Less work, more summer – and always good coffee (+giveaway)

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I feel like every year I say the same thing: I love summer. I love the green leaves and flowers everywhere. I love the endless sunlight and the light feeling I get. I love how everything comes to life.

I’m thinking of a reason not to repeat myself, but I can’t think of any. Because the feeling comes back, every year, just as strong. I smile. I feel as if there’s more time (well, there is, because of the light and the energy it gives me).  I feel like I can go and take a break outside, have a nice picnic without timing it. That actually feels like the exact thing I should be doing.

And I know I’m lucky for being able to do that, but at the same time I’ve decided to be my own boss and that’s not just sunshine and rainbows.

But still – Summer is the perfect season to relax a little. To look back at winter, fall and spring and cut some slack.


Espro Travel Press

Espro Travel Press – fresh coffee on the go

And what better way than a picnic with some good, fresh coffee? You know it – I’m drinking good coffee even on a picnic. Life is too short for bad coffee and all that.

Besides – coffee outdoors? Oh boy. It tastes even better, just like food does. Drinking my coffee on a blanket, watching the sky and the trees and our beautiful nature – I’m reminded of all the lovely mornings on a summer cottage and I feel like I’m on a holiday. Even for just a sip of a moment.

On my first post with Slurp I talked about making those coffee moments special with coffee subscription. But did you know that Slurp also sells coffee equipment? Well, in this post I’m introducing Espro Travel Press, which upgrades your picnic take away coffees. You can actually make coffee in just a few minutes, fresh.

Espro Travel Press is actually awarded the product of the year by Specialty Coffee Association of America.


How Espro Travel Press works

What’s awesome about Espro Travel Press is that it makes delicious coffee and keeps it warm and fresh. You can make French press type of coffee, filter coffee or tea with it.

It’s very simple. You simply throw in the coffee and some hot water, push the filter in and withing a few minutes your coffee is ready. The brewing of the coffee stops once the plunger is pressed down, so you don’t have to worry about the coffee grounds on the bottom.

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical about this thing – but after trying it and tasting the coffee made with it, I’m sold. It’s great. There’s no going back to regular coffee brought on a thermos to a picnic. My picnics suddenly got even better. 

If you have a problem with your coffee turning cold – this could be your solution. It keeps it hot so you can enjoy hot coffee all throughout the afternoon.

Giveaway! Win your own Espro Travel Press

Now you can also win your own Espro Travel Press by commenting this post. Make sure to leave your email, so that I can contact you, in case you are the lucky one. Giveaway is internationally open until 30.6.19. I’ll contact the winner personally.


And hey – If you would like to try SLURP coffee subscription (get freshly roasted coffee right on your doorstep), you can now get -30% off from your first coffee with the code ‘Charlottatakkula’. Order your SLURP subscription here.


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  1. Kukka

    Ihania kesäkuvia!

    En tiennytkääm SLURPin myyvän myös tällaisia juttuja – mahtavaa!

    1. Salli

      Mukaan kivaan arvontaan. Vaikuttaa kätevältä laitteelta.

  2. Ooh mikä mainio retkien pelastaja! Haluan

  3. Jonskutar

    Tämä olisi niin kiva retkillä ja rannalla.

  4. Nelliina

    Oolalaa, tuo olisi mulle oiva pikku apulainen kesänkin kahvihetkiin 🙂 Mukana.

  5. Hannnnnna

    Oho! Nyt on mielenkiintoinen uutuus! Kiitos esittelystä! 🙂

  6. Tarja

    Mukana ehdottomasti!! Aurinkoista ja rentoa kesää!

  7. Iina / MouMou

    Vitsi, miten hyväalekoodi! Varmaan pakko kokeilla. 🙂

  8. MarjaKoo

    Olisipa mieluinen voitto 🙂

  9. klaara

    Mukana arvonnassa. Kyllä piknikit ovat ihania aurinkoisessa luonnossa!

  10. Heinik

    Mukana! Mielenkiinnolla testaisin tuollaista, kätevä olis piknikille 🙂

  11. Ansu

    Ihana kesä ja upea sinä<3 mukana arvonnassa!

  12. Juulia

    Mukana, olisi kiva kesän piknikeillä 😀 !

  13. neeli

    Tää Espro Travel Press kuulostaa tosi hyvältä! Olisi varmasti huippu vaihtoehto tavalliselle termoskahville. Sluprsin valikoima näyttää myös tosi houkuttelevalta!
    Ihanat kesätunnelmat kuvissa!

  14. Wehaf

    This seems like the perfect travel and commuter coffee mug – I love that you don’t have finish brewing the coffee before leaving. urchiken at gmail dot com

  15. Elise H.

    Olen ehdottomasti mukana arvonnassa, vaikuttaa tosi kätevältä! 🙂

  16. manda

    Love the coffee mug.


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