The powder with flower power

zuii organic loose powder review




I wrote earlier about Zuii’s new pressed powder foundation which is really moisturising and silky textured. This other new product – loose powder – is my new favourite though ’cause it’s especially good for oily or mixed skin.

The packaging is maybe the most beautiful thing ever ’cause you can see the rose petals on the bottom of the jar. Zuii’s foundations are made from rose, jasmine and chamomile so rose is really a crucial part of the product’s ingredients.

There is a cotton pad with the product and the cotton is the softest I’ve ever tried. It feels amazing on my skin. The powder comes out of the jar nicely without spreading everywhere.

It has some pigment to it but not as much as you’d see the colour on the skin. This shade doesn’t really show on my skin especially on top of my foundation. I use this to set my foundation and to finish off my base makeup. This is good with Zuii’s makeup powder and it really makes it last longer and makes it less shinier. The shades with this product are the same as in the pressed foundation so you can read my last review to find your shade.

I can’t stop looking at this product. Isn’t it beautiful?



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