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I realized some time ago, that I’ve been eating birth control pills for seven years.  Seven years!

That is crazy. The more crazier is that I started them when I was 14, so all of my teen years I was on heavy hormones. I’m scared of what will come underneath all of that now? Besides, I don’t eat unnecessary drugs, I prefer organic food and cosmetics, I’m careful with who I hang out with and alltogether I try to live my life as full and good as possible. Why would I eat pills that I can’t be 100% sure of? I don’t know the negative side effects. Sure they’re “easy” and they make those days  disappear, but that just doesn’t seem good enough reason to eat a pill that makes my body work wrong.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I wanna think about this in the long run. Healthy habits go far, and you don’t always remember to think of your medicine use as well.

After I stopped using birth control pill I’ve been very relieved. I feel pure and natural, although it must be a long way to go to that. How did I not get this sooner? Suddenly not taking the pill seems like the most logical thing to do.

After not taking the pill I also feel sad, angry and a little crazy. I feel like it’s constantly the day before periods or the first day of periods. Or them two mixed. Today a sweet potato was grown moldy and I started to cry. I thought about that sweet potato the whole week and how I was gonna cook that but when I finally took it to my hand.. it was gone.  Seems only logical to cry?

Luckily under all the pms I know where I’m going. That I’m fighting seven years of hormones out of me. That I’m getting pure. In half a year I will look back and laugh to this. And also, I’m getting a trophy for my man. “This is quite heavy..” he may have slipped between his teeth earlier.

I first started birth control pills for my acne. That is actually the biggest reason I didn’t stop sooner. I’m afraid of acne. But maybe I’ll write about that later.

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