Double Wear Light – the little sister of the cult classic

double wear light review

double wear light on skin

Ever since I tried Estee Lauder’s popular Double Wear foundation – I knew I needed to try the lighter version of it as well, Double Wear Light.

The original Double Wear foundation is awesome. It really is. I have a whole blog post about it here, but to sum it up, it’s very long-lasting, high coverage and provides a beautiful matte finish. When I need a flawless and glamorous base for my makeup, I choose that foundation.

But – obviously there’s a but – it might be too heavy for some. If you’re prone to breakouts, like I was, when I first started to use it, it can break you out a little bit. And another thing – you don’t always need such high coverage.

So the solution then is, Double Wear Light. If Double Wear is for evening makeup, Double Wear Light is perfect for day wear, though it works well for evenings as well.

I might even like it a little more than the original, but don’t tell anyone.

I got the foundation as a pr-sample.

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estee lauder double wear foundations

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup review

*Double Wear Light has some same qualities, as the original one, but it’s still a bit different. It is very long-lasting, has good medium coverage and it leaves beautiful natural-looking finish on the skin. And though the packaging is not quite as fancy as the original, it is beautiful and it tells you the story: it is the muted-down version of the original Double Wear Foundation.

estee lauder double wear light before after
Before & after Double Wear Light, in the shade 3.

Double Wear Light foundation stays really well on my skin. The amazing thing about it is, that I don’t necessarily even need powder with it. But that has a lot to do with the pills and my nowadays good skin. Anyway I’ve preferred to wear it without any powder, because lately I’m all about that glow. But put some powder on it, and it’s even more trustworthy.

The consistency is thick, and it actually feels thicker than the original – even though it provides a lighter finish, which is funny. It’s not as runny and watery as the original. So I would recommend applying it with a wet makeup sponge. It makes the blending easier and you get thinner layers. It is oil-free and it has some oil-controlling properties. I’ve done some workouts wearing this foundation, and yes, it does stay through the workout (though you get a bit of shine through). I feel like because it’s not as thick and next-level, it doesn’t break me out. Though now that I’ve battled acne, I’m not as prone to breakouts anymore.

double wear and double wear light swatches comparison
Swatches and comparison on Double Wear Light (shade 3) and Double Wear (shade 1N2 Ecru).

The coverage is perfect, in my opinion. It’s not full-coverage – maybe more like a sheer medium. You can build it up a little, but I don’t think you need to. The finish is beautiful and it does everything you want a foundation to do: even out the skin tone, hide any redness and biggest blemishes and it leaves a semi-matte natural finish.


So how is Double Wear Light different from the original Double Wear? I think it’s not as full-coverage, not as long-lasting and the consistency is creamier.

Double Wear Light on my skin, applied with a damp makeup sponge.

I have a darker shade of this foundation, just because it’s summer and I do get some tan on me. My shade is 3, but here are swatches of all the different shades.

All in all, I love this foundation.


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*Estee Lauder Double Wear

estee lauder double wear light and original

Have you tried this or the original Double Wear?

Double wear: the best long-lasting foundation

best full coverage foundation double wear

estee lauder double wear review

A foundation, that costs 50 euros doesn’t get bought straight away – instead it causes my eyes to almost burst out of their sockets and my skin to turn to goosebumps.

Except for now, of course, that I’ve bought it.

And now that I think about it, it’s not that expensive. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to understand that ‘expensive’ things can actually be cheaper in the long run. 

And just to be clear, this foundation costs that in my country, but not as much elsewhere.

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the best long lasting foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation review & swatches

I had heard about *Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation several times. I had read blog posts, seen reviews and recommendations, but somehow (okay, not somehow, strictly because of the price tag) I had ignored them. Until I tried it. It could have been, that because I know that 30€ foundation is better than 10€  foundation, I was curious, if the same applied to that 50€ foundation.

Let me tell you: it does. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation is phenomenal. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, the texture of the foundation is remarkable and the lasting power of it is out of this world. It’s also full-coverage so when I need a perfect canvas for my makeup and I need it to last all day and evening, I grab this foundation.

I’ve read some really long reviews of this foundation, but I wanted to keep this simple: tell you that it’s easy to apply, it lasts super long, it gives the perfect coverage and it leaves quite a matte finish. I still powder it though to lock it in place.

estee lauder double wear acne skin

estee lauder double wear ecru yellow toned face

I always apply the foundation with a damp *beautyblender, just because the consistency is a bit thick and it dries quite quickly. On my combination skin it’s nothing crazy, but I would imagine that on a normal or dry skin it’s a different story. So a damp beautyblender is a great way to apply it, to get thin layers and to make it go on smoothly.

My shade in Double Wear is 1N2 Ecru, which is considered neutral. I had some trouble finding the perfect match, but then I did some research on the colors. In Double Wear, neutral colors are quite peachy, so if you’re pale, but yellow-toned, you may find your match in the neutral section. Here I found helpful swatches, where you can see clearly the colors sorted in cool, neutral and warm sections. As you can see Ecru is the second lightest color in the neutrals.

before after double wear foundation

estee lauder double wear before after on face
Before and after photos with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation in shade Ecru. It covers extremely well. (You can still see some texture and bumps, but no foundation is gonna hide that, that’s just a problem with having acne.)

Unfortunately, there is one downside to this foundation. I hate to admit this, but it breaks me out. It lasts so damn well I’m not surprised though. It’s a bit of work to remove the foundation from my face and after I’ve removed it, some of my pimples have become irritated and red. They always calm down after a day or two though, so I don’t worry about it too much. I don’t use this foundation very often, only on special occasions so it doesn’t straight up cause me acne. I know people that use this with no problem with their skin, so I don’t think it’s a very common problem either. And who knows, maybe my skin tolerates this better once I’ve gotten rid of the acne.

Update 16.3.18: Now that my skin has recovered from acne and I only have acne scarring, this foundation works even better for me. It doesn’t break me out anymore, like it did when my acne was active. I’ve actually been using this more and more now and for any photoshoot it’s a must. It still takes some patience to get it off my face, but with an oil makeup remover and patience, it doesn’t irritate the skin.

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*Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

 best full coverage long lasting foundation

Have you tried Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation? What’s the most money you’ve spent in a foundation?

P.S. I’ve also tried the lighter version of this foundation, which I also liked very much. Check out the review on Double Wear Light here!

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