Inspiring moments

Inspiring moments are those that take your breath away.

Or perhaps those when your brain works overtime and your thoughts are running circles around the globe?

Inspiring things are those that make you stop.

Or perhaps those which you run past by and even though you’re trying your best to hide it and you don’t have time for it

a smile escapes from your lips.

These I noticed.

Just sharpened, beautifully rainbow coloured pencils that life’s purpose is to make the world a better and a more colourful place.

A child’s small but eager hand reaching for the pencils and deciding what colour to choose. I wonder what she’s going to draw this time?

Oh well  – sometimes you don’t have to search far for an inspiration.

That genuine joy on her face when I suggest drawing together.

That moment when the pencil touches the paper and creates something new.

Those coffee moments.

Those conversations, laughs and cries all set on the table.

That tiny, lost and totally honest hand in the photos.
Always ready to do, to experience and to play.
Impatient to settle for staying still.

She ends up inspiring others.

One more photo about a dog,

that makes me smile.

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