Snail extract in skincare?

Nowadays whenever I see a snail or hear someone talking about them the first thing that pops into my head is skincare. That may sound weird or disgusting even – but using snail extract in skincare can be really benefitial. So just hear me out, okay?

snail skincare


Why is snail extract a good thing in skincare

Snail extract contains lots of good stuff: allantoin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. It’s regenerating, moisturizing and soothing. It helps the skin renewal process so it’s especially good for mature skin or to treat acne-scars.

These benefits were found by accident at first – the farmers that were picking snails for restaurants noticed that the skin on their hands was softer and the cuts were healing quickly. This is a quick way of testing the effectiveness of snail extract yourself too –  I notice the difference on my hands almost instantly.

There are different kinds of products containing the slime: creams, lotions, gels, serums or toners. So there are definitely suitable options for each skin types.

But first, let’s get to the important guestions.. Does it smell like snails? Is it gross?

Absolutely not. These products have their own scent that comes from totally different ingredients than the main ingredient (snail extract). They don’t smell like snails. And the extract isn’t sticky or gross. It almost feels like a silicone, very sleek and soft. I could compare it to aloe vera, but it’s actually more comfortable than that. Aloe vera can be sticky but snail extract just absorbs nicely and leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth.


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Now here are some of the products I’ve been using. I’ve tried two brands: Helixium and Missha. Helixium is certified organic brand from Skinature and Missha is a popular South-Korean brand. All of these products were sent to me.

Helixium is definitely more expensive but as I said – it’s organic. The snail extract is collected manually with a respect for the animal. I really like their product range: the cream and the serum are awesome for normal, dry or mature skin whereas the toner (micellar water) is suitable for mixed or oily skin. Actually all the products are suited for all skin types and they contain silver which is antibacterial.  I think the cream would work as a night cream for oilier skin too – if you’d like to treat those acne scars. Helixium products have a certain luxury feeling to them which I absolutely love!

Missha super aqua cell renew

Missha is another great brand. Their snail line is called Super Aqua Cell Renew and I’ve tried the gel cream, night mask and a hand cream. The importer told me that here too the snail extract is being collected without any harm to the animals. Even though Missha is quite an affordable brand the products are super beautiful and look expensive. The gel cream is awesome for combination or oily skin ’cause it absorbs quickly. It contains 70% snail extract so it’s the real deal. You may want to take that into consideration if you think 36,90€ is too much for a Missha product.  I also love the sleeping mask ’cause it leaves my skin super smooth. I’ve been using it as a regular mask before applying makeup – especially on those special days when you want your skin looking extra smooth. My all time favorite here is still the hand cream. I actually bought another tube as soon as I ran out of the first one. I think this is the best hand cream I’ve tried. I dare to say the secret lies within the snail extract.

snail products

Here are some swatches just for you to get a better idea of the consistency of the products.
1.* Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hand Cream
Creamy, but still lightweight and absorbs quickly.
2. *Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream 
It says cream but it’s definitely a gel which is lightweight but still very nourishing. Absorbs quickly.
3. *Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask
A nice mask that isn’t too heavy and makes the skin very smooth.
4.* Helixium by Skinature Creme confort
Creamy lotion that’s very nourishing.
5. *Helixium by Skinature Serum
This watery serum absorbs to the skin immediately.

Featured image by Kev-shine (flickr link).


Have you tried snails (other than on your platter)?

January favorite products

January favorites

charlotta eve blog

Here are five products that I’ve been loving this month. In winter it’s all about moisturizing and taking care of your skin. Actually my skin has been so dry and so horrible that I started a skincare diet! More about that on this post. The start of 2017 has been a bit busy for me too so I chose some makeup products that come in handy in a rush. Featuring my all time favorite lipstick and the best hand cream ever.

missha super aqua cell renew snail hand cream

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Hand Cream
This is by far the best hand cream I’ve ever tried. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased the same hand cream twice except this. I mean, I got the first tube in the beauty box as a pr-sample but then I bought it again with my own money. Snail extract can be extremely beneficial in skincare (post coming soon) and I’ve noticed the difference first in my hands. This nourishes, protects and makes the rash that I get during colder months go away. Actually using this I’ve barely had any problems with my hands at all. Despite this being very moisturizing it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly which is important since I’m constantly using my hands. Not to mention that beautiful packaging which makes it a ten. This suits my bedside table perfectly!shea butter review

Flow cosmetics Shea Butter (Similar: Sky Organics Pure Shea Butter
If you’ve been reading my blog you know I suffer from problematic skin and acne. My skin has been a tiny bit better this month and I think it has something to do with my new routine. (Or the moon’s position ha ha.) This month I decided to go on a skincare diet: to cut down on exfoliators, masks, lotions – almost everything. What I have been doing is cleansing my skin and moisturizing with oils. One of the new things I’ve bought is this 100% natural shea butter. It’s more nourishing than – say argan oil or jojoba oil – so I’ve been using this almost every evening. Shea butter is actually an oil too – it’s solid but melts on your skin quickly. Shea butter shouldn’t clog pores but you should still always test it before using. I haven’t yet noticed any breaking out from using this. This is completely odorless (maybe a tiny nutty scent) and super nourishing – I also use this for my body and love it.
jane iredale mystikol onyxJane iredale onyxjane iredale mystikol onyx review

Jane Iredale Mystikol Eyeliner, Onyx
I love a simple liner and this product makes it very easy. Jane Iredale come out with these new Mystikols that are now vegan and in a new packaging. I have to say I love the new packaging – not only is it beautiful but very handy. It comes with a brush that is actually really good – you can make a thin or thick line depending on how you hold the brush. The texture is interesting too – in a jar it’s almost like a gel but it dries out to a matte powder. These are also designed for an easy smokey eye and the brush comes in handy for that too. I love to use a black liner as a base for my smokey eye. Great product, that I’ve been using a lot this month.

nyx tame frame brow pomade blonde

charlotta eve blog

NYX Tame&Frame Eybrow Pomade in Blonde
I’ve had this brow pomade for a long time but somehow I wasn’t using it that much until now. Lately I’ve been digging lighter, natural brows and that’s why I’ve turned to this product. The shade is a light brown that is not too warm or too cold. Now that I’m blonde again I feel like this is the perfect match for my hair. The texture of this product is a creamy paste that is easy to work with. You can build up the color or just apply a wash of color to your brows.

Clarins rouge eclat strawberry sorbet

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Strawberry Sorbet *pr-sample
 This is my go-to lipstick with any look. The beautiful pink nude shade with some shimmer goes with any look. The consistency is really moisturizing so I’ve been really liking this even when my lips are a bit dry. Since this leaves a sheen finish it makes the lips look more plump. Also what makes this perfect is that beautiful golden packaging. Brings some luxury to my every day life!


Wearing Jane Iredale’s ONYX on my eyes, NYX Tame&Frame Blonde on my brows and Clarins Strawberry sorbet on my lips.

What are your favorite products at the time?

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