Zuii Organic loose powder

Zuii Organic

Zuii Organic

Zuii Organic

Isn’t this the most beautiful powder you’ve ever seen?

This loose powder from Zuii Organic is my new favorite. It’s natural, organic and as the packaging suggests, it’s made with actual flower petals. You can see the rose petals on the bottom of the jar. Zuii’s foundations are made from rose, jasmine and chamomile, so rose is really a crucial part of the product’s ingredients.

Everyone who has problems with oiliness, knows that powders are crucial to keep your makeup matte and in place. But you might also know, that the powder shouldn’t be too dry, so that it would look flakey. Well, here is a great option. Since this powder doesn’t contain any talc, it’s texture is very smooth and it does it’s job without drying the skin (flower petals make a great powder, let me tell you).

This product comes with a powder puff and it just might be the softest I’ve ever tried. It feels amazing on my skin.

The powder has some pigment to it, but not as much. It’s more like a setting powder and it helps your makeup to last longer. If you’ve used Zuii’s products before you know that they are very nourishing and they leave a sheer finish – this helps to keep everything matte and in place. I use this to set my foundation and to finish off my base makeup. And as I said, it’s awesome paired with Zuii’s makeup powder – and it really makes it last longer and makes it less shinier.

The shades with this product are the same as in the pressed foundation so you can read my last review to find your shade.

Zuii Organic Flora loose powder (link to Zuii’s official site)

I can’t stop looking at this product. Isn’t it beautiful?

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