lookfantastic Beauty Box – is it worth it?

Beauty Box recommendation

My mind has slowly changed about beauty boxes. I think I’m starting to get the idea. I know, shocker, considering I’m a beauty therapist, beauty blogger and beauty product enthusiastic. But anyway, I have been quite eager to receive my beauty boxes from lookfantastic* lately.

I have been lucky enough to receive these boxes in pr.
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lookfantastic Beauty Box review - is it worth it?

Is lookfantastic beauty box worth it?

I have now received three lookfantastic boxes and I’m impressed with the contents. I have tried a few boxes from different companies and I think lookfantastic boxes* are one of the best. Obviously with beauty boxes there is the inevitable chance of receiving products that you won’t necessarily like, but that’s the risk you take with a surprise. And that’s also the reason why I’ve been hesitant about beauty box subscriptions. But with these boxes there have been more good products that I could actually use – and less of those products that I don’t like. Besides, it’s exciting to not know what you’re gonna get. And what a nice surprise these have been!

And considering the price – 16-19$, you get your money’s worth.

lookfantastic beauty box november unboxing

I got my first box in November and I’m still using and loving the mellow cosmetics eyeliner I got. I think it’s the best eyeliner I’ve tried. All in all that box was great, another favorite of mine was the REN day cream I got and immediately used. Read my November box unboxing post here.

The second box in February got me a lovely palette from Sleek cosmetics. It has the perfect coral blush shade, that I’m also using as an eyeshadow. The box also had some nice travel sized things, that I’m saving for my trips. I wasn’t so impressed with the hair spray and lash curlers it had, but I’m super picky about hair products – and well, lash curlers too. I happen to own the perfect pair of lash curlers, and no other lash curlers to this day have compared to them. But when you count the worth of the products, it’s more than what the box costs.

lookfantastic Beauty Box review - is it worth it?

And now this third box was probably the best so far. It had The Ordinary’s full sized hyaluronic acid serum – and my skin loves hyaluronic acid. It helps to keep my skin hydrated, soft and radiant. It also had one of my favorite masks in a travel size (Madara Smart) as well as a hand lotion from one of my favorite brands, Rituals. I thought I wouldn’t like the eos lip balm, but to my surprise it smelled heavenly, and so my mind was changed. I think that’s one of the things about beauty boxes – you might try something you otherwise wouldn’t think to try!

I also love that you get your monthly Elle in the box. The only thing I don’t like though, is that it’s so small and everything is printed in such a small print. But maybe it’s just my personal preference. I understand why the magazine needs to be small – so that it would fit the box. But I just hope that Elle would use bigger font so that it would be easier to read! Gosh, how am I just 24 years old? You should see the font size on my kindle.

Makeup blog - lookfantastic Beauty Box

In the photo I’m wearing the Sleek face palette I got from lookfantastic’s february box.

Beauty box recommendation

All in all, I would recommend lookfantastic beauty box subscription to you, if you are thinking of trying some beauty box. It’s a nice monthly surprise to yourself, a piece of luxury to your every day life. It usually comes with great brands and even some smaller brands you wouldn’t necessarily otherwise try. If you enjoy skincare and makeup and are eager to try out new beauty products – try it! I have to also note, that I love the pretty boxes themselves. They are great for organizing.

One box costs 19$ and subscriptions are cheaper. 3 month subscription is 18$ per box and 12 month subscription is 16$.
*Order your Lookfantastic Beauty Box here here (UK)
*Order your Lookfantastic Beauty Box here (US/CA)

Do you already have a subscription? What do you think?

Surprises in a box / unboxing Bearel Beauty Box

I love a good surprise. Especially if it contains cosmetics.

I know of three beauty boxes that are available in Finland – Livbox (which is very inexpensive but not very thrilling), JolieBox (which includes only eco products so it should be nice) and this beauty box that I got from Bearel. Bearel is this Finnish webshop that offers South-Korean skincare and makeup products. I’m interested in Asian skincare so it’s been exciting to test products and their beauty box is a great way to try out new products and get to know new things.

This box costs 45 euros which sounds like a lot but – let me tell you – it’s worth it. It’s actual worth is 60-80 euros and it contains awesome products with great content. Asian skincare products use a good amount of natural ingredients in them (like all cosmetics really) combined with high technology. All new skincare things seem to come from Asia, am I right? I’ve looked through the products’ INCI-lists and I am convinced. Most of the products don’t include mineral oils, parabens or alcohol.

Anyway – let’s unbox and see what South-Korean products there are here!


These were the products:

COSRX – AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner

A toner that suits all skin types. I love a good AHA/BHA product and think that they really help with clearing up the skin and making it look younger and brighter. A chemical exfoliator keeps your pores clean and helps to prevent blackheads or spots. I’m still on tretinoin so I can’t use this yet but I can’t wait to try this out!

Benton – Snail Bee Mask

I love sheet masks. They’re a wonderful luxury to my skin regime. They don’t need rinsing off so all the ingredients can just absorb to the skin and work their magic. The sheet dries out after 10-20 minutes and you can just throw it out and pat the excess product into the skin. This particular mask was lovely – it was really refreshing on a monday after a long weekend. It left my skin moisturized, soft, glowy and it evened out my redness.

Innisfree – No-Sebum Mineral Powder
A mineral powder that has mint in it. This made it to my favourites quickly! I  love the packaging – it’s cute and handy. The powder is really fine and feels amazingly soft on the skin. It’s easy to apply, it works great and I love the scent.

Missha – Super Aqua Snail Hand Cream

A very light and quickly absorbing hand cream that includes snail extract. My hands get irritated of the constant washing  and sometimes develops rash and I’ve noticed that snail serum helps them to heal quicker. This hand cream keeps my hands healthy and soft. I use it every evening. I love the packaging of this also – Missha seems to have good products and nice packaging!

Missha – Perfect Deep Cleansing Oil travel size

A good makeup cleanser is very important in skincare. An oil cleanser is a really good option ’cause oil dissolves makeup and sunscreen effectively. Oil cleansers work for all skin types from dry to oily. This oil cleanser contains for example tea tree oil which is antibacterial and calming. I love this product and I’m gonna buy the full size as soon as I run out of philosophy’s purity. It’s been my holy grail makeup cleanser but this is just as good and it’s cheaper!

2 x colourful hair donuts

.. I mean hair donuts can be cool, right? I’m bringing them back! I think these are pretty and I’ve used them every day ever since I got them. My sisters said that they don’t even look that bad on me. I’m sure they’re secretly jealous. These feel super comfortable and soft. Please tell me I’m not the only hair donut fan out there? The more colourful the better?

+ samples for example that super sweet panda hand cream!

Bearel’s beauty box is only available in Finland so I will not get into that any more but if you live in Finland and are interested – you can find more info by clicking here.

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