How I keep my skin balanced

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We all want a healthy, balanced skin. One that doesn’t feel dry nor oily. A happy skin, so to speak.

I’ve always said that a good routine is the base for a healthy skin. You need a skincare routine and products that give you results.

An updated skincare routine is in the works, but for now, I’m sharing the two most important key products in my routine. These two products are my secret to a balanced skin. This post is especially helpful for normal, combination or oily skintypes.

The key products in my skincare routine – Cleanser & Oil

I’ve been using Niki Newd’s products for several months now. On my first post I declared that I had found the cleanser for my face. After I started using that Oatmeal Soap, I could see and feel the difference on my skin. I also fell in love with their Skin Velvet oil serum. Oil is another product that I couldn’t live without. Even though I have some oiliness in my skin, using an oil in my skincare routine is crucial in keeping it balanced, moisturized and glowy.

The best cleanser I’ve found

A face cleanser is probably the most important product in my routine. Even on the days that I’m not wearing makeup, I make sure to clean my face well. I’ve been using Niki Newd’s Oatmeal Soap for half a year now. I feel like every time I talk about Niki Newd’s Oatmeal Soap, I need to emphasize, that it’s not a regular Soap. You can forget everything you know about soaps. This soap is gentle and it leaves my skin clean and balanced.

The soap contains only five ingredients, which are: rapeseed oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, oatmeal and yeast.

I like that this soap comes with no packaging (except the paper it’s wrapped in) and after I’ve used it, there’s no plastic waste. It’s also suitable for vegans. The soap comes in a package of two (making the price very reasonable!) and a wash cloth. I like to use that washcloth every once in a while to deep cleanse and exfoliate my skin.

Niki Newd Oatmeal Soap

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Luxurious oils for a healthy glow

Even if your skin was oily at times, I would still recommend using an oil. Oils are like nutrients to your skin and they help with dryness, skin texture, scarring and redness. Oils are lifesavers for dry skin, but also crucial for oily skin. Once you put an oil to an oily skin, it doesn’t have to produce as much oil as it usually does. That way it balances the skin.

Niki Newd’s oils are my favorite luxury oils. They consist only of the purest ingredients and they’re very compressed. One drop of either one of these oils is enough for the whole face. I’ve been using Skin Velvet Oil Serum for longer, but now also got to test out their Skin Silk oil, which is a bit lighter. I’d recommend it for oily skin or for anyone who really loves a light silky feel.

I mostly use oils in my nighttime routine, because I like to give them time to really work their magic when I’m sleeping. A literal beauty sleep, I would say. But as the weather gets colder, I might apply it in the morning as well. Skin Silk Oil serum works well under makeup. Skin Velvet works too, but you need to let it absorb a little before applying your makeup.

Niki Newd Skin Velvet Oil Serum
Niki Newd Skin Silk Oil Serum

Niki Newd Skin Velvet contains Avocado Oil, Camelina Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil, Lingonberry Seed Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil. And that’s all the ingredients.

Niki Newd Skin Silk contains Olive oil, Tomato seed oil, Blueberry Seed Oil, Lingonberry Seed Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil. And that’s everything.

And those are the two most important products of my skincare routine. A good cleanser, that doesn’t dry me out – and a nourishing oil, that keeps my skin moisturized and healthy. Obviously besides these, there are also other products in my routine. Such as a moisturizer. Lately I’ve actually used that skin balm as my moisturizer. I was worried that it wouldn’t suit my skin, because it contains coconut oil, but to my surprise it’s perfect for my face (maybe thanks to the naturally antibacterial juniper sprout extract it contains).

I’m also using some products mentioned in this post. Those products I would still recommend as well and they are a great option for a budget.

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Niki Newd brings food grade ingredients to your skincare

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Niki Newd Review

Skincare Blog Niki Newd Review

Do you really know what you’re putting on your skin? Can you read the ingredient list of your favorite products and have a peace of mind on every single ingredient mentioned there?

Because the ingredients are what makes the product. I love pretty packaging, but the inside is what I’m paying for.

Niki Newd Fresh Skincare


Niki Newd Fresh Skincare

When I heard of Niki Newd and their completely new take on skincare, I was instantly intrigued. Niki Newd offers fresh cosmetics, meaning the products are actually made from pure, food grade ingredients.

Just like an orange juice is best freshly pressed – these new luxury products offer that same freshness to the biggest organ of your body. Your skin.

When I go to the grocery store I try and make good healthy choices. I check the product list for sugars, preservatives, wheat and what not. I make my decision based on what the product contains.

Luxury is knowing what you’re eating and being able to choose wisely for your body. And frankly, the same goes to beauty products.

My results using Niki Newd products

I have been using Niki Newd products now for a month (and the soap actually for even longer than that) and my skin is in fantastic shape. My skin has been in a great shape for some time now, but ever since I switched to these products, the very last bits of my acne has started to heal.

If you’ve been a regular reader of mine, you know that I’ve battled with acne. My acne went away with birth control pills, but a few stubborn pimples stuck on my jawline and they have been there for a year. They are quite deep and I can clearly feel them when I touch my jaw. During this year, I’ve just ignored them, being happy that that’s all that’s left from my acne. But after I started using these products, they’ve started to heal. I’ve actually even been able to squeeze one of them out (or some of it), since it came to surface with a white head.  Prior to this, my cosmetologist tried to poke holes in them and squeeze them out and nothing came out.

My skin feels very balanced. It’s clearly loving these products. And I am too – because suddenly my routine is as simple as it gets. I only use the Oatmeal soap (after first removing my makeup with an oil) and then three other products after that, for my whole face.

What’s genius about Niki Newd products is that they are suitable even for the eye area. My lashes and brows get a nice treatment with the Skin Velvet Oil and I’m secretly loving skipping eye creams.

If I’m feeling lazy, I can mix the oil, cream and the mist and just massage that in. Simple. It’s luxury having to do less – and still getting great results.

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Niki Newd Oatmel Soap

Niki Newd’s Oatmeal Soap is not your regular soap so you can forget whatever comes to mind with the word “soap”. It’s my favorite product out of all these and what surprised me the most. I can stop looking for the perfect cleanser, because this is it, and I mean it. It cleanses my skin well, but doesn’t leave it dry or oily.

The soap contains rapeseed, coconut and linseed oil, making it very gentle so it doesn’t disrupt the acid mantle. Besides the oils, the soap contains oatmeal and yeast, which are anti-inflammatory. And now I’ve already mentioned all the ingredients. This product contains just five ingredients.

A little goes a long way with this product and one soap lasts for over two months in my use.

Niki Newd Oatmeal Soap

Niki Newd Skin Velvet Oil Review

Niki Newd Skin Velvet – oil

Niki Newd’s Skin Velvet is a dreamy oil serum that nourishes the skin with Nordic berry seed oils, camelina oil and avocado oil. It contains lots of fatty acids, which are exactly what your skin would want to eat, if it could choose. It also contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and Q10. All from the oils.

This oil absorbs nicely in my skin without the oily feeling and it leaves my skin radiant. If I was in an absolute rush, I could get way with using just the oatmeal soap and this oil.

And hey – you can now get a free sample of this oil with your order by using the affiliate code ‘CHARLOTTA’.

Niki Newd Skin Velvet

Niki Newd Skin Cream & Skin Mist – mixing as I go

The Skin Cream and Skin Mist are the first products I’ve used that are meant to be stored in a fridge. That might feel weird at first, but let me ask you this: would you rather have the product be fresh, or to have preservatives?

The Skin Cream contains grapeseed oil, sea buckthorn oil, spring water, beeswax and vitamin C & E.

This cream is one of the first products Niki Newd made and I can understand it’s popularity. It’s a simple product that does what it promises – nourishes and hydrates. It’s the lightest cream Niki Newd has and when you mix it with the Skin Mist the consistency becomes even more lighter feeling (plus you get extra hydration and vitamins from the mist!).

The Skin Mist contains Spring water, lactose, betaine, glucosamine and vitamin C & B5.

What’s amazing about the Skin Mist is that it helps to maintain the moisture balance, but also protect the skin from sun damage and the key ingredient in that is glucosamine. So this product is great especially for summer time. Though obviously the best way to avoid sun damage is to avoid sun and use a sunscreen.

P.S. My favorite sunscreens are listed here.

Niki Newd Skin Cream
Niki Newd Skin Mist

Niki Newd SKin Mist


My combination skin loves this combo. I love that you can mix up the products to suit whatever it is your skin needs. If my skin is feeling dry, I’m using just a tiny bit more of the cream. If my skin feels good and I just want a light hydration, I can use less cream and spritz in more of the skin mist.

Niki Newd Yogurt Skin Mask

Yogurt Skin Mask is a special product, because it’s the original Niki Newd mask based on an old family recipe. It’s has that homemade feel to it, which is nice.

Niki Newd’s masks come in two parts: the powder and the mask water. This ensures the freshness of the mask, because you can mix the mask yourself. That’s pretty common in beauty salons as well, when you book a facial. This gives the mask a nice touch, like it’s made just for you.

The mask contains oatmeal, yogurt powder, potato starch and yeast. The water is pure spring water from Finnish Lapland.

The mask dried down on my face and tightened a little. It reminded me a little of DMK’s Enzyme mask (but in a much milder form). It left my face feeling soft, clean and plump. I used it in a time where my skin felt like it needed an exfoliation and some pampering and the mask did do its job. In all honesty I have to say though, that I did not like the scent of the product, which came from the yeast. Luckily it disappeared when it dried down a little and then it smelled like nothing.

Niki Newd Yogurt Skin Mask

Modern, simple skincare

All in all I’m left with a little awe of the products and the whole brand. The products are modern, they feel personal (well, they are artisan made just for your order) and the whole skincare routine is simply effective. I love the pure ingredients – my sensitive stomach loves oatmeal, but I never knew it could work for my skin as well.

If you’re intrigued about the products, but don’t want to go all in straight away – I recommend trying just one product. I’m sold on the oatmeal soap and my second favorite product is the Skin Velvet. And the best news really?

You can get a sample size of the Skin Velvet Oil, when you make a purchase, with the *affiliate code ‘CHARLOTTA’. It’s gonna show up as “0,00€” on your order, but the gift is automatically added to your package.

Shop here!

Niki Newd makes new fresh bathes monthly – if you want your products for August, you should make your order by 20.7. to get it at the start of the month.

Fresh Skincare Review Niki Newd

So – how does fresh cosmetics sound to you? Have you heard of Niki Newd before?

*Affiliate code means that you get a gift – and I make a small commission based on your purchase.

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