it stop you from playing with makeup and enjoying it.

blue eyes makeup tips


Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
NYX Perfect Filter Palette, Golden Hour
NYX Vivid Brights liner, Sapphire

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow, 02

Makeup basics: Easy Eyeshadow

Makeup basics

This post is a part of my ‘Makeup Basics’ series. In these posts I go over the basic makeup steps for beginners. I’m gonna teach you how to choose the right products and how to use them. You will learn the essential things of makeup and get beauty tips.

Applying eyeshadow is easier than you’d think. It isn’t necessary to use a hundred different shades when you’re practising. You can use one or two at first and add colours little by little. This tutorial is for beginners. You can skip the brown and black if you feel like it’s too much.

I recommend brown colours for beginners, since they suit all eye colours. In this tutorial I used silver, mainly to show you the colour placement clearly.

You should always prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Primers really make a difference! They even out the colour of the lid (since the skin is very thin around your eyes), make your eyeshadow last longer and make the colours pop.

Urban Decay’s Primer Potion really is worth the hype and works great for my oily lids. ArtDeco’s primer is another favourite of mine and it’s cheaper than UD.

After applying primer add a tiny layer of powder or light eyeshadow. This makes the blending easier, since eyeshadow sticks to the moist primer. If you don’t want or need a primer, use a tiny layer of foundation and powder as a base.

easy eyeshadow

Colour placement.

easy eyeshadow

1.Start by applying the first shade to the lid. Press the colour gently to your lid to get the most out of your colour. Then take a clean brush and blend the edges with circular, soft motion.

2. Apply the next colour above the silver, in the crease. Again, blend with circular and back and forth movement. My eye area is quite big, so I blend this quite high. Remember to leave a clean space under the eyebrows.

3. Next apply the crease colour to your lower lid. Then apply a light shimmer colour to your inner corner. These two steps really make a difference, so don’t skip them. If you feel insecure about adding colour to your lower lid, use just a tiny bit of colour like I did.

4. Black colour works with all eyeshadow colours. This is a good trick to add more depth to your eyes, so you should really try and learn this! Take the tiniest bit of colour and apply it to the outer edge of your eye, in a V-shape.  Then blend how much you want. If you want the V-shape to show better, don’t blend with circular motions and add more colour. The key is to not take too much black at first.

basic makeup steps eyeshadow

Eyes open version.

Then you’re ready! Here is the finished look.

easy eyeshadow

I have lots of more eye shadow tutorials and you can find all my tutorials behind Tutorial -category. I’m also covering different eye shapes such as hooded, deep set and protruding etc.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
ArtDeco Mineral Eyeshadow Base
Zuii Organic Glamour Palette

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