Bhaktigraphy x Charlotta Eve | Golden fields


bhaktigraphy noora bhakti


One of my dear friends has recently started photography, and she asked if I wanted to be her model. I’ve always liked her work (even if they were just instagram-shots) so I was actually gonna propose a session anyway.

We shot at this beautiful location, Lammassaari. It’s near my home and I like to hike there. It’s quiet, calm and beautiful.
This time the weather wasn’t on our side and we were freezing – but there were still plenty of good photos.

It was nice to get positive feedback about being a model. Then again I have spent quite some time in front of the camera during my blogging career. What helps, is that you focus on being yourself and stop being afraid of looking ugly or funny in some photo. I’ll never be the perfect blogger anyway – I hang out in the city without makeup and my hair wet all the time.

Afterwards it was lovely to warm our hands around a warm latte and speak whatever was on the mind.


jacket – Vero Moda / cardigan & scarf- H&M 

Photos – Noora Brandt

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