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I love harbours.

There’s something beautiful and peaceful in the thought, that you can just go and sail wherever you want to and be surrounded by the sea. In reality though I usually just stare at the boats, think about how crazy expensive owning a boat is and how loud the motor is in my dad’s boat.

But still. There is a certain peace in harbours – definitely – compared to airports. I’m not a fan of airports. Is there a person who enjoys them? But you can’t really get to Amsterdam in 2,5 hours by a boat, so we’ll be heading to the airport soon.

I do look forward to going there though. I know I’m living the good life when I’m going to the airport. Travelling – that is the one luxury I never even knew to dream about as a kid. Waking up 5 am to a trip? I’m not tired at all.

(Actually, I’m super tired and can’t wait for our holiday, that starts from that beautiful city and ends in Berlin.)

What else did I want to say about harbours? Maybe this.

blogger from finland

You may come and go
You may flee

You can see the most beautiful places in the world
but the motor is still running
and you mustn’t stop at nowhere

But you may go

You might remember the place
where it all started
Where you lost all of your rope
and set sail

You may flee

‘Cause it might not be the place for you darling
Even though you tried harder
It might not sound so promising (but I swear)
you do have your safe harbour

Photos Viivi N. Media


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Pure and white


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In summer I may lay on the grass

get scared of spiders

and forget my lipstick home

In summer I may smile a bit louder

run a bit slower

and remember to be


pure and white

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