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I’m always excited when I find a professional brand that lives up to its expectations. Eva Garden is a makeup brand sold by professionals at salons worldwide. The products are packed with pigment, they’re easy to use (I really feel like they blend themselves) and they’re long lasting.

Here’s my thoughts on Eva Garden and three different makeup looks done with the products.

Eva Garden makeup – review

Sophisticated and easy to use. That’s how I would describe this Italian brand. The quality is what I would expect from a professional brand and so is the packaging. The products come in sleek black packaging with a logo on top. The bigger pans have a mirror inside, making them handy for travel.

The products are dermatologically tested (not on animals!) and are mostly unscented. The prices are very reasonable for such high-quality products.

eva garden

My favorite products from Eva Garden

The CC Primer in 104 Caramel is the perfect summer product for my skin. You see, this primer truly seems to do it all. It evens out my color, smooths out my skin and absorbs excess oil. I can use it alone or under foundation, but I love the thin cream just by itself. This is honestly all I need for a light base, because I use a concealer for my dark circles or any spots.

The CC/BB cream costs 43€.

The Perfector Concealer in 334 Warm Cookie surprised me with its creamy, mousse-like consistency and its magical ability to hide my dark circles. I guess I finally found a concealer shade that hides my dark circles, plus brightens. Usually I use two concealers, but this manages to neutralize the unwanted colors under my eyes really well!

The Perfector Concealer costs 32€.

eva garden cc primer and perfector concealer before after
Before & after Eva Garden CC Primer 104 and Perfector Concealer 334.

All the powder products within this brand really seem to have something in common and that is the dreamy consistency. What I mean by dreamy is that they are packed with pigment, yet effortless to blend. When I first swatched the products I smiled to myself: this is exactly what I want from my color products.

The Superpearly Bronzer Powder in 905 and blush in 348 Sugar Coral are great summer shades for me. The bronzer is quite dark on my skin however, so with that I need to be more careful. But as I said, these powders blend well, so even if I overdid my bronzing a little bit, I can blend that out. The coral blush was an easy choice for me: it really compliments my tan.

Eva Garden eyeshadows & eye looks

For eyeshadows, I chose three colors: a matte brown 120, a forest green 272 and a sparkly taupe 244. Besides these I got the All In One Twist Up Eyeshadow in Turquoise 361.

The shimmery and sparkly eyeshadows apply really nicely with a finger. When I did a green smokey eye look, I felt like I could have gotten away by just using my fingers and that one shadow.
However, I ended up blending the edges of that shadow a bit with the brown one. I saved a tutorial on my IG Highlights (Eva Garden Looks).

And yes, they also work with a brush. Used however way, I don’t need to worry about blotchy application or too much or too little pigment.


Here’s another smokey eye done with the glittery taupe color, which is so reflective and pretty.

Winged liner with the Eva Garden All In One Eyeshadow

siipirajaus eva garden

The Twist Up Eyeshadow is the perfect product for creating a cat eye or winged liner. I like the triangular tip of it, because I can use it to stamp on my wing. It’s especially handy for deep set eyes, which need a different technique in achieving the look. I also demonstrated this on my IG Stories and will save it on the Eva Garden highlights too.

You can also draw a more thin line with this pen – it’s so versatile.

The Twist Up Eyeshadow comes in different colors and costs 27€.

The final product I want to talk about is the Diamond Lip Gloss in 851 Innocente. The shade is a warm red with both warm and cool glitters.

I’ve always loved lip glosses. I mean, what’s not to like? They look multidimensional on the lips, really enhancing your natural beauty, whatever your lip size or shape. Eva Garden’s gloss is moisturizing and it doesn’t dry out my lips – even though it’s very glittery.


Shop Eva Garden products at Neo Hiushuone, Kamppi Helsinki

All in all I’m happy with the Eva Garden products and can warmly recommend them!

I also want to note, how nice (and important) it is to support entrepreneurs. I’ve visited Neo hiushuone monthly now for several years. It’s always nice to go there and see the smiling professionals greeting me.

If you happen to be shopping in Helsinki, make sure to visit Neo hiushuone, where you can explore the products and get help in choosing the right shades. Whether it’s a light base you’re looking for the summer (the CC-cream is match made in heaven!) or some high quality eyeshadows, or anything in-between, do check out Eva Garden.


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Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Tanning Lotion – worth the hype

vita liberata heavenly elixir self tan



Vita Liberata recently came out with a new Heavenly elixir self tan. The promises for the product are quite high and I see it hyped up in social media. But is it worth the hype?

Absolutely: this new self tan is awesome.

To be perfectly honest, I expected not to like the product all. At the very least I was sure it couldn’t beat my all time favorite product: the invisi mousse. But it just so happens that the self tan product is indeed quite heavenly. The Heavenly Elixir cream is moisturizing, the color makes it easy to blend evenly and best of all, the delicious scent totally covers the self tan odour.

vita liberata heavenly elixir self tan review

Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir review

This new product is advertised to develop over three days, through encapsulated DHA technology. You do get the color in 8 hours, but it should deepen and continue to develop after that. The cream itself has a wash-off color, which makes the application easier (because you see where you applied it).

So I apply it in the evening, sleep with it and shower in the morning. And even after shower it should somehow stay on my skin and keep working its magic. I’m not quite sure about that. I have now used it two times and I didn’t notice it changing throughout the three days. What I did notice was the beautiful deep tan it gave me in just one night. And I love it.

I have the shade Medium and my tan usually lasts nice for about a week, after which it starts to fade. I never have problems of it fading blotchy or looking bad – maybe because I never go for an over the top tan. That said, I exercise daily and shower usually two times per day. So I don’t expect miracles from self tanners. I usually keep my tan on for 1-2 weeks after, which I exfoliate my skin and redo it.

best self tan review

Tips for the best self tan result:

  • Exfoliate your skin one day prior to applying your product
  • Apply the product with a mitt in circular motions, one area at a time:
    shins, thighs, stomach, back, decollete & hands
  • Take your time in application:
    after the product is absorbed on to your skin, go over the area one more time in circular motions
  • Don’t overdo your tan – that way it looks natural, even when it starts to wear off

vita liberata best self tan

Delicious scent, no self tan smell at all & lovely, moisturizing consistency

The cream has a sweet cocoa scent that first felt quite strong. Especially, since the invisi mousse is totally unscented. However, after a while I got used to it and now I love it. Even more so, because it really hides all the self tan odour. Usually my man can smell my self tan at some point in the night, even though it’s really mild with Vita Liberata’s products. This time – actually both times I used it – he didn’t have a clue. (He said that I fooled him, in the morning when I woke up all tanned and revealed I had put on self tan in the evening, but that’s just him being silly.)

Another thing I love about the new product is the consistency. The cream is moisturizing and feels lovely on the skin. Yet it doesn’t leave my skin sticky. That was another fear I had about this product. At this point you probably get why I had to blog about this product, and why it’s so good. I honestly had low expectations, but after trying it I knew the world (heh, or my blog readers) needed to hear about it.

vita liberata heavenly elixir tinted tanning lotion color swatch review

My favorite self tans from Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata is my number one self tan brand, so I’ve written about their products before. In this post I talk about the Invisi mousse and other body products. Here I focus on the makeup products and the Fabulous Self Tanning Mist.

best self tan vita liberata heavenly elixir

All in all, Vita Liberata’s Heavenly Elixir is definitely in my top list of best self tanners. It gives a beautiful even tan in just one night. However, I still also love the *invisi mousse and recommend that if you don’t like scented products.

For my face I use the *Fabulous Self Tanning Mist, because it’s easy to mix in with my skincare products. It’s also a great product for the decollete area, if I feel like my tan starts to fade.

To conclude this post; if you’re looking for a great new self tan, that has a delicious scent and zero self tan odour, this might just be your match.

I have listed other brands & favorite self tanners here.

*Vita Liberata Self Tan Heavenly Elixir Tanning Elixir (amazon)
*Vita Liberata Self Tan Heavenly Elixir Tanning Elixir (lookfantastic UK)
*Vita Liberata Self Tan Heavenly Elixir Tanning Lotion (lookfantastic US)

natural self tan tips


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