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must have curly girl product




I think we can all agree, that you can spend enormous amounts of money on the curly girl method. It’s so disappointing to buy new products only to find out it wasn’t right for you. That’s actually one of the reasons I like writing reviews – at least I can offer my experience and recommendations.

But there’s one curly girl product that you simply can’t go wrong with, and that is Aquis hair towel. *Aquis towels do what they promise (dry your hair 50% faster than a regular towel) and they do it well. It’s also one of those things you don’t have to repurchase all the time.


When it comes to naturally curly hair, making your curls or waves even just a tiny bit better is worth it. I’ve said it before, but these towels really do help with curl definition, since they absorb the water from your hair quickly and help set your curls.

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Curly girl must have product for fast hair drying & plopping

I know that having a special towel or turban for your hair might seem excessive, but I assure you it’s not. I’ve now used Aquis’ hair towels daily almost for a year and I’m never going back to regular towels. Here’s four reasons why:


1. They make my life easier. Yes, really.
Having a towel that dries my hair faster makes my life easier. I’ve talked about my scalp problems here before, and that means I have to wash my hair almost every day. Washing my hair is not my favorite hobby, but these towels at least help to fasten up the drying process. Aquis towels are made from special Aquitex fabric, which cuts down the drying time by 50 %.

2. They keep my hair in good shape.
Wet hair is easily damaged or stretched – especially curly hair – so getting it quickly dry without friction is a good thing. Aquis towels are made of good quality fabric and they feel soft. Actually, on my latest appointment with my hairdresser, she actually complimented my hair. I’m pretty sure that using these towels instead of regular ones have made a huge difference to the health of my hair.

3. They help with curl definition and are great for plopping.
It’s hard to get your curls to dry in the perfect shape. I still struggle with curl definition – mostly because my hair is so heavy it can’t really hold a curl properly – but these towels help. Even if I just scrunch out the water out of my hair with Aquis towel, the curl comes a little more alive. *Aquis turban is also made for plopping! When it comes to naturally curly hair, making your curls or waves even just a tiny bit better is worth it. I’ve said it before, but these towels really do help with curl definition, since they absorb the water from your hair quickly and help set your curls.

4. They make my hair shinier.
A regular towel tends to make my hair frizzy. These, in contrast, seem to give me shine. It was even more visible, when I had my natural hair color all over, like in the photo below. Now my hair is bleached with balayage highlights, so obviously my hair is drier too. But that’s even more reason to do my best to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny.


aquis towels for naturally curly hair

Aquis has both hair towels and turbans and they come in different colors. They work for all hair types and I know people with straight hair also love them – because they dry the hair faster and are so gentle.


I use both a towel and a turban. I first like to scrunch out most of the water into the towel, after which I plop with the turban. You could probably get away with just using the turban, but it’s obviously even more effective plopping with a dry turban. The turban can then absorb even more water out of your hair.


The towels cost around 20$ and they’re absolutely worth it. You just can’t compare them to a t-shirt or even a microfibre towel (yes, I’ve tried that too). And as I said in the post – they’re not something you buy, try and throw away.

Shop at amazon:
*Aquis hair towels
*Aquis turbans

Shop at Sephora:
*Aquis hair towels and turbans


If you’re shopping from Finland, you’ll find a link to the store here with a -20% discount!

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Have you tried Aquis towels? If you end up trying them, I would love to hear if they work as brilliantly for you as they do for me!



New hair alert! Blonde balayage babe

Breaking news – I have new hair!


Do you remember when I told you I had managed to grow my natural hair color back? Well, ever since, I missed my blonde hair just a bit. Now after many years of doing nothing for my hair color-wise, I bit the bullet and let my hairdresser do her magic. She created this perfect light balayage look for the summer.


And I’m in love! I have zero regrets in touching my natural hair color. I actually feel like it looks better like this – the highlights really bring out my natural color more.

Blonde balayage with subtle highlights on natural blonde hair

This appointment was also special to my hairdresser, because she really got a clean slate. Untouched hair – no color whatsoever. My hair was and is in a good shape and it was probably the first time I heard a hairdresser say that about my hair. She really made sure it stayed like that, even through the bleaching. She used special nourishing treatment with the coloring, so my hair still feels soft and healthy. I was very pleased about that – because I was worried in advance about how my naturally curly hair would take the bleaching.

Susanna used different techniques to get my hair just right. I admit, I can be a bit difficult as a customer, haha. However, she totally got my vision and I love the outcome.

She also wrote about my hair on her blog, check the post out here!

Hair by Susanna Pomèll /


I’m so ready for summer with this lighter look. And talking of summer – I can’t get enough of the good weather. Every single summer I say the same thing, but there’s just nothing like Finnish summer. I feel like I’ve come more alive these past days. The start of the year has been pretty tough personally. And I know I’m not alone. Seeing the green trees and blue skies just seems to make everything better.

But there’s also upsides to this whole craziness. When it comes to blogging, I’ve been very happy with my work. And needless to say, I’ve had plenty of time to focus on my work. I have good flow and I’m excited about the posts here. I’ve also been healthy and exercised a lot. Soon we’ll have our annual half marathon run with my sister and I think I’m well prepared.

Just yesterday I was talking with my friend and she noted that the virus has really made her appreciate the small things more, such as our own country and city. Even if you can’t make big plans, you can just have picnics, runs and adventures outside.

I would love to hear how you’ve been doing? And what do you think of my new hair?




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