Dermapen microneedling results – Before & after

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Microneedling facials have made my skin texture smoother and my skintone more even. Even friends have noticed my skin looking great and, in their words, “glowy”. And for once I actually agree and love my skin. It doesn’t just look great compared to my acne days, but it just looks great.

Going into my series of Dermapen microneedling facials, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even as someone who’s done facials on clients and knows that they’re usually recommended to take as series, I hadn’t experienced the results myself. But now as the facials are done I am amazed just how big of a difference they have made on my skin.

I’m not wearing any makeup in these photos (excluding lip gloss and clear brow gel). 

Microneedling skin results

Dermapen microneedling facials results – Before & after

If you’re not too familiar with the concept of microneedling, I recommend reading my previous post first. This post is dedicated to the results – and may I say – my beautiful skin.

Noora Kangasmaa did the Dermapen treatment four times on me, about every six weeks. I found the facial itself surprisingly enjoyable and felt safe in Noora’s capable hands.

Before and after four dermapen microneedling treatments

Before and after four Dermapen microneedling treatments

After just four treatments the difference on my skin feels massive. It’s never been this smooth, even or glowy. I have some deeper acne scars on both sides of my jaw and I have noticed those starting to diminish. Touching my jaw was quite surprising one day, when I could physically feel the scars not feeling that bumpy anymore. I also feel like my pores are not that outstanding.

Comparing the before and after photos side to side is not perfectly fair, because my freckles have made their appearance and I have gotten a bit of a tan. And even though I did my best, there’s always some lighting difference. However, I think you can still see the difference.

The photos of just my skin now say a lot. What do you think?

EkoPharma Herukka C Kasvonaamio

About skincare during the microneedling treatments

Now when it comes to the home care of my skin, I took very good care of my skin during this whole project. And I still do – skincare is sacred to me. After the treatments I used EkoPharma’s vitamin C mask, since vitamin C was recommended. Besides that, I used my trusted skincare warriors, most of which are mentioned in this post.

Sun protection is extra important, as your skin peels and is trying to reinvent itself. As we know, sun kind of does the opposite of that and is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. I have been using sun protection every day, but as I noticed still getting a bit of a tan, I have tried to up the amount I’m using.

Microneedling skin results

I am very happy with the microneedling results and my skin.

You know I have always been honest about my skin and showed you the real deal here. Sharing the acne stories was huge and looking back I understand why I got those “you’re brave” comments. Now it feels even better to share my current skin situation.

acne hormonal acne my experience
My skin in 2017.
acne anti coverage makeup
My skin in 2017. I remember my skin being so sore, I couldn’t wear makeup on it.

As someone who’s had acne, it feels great to not have to worry about my skin at all. Obviously I still get the occasional pimple here and there. Hormones, the position of the moon and chocolate can do that. But that’s the short term “problem” that I don’t really anymore consider as a problem. The big picture, the overall condition of my skin has improved. And isn’t long term improvement kind of the point, when you put your hard earned money into something?

I think it is.

I’m giving a massive ‘Charlotta Eve approves’ stamp on this treatment.

A video of the microneedling treatment can be found here.

Dermapen Microneedling

Microneedling 101 – Building more collagen for my skin with Dermapen

Dermapen treatment gifted
by Kosmetologi Noora Kangasmaa

Dermapen Microneedling


For the longest of time, I was against microneedling. Making tiny holes in the skin just seemed like a scary idea. But then again, there’s the saying: “no pain, no gain”. Before I get more muscle, my muscles hurt a bit after a workout. Before the beautiful glowy skin, my facial might sting a little bit.

Besides, now that I’ve actually read about the treatment and started to see some results myself, I’m turned. You can consider me a microneedling fan. Microneedling done by a professional is safe and really effective. And by now, you probably know I’m all about effective facials (though I do enjoy the traditional facial with a long massage too).

Skin Before Microneedling
My bare skin before microneedling.


The what and how  – Microneedling in a nutshell

The idea behind microneedling is to help your skin to build more collagen. This is done by penetrating the skin with tiny needles. The sterile device makes tiny holes (also known as microchannels) to the skin and your skin reacts to that by repairing itself and that boosts the collagen production.

If you want a more in-depth explanation, I recommend reading this Dermapen article.

Dermapen microneedling is effective in treating different scars (such as from acne or stretch marks), pigmentation or wrinkles. Overall it results in healthier, more even-looking skin.

Microneedling dermapen
The Dermapen microneedling pen.

My skin personally has gone through a lot. I’ve dealt with acne and different medications, hormonal changes and just the fact that I live in Finland. I have acne scars, big pores and my skin tone could be smoother. So anything I can do to make my skin more even colored and textured – sign me up!

My experience with the Dermapen treatment

Dermapen treatment is one of the best and safest microneedling treatment there is. The device is pen shaped and makes the holes vertically, instead of a roll, which has more of a risk to hurt the skin. So the so called “trauma” to the skin is more controlled.

This is why Dermapen was my choice too. I’ve now had the treatment a few times and I’m in love.

The facial itself is quite quick, but so effective. It takes about an hour. Basically your skin is just cleansed, microneedled (hah, what a verb!) and masked. Before and during the microneedling, a serum chosen for your skintype, is used. The mask in the end soothes the skin and is very lovely.

Noora Kangasmaa Kosmetologi Dermapen

Now  – does microneedling hurt? Not really, in my opinion. I was very nervous the first time it was done, but Noora started the treatment very carefully and made sure I was okay. Turns out it just feels like some tingling or scratching on the face. It’s hard to describe it. To my surprise, it actually feels oddly satisfying. I even find it relaxing.

Afterwards my skin feels very tight and a bit hot. That’s where the soothing mask really helps. After that, after I leave the salon, I feel fine. Redness is normal, but in my case, it’s really quite mild. I can go on with my day without looking like a lobster. And at the end of the day basically all the redness is gone.

It’s normal a few days after the treatment for your skin to feel dry and peel off a bit. Your skin is renewing. It settles for in about a week. But again, in my opinion, this is nothing crazy either.

You can even wear makeup the next day after the treatment.

My skin after Dermapen

After now having the treatment three times, already I can see my skin looking better. It’s slightly more even, healthier looking and glowy. I can’t wait to share my full experience after being done with the series of the facials (we do it one more time to really battle some deep scarring I have). Before and after photos are coming!


I’m very excited to have found yet again another spectacular treatment that is an investment to my skin.
Truly! I’m telling you, you need to try microneedling.

A video of the treatment can be found here.


Using the code ‘Charlotta’, you’ll get your first microneedling treatment for 125€. Normal price is 150€, so quite a nice save. The discount is valid for the time being.  Book your visit here. You’ll also find her on timma.

At Noora’s beauty salon.

Have you tried Dermapen?


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