My best hair care tip

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How is your hair doing? Are you giving it the love and care it deserves?

My hair is doing great. I’ve done some changes, as well as done some things exactly the way like before.

About a year ago I told you how I had finally achieved my dream hair. I’m still very happy with my hair – except I’m longing for more length. But other than that, I don’t have to stress about my hair much. And yes, a big part of it is thanks to Aquis towels, which create the perfect base for my (simple and quick!) hair care.

New hair cut – layers for wavy & curly hair

Recently I did something scary and not only tried a new hairdresser, but also tried a new haircut! I’ve been thinking of cutting layers for ages, but now I finally did it. The layers have done wonders for my curls and waves. My hair doesn’t feel limp and heavy anymore, instead it’s more voluminous and airy. And I like the carefree look of it.

This new hair cut has also made it possible for me to like my hair even when I don’t style it. Even if I skip curl gels altogether, my strands kind of have a bend to them and my hair looks nice.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, I strongly urge you to try layers – it gives so much life to the curls.

Growing my natural hair color back – again

Two years ago I added balayage highlights to my hair and there’s still some left on the ends. I loved having highlights, but as funny as it sounds, I miss my own color a bit too. Plus I’m pregnant and don’t want to color my hair. So I’m back to growing my own color – this time it should be easier, as I’m already almost there. And I have done it once so I know it’s doable.

And about growing your own color – you don’t need to have a “special” hair color to do it. I can not stress this enough, so I’m repeating myself: You might be surprised how beautiful your natural color looks. If you want to grow your own color as well, hit me up on Instagram! I can be your support buddy. We can do it! #naturalhaircolorclub

Undone hair 

I think my whole life I’ve battled against the norm of having to “do” your hair. Like you should do a lot to your hair every day. I’ve always felt the most confident and best just having my hair living its life, free, undone – even slightly messy. My hair can move around. I touch it every once in a while. If I’m hot, I put it in a bun quickly. And when I feel like it, I do more to it.

So for a while now I’ve also done less with my hair when it comes to the curls. Not trying so hard to get the best out of them. I’ve actually started to really love day two waves as well! And yes, I still take care of my hair the curly girl way. Shampooing with a mild shampoo, using a good conditioner, scrunching in a bit of gel and not rubbing my hair when drying it. But it’s a very simple routine, one that comes effortlessly.

Interested in a simple 4 product curly & wavy hair routine?

My best hair care tip – Aquis towels

I’m also still only using Aquis towels to dry my hair. I’ve now used their towels for two years, so you can be sure my praise is well backed up. Switching to these gentle fast-dry towels is the easiest favor you can do to your hair. If you still don’t know what makes them special, here’s a reminder:

They’re made from a special fabric that is:

  • really gentle on the hair
  • really effective – they cut down the drying time even 50%!

This fabric also

  • reduces frizz
  • gives shine to the hair

+ since they speed up the drying process, I’ve found these really beneficial in bringing out the natural waves and curls

All these things I’ve experienced to be true, during these years of only using these. I never travel without Aquis anymore (the turbans are great for that, because you can kind of use the other end as a towel and then wrap the turban on to dry your hair).

My hair nowadays stays in great shape and a big part of it are these towels, as crazy as it sounds. I mean, I guess it makes sense, when you think of how often you wash your hair and then dry it. So the best hair care tip that I can share with you are these Aquis products. They suit all hair types and they make life so much easier!

The newest star to my Aquis collection is the 2 layer turban with a red silky look. It’s not only really pretty, but can be used to protect your hair or curls during the night! As you probably know, silk and satin are great gentle fabrics for the hair.


All in all, my hair and me are really happy right now. One thing I’m still slightly anxious about, is the pregnancy and how it’s gonna affect my hair. But whatever hair change, I’m sure I’ll take it. And I’ll always have my Aquis towels so there’s not too much change in my life (haha).

If you want to try and see the difference Aquis towels make in your hair, you can try the products with a discount.
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Aquis towels

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What are the best beauty advent calendars in 2021? Here is a list of the best ones!

It’s never too soon to talk about Christmas. Especially when it comes to beauty advent calendars. Listing the very best is a task I take very seriously (and as a Christmas person I enjoy it really much). On this post you’ll find the most interesting calendars from different price points. So whether it’s affordable or luxury you’re after, I got you covered.

Usually these beauty calendars sell out quickly, so you need to be early to get one.


Most stores come out with their calendars in October, so I’ll update this list as new calendars come on sale.

Most sites list the contents of the calendar, so I recommend checking them out. That way you can take a peek and know what you’re getting (forgetting it is a part of it so you will anyway be surprised in December).


Rituals Advent Calendars 2021 (59,90€ & 89,90€)

Rituals’ calendars are always at the top of my list. I’ve had their calendar two times now and I always recommend them to my friends as well as a “safe bet”. The calendars themselves are gold this year, but similar style than before. (I’m only a little sad that my calendar from last year is red and not this gold one, heh).

The contents are also great, if you love Rituals products. You know, lovely scents, dreamy shower creams, body oils and lotions and much more. They add that bit of luxury in your every day products.

I think both the contents are great – though you get a bit more variety in the deluxe version. And obviously – the deluxe version is a whole Christmas village with added lights and everything. And you can reuse it (what I’m doing this year).

The Ritual of Advent Exclusive 59,90€ (
The Ritual of Advent Deluxe 89,90€ (


Lookfantastic Advent Calendar $115 (worth £500)

Lookfantastic’s Advent Calendar is a classic, that always manages to surprise positively. I’ve had it three times and I’ve always been pleased with it. This year I’m loving the purple red style of it – and of course – the trusted selection of beauty products for body, hair and skin (including makeup). I’m happy to see brands like NARS, Illamasqua, EGF, Rituals and REN in the contents!

Shop: *Lookfantastic Advent Calendar US / *Lookfantastic Advent Calendar UK / *Lookfantastic Advent Calendar FI/EU


Feelunique Beauty Advent Calendar

Feelunique Advent Calendar 2021 £119 (worth over £385)

Feelunique’s Advent Calendar looks gorgeous this year in green and red colors. The contents are also gorgeous, especially if you like a bit of luxury in your life. As always, Feelunique’s calendar contains a mix of skincare, hair & body products and makeup. The products that really excite me come from Huda Beauty, Clarins and Nuxe.

Shop: *Feelunique Advent Calendar 2021  (US) / *Feelunique Advent Calendar (EU)


Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar £215 (worth over 975£)

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar is pricy, yet it contains 38 products! This calendar is the ultimate gift – and I think you deserve it. It includes a nice variety of products, but it’s mostly skincare, hair and makeup products. Brands include Briogeo, Natasha Denona, Sunday Riley, Too Faced, NARS, Charlotte Tillbury… should I keep going? These will go fast.

Sign up to waitlist now. Free worldwide shipping!
Shop: *Cult Beauty Advent Calendar


The Body Shop

The Body Shop Advent Calendars 2021 (£55-140£)

The Body Shop always comes out with multiple calendars and they always go really fast. And it’s no wonder! These calendars are suited for different budgets £55-£140 and packed with lovely TBS products.  Besides the 3 calendars sold online, there is an exclusive one sold on selected stores.

Psst! Share The Love & Joy Ultimate Calendar includes one of my all time favorite products: Drops of Youth Concentrate.

Shop: The Body Shop Advent Calendars



Lumene 24 Nordic Beauty Wonders 2021 Advent Calendar 89,90€

Lumene’s advent calendars are always really pretty, but this year the calendar is gorgeous. It’s vegan with 17 skincare products and 7 makeup products. If you’re looking for fresh, glowy and well hydrated skin – this is the calendar for you.


Lumene Nordic Beauty Wonders (Free international delivery –
*Lumene Nordic Beauty Wonders (



Essie 2021 Advent Calendar 88,90€

Essie makes great nail polishes. They have nice consistencies, good color payoff and they last pretty well. So if you love nail polishes (and reds and pinks are up your alley), the choice is easy.

*Essie 2021 Advent Calendar (Coming soon at



NYX Gimme Super Stars! 24 Holiday Countdown (78,90€)

NYX makeup has great price-quality ratio, so if it’s makeup you’re after, here’s a good one. The color theme in the makeup is brownish red, which I’m all about. This calendar contains 13 lip products, 6 eyeshadows and a few products for face.


*NYX 24 Holiday Countdown 78,90€ (

lush advent calendar 2021

LUSH Advent Calendar 2021 £185 (only in UK)

Lush Advent Calendar is filled with all vegan products, including bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, lotions and more. There are exclusive products, so you know your calendar is special. I bet someone who enjoys scented products and has a bath tub would love this calendar. Psst! It also includes glitter.

Shop: Lush Advent Calendar 2021




Catrice, essence and Makeup Revolution usually have nice affordable advent calendars. I will update the list soon!


Finally, a quick word about chocolate calendars. We’ve often buy ours from  *amazon! Check out their selection!

Are you getting a beauty calendar this year?

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