The best teeth whitening in Helsinki – my experience & results

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Collaboration: Ebeling hammaslääkärit

Professional teeth whitening is the best and safest way to whiten your teeth. I can highly recommend Ebeling dentists in Helsinki. You get an even finish and you’re taken care of if you experience any aching. (Bonus points for getting to lay in a chair for an hour, listening to nice music, but that might be a mom thing.) Personally, I don’t want to worry about ruining my enamel with wrong products or technique, so I’m trusting my dentist to also take care of the aesthetic side of things when it comes to my teeth.

Whitening your teeth is a luxury that is not as expensive or difficult of a process than one would think. It’s also not just for celebrities. It’s something that makes a big impact to your looks, smile and confidence. And I think you deserve it.

hampaiden valkaisu kokemuksia

The best teeth whitening at Ebeling dentists, Helsinki

I have gotten my teeth whitened at Ebeling dentists once before, so I knew to trust them. However, this time the process was a bit different.

Teeth whitening is done on clean teeth and any tartar needs to be removed first, if there’s any on your teeth. Healthy base is important – even when it comes to aesthetic procedures.

So my first appointment was tartar removal and soda cleansing. Soda cleansing is a personal favorite, because it’s really effective in removing stains. I always feel like I’ve come from a mini teeth whitening operation after doing it. Some even feel like they don’t need the whitening appointment after it.

before and after soda cleaning
Tartar removal and soda cleansing done at Ebeling hammaslääkärit.


Effective teeth whitening – how is it done?

After tartar removal, you start home whitening. Read my previous blog post about them here. I used the home whitening spoons for about a week to maximize the results. They’re super easy to use, since they’re made to fit just your mouth.

The home whitening already brightens teeth (here you can see my teeth after four days of use), but it also opens the microscopically small pores in the tooth, which makes the whitening done at reception have an even better effect. This gives you the best result.

After the whitening done at reception, you can continue home whitening for a week, if you want to enhance the result even further.

The home whitening spoons are a great investment, because a new tube costs you only about 2o euros! So those are an affordable way to maintain the results, for example every few months for a few days.

professional teeth whitening at home

On to to the teeth whitening appointment:

First my teeth were cleaned and my gums protected.

Then the whitening paste was applied on my teeth for 15 minutes at a time and it was mixed, while on my teeth, to boost the process. This was done three times. It’s good to do it this way so that the dentist can monitor the process. Also sometimes you need less and sometimes more time – it’s very personal.

I only experienced aching at the very end – literally right as she was taking off the third round of whitening paste. The aching immediately stopped when a gel that relieves aching was applied on my teeth. The gel I got to take home with me and I used it on my teeth in the evening and the next day. The aching really wasn’t bad – it was worst in the evening, but went away with the gel.

The results

before after teeth whitening ebelingMy teeth before any whitening – and my teeth right after whitening.

hampaiden valkaisu tulokset

I got great results! My teeth are naturally quite light, but now they are a lot brighter and whiter. The dental hygienist told me the results were pretty much as good as you can get, since the absolute whitest examples on the map are only achieved with dental laminates.

hampaiden valkaisu helsinki tulokset
The two colors on the right are what my teeth were before whitening (keep in mind I had used the home whitening spoons for a week!) – the left one is the result.

I got the home care instructions on paper and they’re pretty straightforward. No eating for two hours after the whitening and for 48 hours you should avoid things that could stain your teeth like coffee, beetroot or chocolate.

I’ll be honest though – I could not for the love of me avoid coffee for that long. So I drank coffee (with a lot of oat milk), but I used a straw.

ebeling hammaslääkärit valkaisu

If you have ever dreamed of a whiter set of teeth, I’m gently encouraging you to do it! I feel like any investment to your looks is money well spent, because you get to enjoy the results for a long time.

Besides, when you go to tartar removal before whitening, you’re also taking care of your health. You see, tartar can predispose to infections and periodontitis. It’s a win-win!

I have used Ebeling dentists’ services happily (also outside of collaborations) for years now and have trusted them for example in wisdom tooth removal and botox.


With code “Charlotta”  you get -30€ discount on your first appointment at Ebeling dentists from all treatment. Book an appointment here!

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Botox for headaches and migraines?

botox for migraine headache migreeni päänsärky

In a collaboration with Ebeling dentists
/ treatment gifted


I’ll never forget my first migraine. I puked, suffered the worst headache I’ve ever experienced and felt horrible for three days straight. These were my migraines as a child.

As I got older, my migraines turned less severe. They usually lasted only for a day. But even that one day was torture. The next day after my migraine I always felt reborn and amazing. Just because the contrast between being in migraine versus feeling normal was huge.

Anyone who’s experienced migraines probably gets what I’m talking about.

Botox for migraine and headache

I’m very lucky, because nowadays my migraines are very mild. I don’t know what has happened, but I’m not complaining. I only get headache that is nowhere near as bad as it could be. It’s been several years since I last had a proper migraine (though the possibility and fear of having one never really leaves you).

As you might know, I take botox for bruxism and it’s been a tremendous help. Bruxism can also cause headaches and it’s weird, how it shows up in different parts of the body – not only the jaw area.

Headaches are still something I get occasionally. I also sometimes get this migraine-like pain around my eyes, so I was eager to try botox. Another big thing is that I frown a lot. I do it constantly. I also frown when it’s sunny or bright outside. Frowning can cause headache too. Obviously it also causes wrinkles and can make you look a bit angry. Some take botox just for this reason and I understand that.

Lifting your eyebrows a lot can also cause headaches and horizontal lines on the forehead.

On my latest appointment my dentist Sakari Ebeling injected botox on my jaw, temples (those are the ‘regular areas’), neck and between my brows. Where the botox is injected is always personal so these areas and the amount vary depending on the person.

My dentist Sakari Ebeling said this about treating migraine with botox:

“We’ve got good results with botulin toxin for patients that suffer from migraine. The migraine episodes are milder, they are less frequent and they can even stay away. Patients have also received good results for bruxism or tension headaches. When treating migraine, the typical areas which are injected are the muscles on the temples, forehead, between brows and muscles on the base of the skull. It must be taken into account though, that the results vary and not everyone necessary get the help they hope to get.”


Before & after botox for frown lines

botox for frown lines before and after

I noticed a change in my frown lines about a week after taking botox. I couldn’t frown as hard as I used to. I was shocked to see how well it has worked and these photos also explain why botox in the jaw works so well. The muscles simply can’t work as hard as they used to, therefore you can’t clench your teeth together as much and therefore there is less pain and problems.


How long does the effect last?

The time between my appointments this time was nine months. That’s a long time, because there’s no promise as to how long the effect lasts. It’s usually around 3-6 months. The results tend to get better with second appointment, since the symptoms have not gotten as bad as before. At least in my experience that has happened, because on my first time, the result lasted for 4 months, but after that it’s been 6-9 months. I can’t say if I’ve seen some long term improvement, but it sure feels like that.

As always, I’m happy with my results. If you want to read more about my experience with taking botox for bruxism, I recommend reading my earlier posts (here and here). My dentist also answered some questions there!

If you would like to try botulin treatment, I got a discount for you. When taking the treatment for bruxism (399€), extra areas are 50€/per area (normally 100€). You can take it for example on your forehead, on your frown lines or back of the skull. For aesthetic botulin treatment only, you can get it for 99€ per area (normally 199€). You can only use the discount once.


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Have you tried botox for either bruxism or frown lines?

P.S. This makeup look can be found on my IG highlights – it was one of the #fullfacefriday tutorials!

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