Lightweight & coconut oil free hair products for wavy curly hair



If you’ve been on the curly girl method, you’ve probably bumped into coconut oil, when it comes to ingredients. Somehow it’s super popular in curly hair products. Too bad it’s not for everyone. Wavy hair can easily be weighed down by heavy oils and therefore the curl gets ruined.

My curl type is wavy and I definitely need lightweight products. The last time I shopped for hair products, I chose to look for coconut oil free conditioners and gels. Luckily I found the perfect products! I might as well go as far as to say these are the products for me and my curls. (At the very least they’re the best for me at the moment.)

In this post I’ll share quick reviews of the products I’ve used, as well as a list for some coconut-free hair products.

Björn Axen Organic Conditioner Review Wavy Curly Hair

Björn Axèn Organic Moisturizing Conditioner (lightweight, coconut oil free conditioner for wavy hair)

Björn Axen’s Organic Conditioner is made with 86% of natural ingredients. It has natural subtle scent from bergamot oil, which is nice. My hair loves aloe vera juice and this one contains a lot of that. It also has some natural oils, that are not too heavy on wavy hair. It gives enough slip so that I can untangle my hair in the shower with it.

This also works nice in the squish to condish method. I can leave a lot of it in my hair and my curls actually seem to love it.

Another bonus is that you can buy refills to this. The shampoo in the Organic line is also curly girl approved.

Björn Axen is a Swedish brand and I’m not sure about its availability worldwide. But you can check out my coconut-free listing below to find brands that are available in your country.

Björn Axen Organic Moisturizing Conditioner

Zenz Styling Gel Sweet Orange Review Wavy hair

Zenz Organic Styling Gel Sweet Orange (lightweight gel for wavy hair)

It’s probably no surprise that I prefer organic products in haircare as well. I was looking for a natural gel and I found this. One of the things I don’t usually like about curl gels is their scent. But this I love! It has a subtle orange scent and since it comes from natural ingredients, it’s nothing too overwhelming and it evaporates quite quickly.

This one also contains aloe leaf extract (20% of it!), some protein and silk amino acids. It gives a good cast, which helps to hold the curl better.

I had never heard of the brand before and the packaging is peculiar, but this gel really works for my hair.

Zenz Organic Styling Gel Sweet Orange

Coconut oil free products for naturally wavy hair

The products in this list I’ve either tried, used something from the brand or I want to try. I’ll update it as I try new products!


*Schwarzkopf Mad About Waves, Windswept Conditioner
I like this – and not only because it has the best packaging (so handy). It doesn’t give much slip, but still manages to untangle my hair and doesn’t weigh down my curls. I have written about this before here!

*Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Conditioner

*Briogeo Curl Charisma Conditioner
This one doesn’t contain coconut oil, but it’s still more on the heavier side when it comes to conditioners. Super nourishing, gives a good slip. I used this a lot when I first started, but nowadays it’s a bit too much for my hair.

Björn Axen Organic Conditioner

*Innersense Organic I Create Hold Gel
This one I’ve tried and I really like it! Gives a solid hold and doesn’t have a scent, other than what comes from the ingredients.

*Briogeo Curl Charisma Gel
This is one of my favorites, because it’s so lightweight. Doesn’t give a super strong hold, but sometimes softer curls are what I’m after.

Zenz Organic Styling Gel Sweet Orange

*Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner


*Aquis hair towels
As a bonus, I have to recommend the Aquis towels. They really cut down the drying time and help to define the curl! (If you shop from Finland here, you’ll get -10% with code CHARLOTTA.)
*Silk scrunchies
Soft fabrics are gentle on the hair and therefore silk is the number one fabric for curly hair.


Do’s and Don’ts for deep set eyes (and lightly hooded eyes)

do's and don'ts for deep set eyes



I’ve done quite a few tutorials for deep set and hooded eyes, but this time I thought I could also show you what not to do. Showing you side by side the “dos” and the “don’ts” can be helpful in mastering your eyeshadow technique!

I was actually inspired to do this tutorial when I saw a magazine cover with a model who had very deep set eyes. Her makeup (in my opinion) was not done right and it emphasized the hood and overall was not very flattering. Inside the magazine there was an interview and a photo of her without makeup. I noticed that her eyes didn’t look that deep set on the no-makeup photo and she actually looked better without the makeup (again, my opinion). It just goes to show how powerful makeup can be. It’s all about working with what you got and knowing what works and what doesn’t.

And to be frank, I actually have made a lot of makeup mistakes, when it comes to my eyes. And I’m gonna go through those mistakes now, step by step!

warm reddish eye makeup for deep set eyes


Do’s and don’ts for deep set eyes / hooded eyes

deep set eyes with slight hood and prominent brow bone

So here are my eyes. I have a bit of visible lid space (shown with white dots). If you have hooded eyes, you might not have a visible lid at all. Above it I have a slight hood (shown with orange dots), where my skin droops on my lid. This is also my crease. But in my eyes the most noticeable feature is the big prominent area (shown with brown dots), which pushes forward above the hood. And I like to shade that to balance my eyes a bit. So instead of shading my actual crease, I imagine my crease is somewhere in that prominent area and I do my makeup accordingly.

Let’s go through some do’s and don’ts for deep set eyes.


dos and donts for deep set eyes makeup

Don’t apply dark eyeshadow only on the visible lid

See what this does to my eye? It sinks it in even further. And see what else happens? The hood and the prominent area appears even more prominent.
The contrast between my skin and that dark eyeshadow is quite big, making my hood and prominent area come forward even more (because they are a lighter color).

Do keep your eye open when applying your eyeshadow

how to apply eyeshadow on deep set eyes tips

The most important thing for both deep set and hooded eyes is this: keep your eye open while applying your shadow! The whole idea is to hide the hood so you need to apply the shadow both on top of the hood and slightly above it. Enough so, that your eye gets a nice lift. Keep your eye open so that you can see how high you need to lift the shadow, in order it to show a little (and work!). I might bring it even further than that, since I have so much real estate.


Don’t just line your lower lid with a dark eyeshadow – Do take advantage of that space and smoke it out! 

do's and don'ts for deep set eyes

Here might just be the reason why people are afraid of a smokey eye. When done wrong, it makes the eye appear smaller – exactly what happened here. By lifting up the shadow and smoking out that lower lid, my eyes look huge and more round!


Do lift up the eye by darkening the outer V

lifting up deep set eyes how to

This trick actually works for downturned eyes too. It’s all about lifting up the outer part of the eye in a V-shape towards the end of your brow. Now how to find the right spot? I keep my eye open, look straight ahead determine where I need to add that shadow in order to get a nice V-shape. You can compare the side by side photo and you can see the spot, where I should have lifted the shadow. It needs to be lifted on top of that hood.


Do use shimmer to your advantage

This might just be personal preference, but I like to emphasize my visible lid space by adding a touch of light shimmer there. It also rounds up my eyes. Another reason is that I’m not looking to change my eye shape – just make the most of it. When I don’t have makeup on, you can see my lid (even though it’s small). So with makeup I also like it to be enhanced.


And that’s about it! I think the biggest thing is to really look at the makeup, eyes open, eyes relaxed. Is it doing what it should be doing (enhancing your eyes and giving them a lift? Or are you sinking your eyes even deeper with a bad technique? Hopefully this post gave you some ideas and clarity on doing makeup for deep set eyes.


Reddish brown makeup for deep set and slightly hooded eyes

deep set eyes makeup tutorial

So now that you know all the tricks, here is a warm reddish brown eye makeup tutorial.

  1. Prime your eyes and add a matte color all over the eye. Bring it as high as you need to, in order to hide the hood and in my case, the prominent area. Blend the edges so that it’s nice and smokey.
  2. Deepen the outer corner in a V-shape, so that your eye gets a nice lift. A matte dark color will be fine for this. Blend.
  3. Add a touch of shimmer right on the center of your lid, where it’s visible when your eye is open.
  4. Line your eyes lightly and add mascara. All ready!

Now when it comes to the makeup products, three things help you succeed: primer, eyeshadow and brushes. I use the classic *Urban Decay primer, just because it makes my eyeshadow stay the whole day and night. For eyeshadows, I like ones that have enough pigment, but are still blendable. Three of my most used eyeshadow brands are Too Faced, NYX and Illamasqua. In this particular tutorial I used a Morphe palette, which I also like quite a bit.

Eyeshadow palettes I love:
*Illamasqua Unveiled Nude Artistry Palette (US,CA) *Illamasqua Unveiled Artistry Palette (UK)
*NYX Perfect Filter Palettes
*Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette

Makeup brushes I use:
*Coastal Scent Brush Set (this brush set is what I started with)
*Zoeva rose gold brush set (more expensive, but more quality too)

Products used in the makeup:
NARS Soft Matte Concealer, Custard
Madara Concealer, Vanilla
Madara Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation, 50
*Madara City CC SPF 15 (US, CA) *Madara City CC SPF 15(UK)
*Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder
Boho Bronzer, Sunkissed Glow
Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, Above and Beyond
*Urban Decay Primer Potion
Morphe 3502 palette
Boho Lipstick, 204 Orchidee


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