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My week has been pretty awesome and let me tell you why.

(Don’t be alarmed, that it starts bad. Most good things always seem to start from something bad.)

First of all, at the beginning of this week my stomach was hurting like hell. I had some problems sleeping, so I was already tired and besides that – anxious – for feeling like I couldn’t get anything done. You know, one of those days? They usually come with the monthly surprise of craving chocolate and wanting to hide under a blanket. You get it.

There are days when I give in and take that day off. When it’s needed. But this time, I tried something different: I said to myself: ‘You can just watch motivational or positive videos from youtube. That’s it. You don’t have to do anything.’

So I took a cup of coffee, had some gingerbread (how does it taste so delicious right before and right after Christmas?) and took a nice position on the sofa.

And then I listened to Michael Hyatt telling me, how he – as a successful businessman and a blogger – often (not sometimes) feels, like there’s nothing in his head and he can not write a single word.

He also said, never to give up. That you’re so close, don’t give up. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

I don’t know if it was the warm coffee or the motivational speech that helped me, but after that I’ve been able to do the things, I always seem to leave to someday. But there is not a better day than today. Today is someday. I wrote my blog. I cleaned up the kitchen. I painted my toenails. I planned a date. I ran uphill.

Motivation is not usually my problem, but on a bad day, a splash of positivity can do wonders.
And a nap with a protein chocolate bar (“healthier” version of chocolate).

January – I think I’m starting to like you more every day.

lifestyle blog

P.S. I take that back. You can’t compare chocolate to other things. I’m sorry, chocolate. #teamrealchocolate

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  1. Ihana postaus ja ihanat kuvat! <3

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Kiitos <3

  2. Amy

    Stunning photos! Love your outfit especially the boots. I think learning ways to motivate yourself and turn a day around is such a powerful skill. It doesn’t always work for me but I’m getting better all the time and agree, YouTube can be so useful (And coffee, lots of coffee!).

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Thank you – I’m obsessed with these boots, it’s my second Winter wearing them 😀 Yeah it doesn’t always work for me either, but most of the time it does. I think it’s a skill, that can indeed be learned. And yes for coffee, haha <3


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