My beauty bloopers

beauty regrets

Although being a professional when it comes to skincare and makeup, I still make mistakes. It’s all good when I’m giving out advice, but sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I find myself doing things I actually advice against to.

I have my fair share of beauty regrets so here they come – don’t judge me.

beauty bloopers

I’ll have you known..

  • I’ve ruined my hair at least five times only to do it again the next time. “I’ll never touch my hair again!” Yeah right. I’m thinking the most previous time was actually the last and this time I’ll learn to love my hair just as it is and not to ever touch it again. Fingers crossed.
  • I always find myself picking on my skin only to say to myself “Wish I hadn’t done that.. Oh well, I’ll never do it again.” But is there anything better than getting a ripe blackhead out of your skin? Sigh.
  • I know my eyes hate liners in the waterline but I still end up trying new liners applied right on there. “Maybe this time my eyes won’t water…” Aand the makeup is ruined.
  • I used to not do my eye brows. Like, at all. No makeup, not even dye. I could wear a bold smokey eye with lipstick and all – but I was completely unaware of having a pair of brows. I have to say – acknowledging them later on has opened my world to the wonders of eyebrows.

my beauty bloopers

What are your beauty regrets? Let’s share!

Photos Inka Lähteenaro

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