Easy (and sparkly!) New Year’s Eve Makeup

easy new years eve makeup with diamonds*adlink


When I think of New Year’s Eve makeup, I think of everything sparkly and dramatic. Last year I wore a super dark glittery smokey eye on the actual day, so I wanted to try and do a lighter look as well. Don’t worry – there’s still sparkle!

(Also, I’m trying to make a smokey eye tutorial too, but lately my migraine has slowed me down quite a bit.)


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Easy New Year’s Eve makeup with diamonds

New Year's Eve Makeup With Diamonds Tutorial

I know I keep using the word easy, but this one really is simple.

I literally applied one light shimmery shade all over the lid and just blended that a bit. It’s easy to blend, because the color is light and shimmery colors blend easily. Okay, I used two colors, but the other one was just to bring some more sparkle to that golden color.

And then the other part is just creating that wing with a blue eyeshadow. I agree that winged liner in itself is hard to do – but this is eyeshadow. And eyeshadow is easier to work with and it suits hooded eyes too! I created the wing by drawing a straight line towards the end of my brow from the lower lashline. You basically have to go on top of the hood a bit, if your eyes are hooded. The secret is to keep that wing quite blended and not too harsh – that way no one is gonna notice if it’s perfectly symmetrical.

Next I added a liquid liner just on the lashline. Then it was just mascara and gluing those little diamonds in place. I used crafting diamonds and lash glue. And that’s it!

new years eve makeup with diamonds


I somehow felt like taking some skin shots as well with this look.  I guess I just felt beautiful and wanted to remind myself and everyone else that acne goes with any makeup. Spoiler alert: you don’t have to be ashamed of your skin.

IsaDora explosive shine lip gloss frozen raspberry
I’m still loving lip glosses. IsaDora’s Explosive Shine Lip glosses are perfectly over the top. Here I’m wearing Frozen Raspberry.



IsaDora Single Power Eyeshadow Golden Frost & Glossy Diamonds
Urban Decay Vice 4 (blue)
*Little craft diamonds
IsaDora Explosive Shine Lipgloss, Frozen Raspberry

& Invisibobble pearl waver

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  1. Ananka

    Great look 😀

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Thank you!

  2. Elli

    Raikas ja viehättävä meikki! Tuo IsaDoran huulikiilto menee samantien ostoslistalle 🙂 Upea on myös kaulakorusi! Mistä voin löytää samanlaisen?

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Kiitos paljon! 🙂 Koru on joskus vuosia sitten ostettu Gina tricotista, taisi olla setti, jossa useampi koru.

  3. Kasia

    I just discovered you via Pinterest, and I love every single one of your tutorials. Your ideas are beautiful, while explanations are straightforward and beginner-friendly. You made me feel way more comfortable with the idea of eyeshadow makeup on my hooded eyes.

    This post was particularly touching though. It’s not only yet another one that makes me feel excited again about makeup. You show your skin just the way it is – beautiful although acne-prone. My arms and decollete look very similar to yours here, and I often feel that no matter how pretty my makeup is, the acne on my arms or neck will ruin it all. You prove this wrong, and it’s so refreshing. I truly appreciate that.

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. It truly made my day. <3 I definitely know what you mean, but acne is never your fault, and it doesn't ruin anything. As long as we don't let it 🙂


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