My summer favorites

great primer for oily skin

great primer for oily skin

nyx perfect filter golden hour makeup

Oops, I kinda forgot to post monthly favorites on June and July. But that can happen at Summer, right? To make up for it, I collected my summer favorites on this post, including the best sunscreen for oily skin and a perfect neutral eye shadow palette (and more!).

Summer has gone by so quickly and I think it’s partly, because I’ve just waited for it, day after day. It never really began, you see? But even though the weather hasn’t been the best, there’s been lots of light and it’s green outside and I’ve got to wear my summer outfits. Living in Finland, you kinda learn to appreciate the “ok” weather. Kinda.

Anyway – it’s still Summer as long as it’s August and my birthday coming up – so here are my top picks.

my summer favorite products

Eucerin Sun Fluid mattifying SPF30
All of you combination or oily skinned beauties out there – you can stop looking for the perfect sunscreen for your faces. This is it! Super lightweight, actually mattifying sunscreen, that doesn’t clog your pores or make your skin explode. My man also likes to use this on his head (his bald).

NYX Professional Makeup Perfect Filter Palette, Golden Hour
This palette has been my go-to palette throughout the summer. I travelled with it and I even used it on one of the brides I did this summer! I love the colors, that are easily blendable, but still very pigmented. One of the best palettes I own. If you’re in need of a neutral everyday palette, that is pretty – yet affordable – you may want to try this!nyx perfect filter golden hour

nyx golden hour palette makeupUsing NYX Golden Hour Palette & Clarins Primer

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, Coconut Passion
This probably doesn’t need any introductions, VS Body Sprays are classics. I love wearing lighter perfumes in summer, so I’ve been using a lot of body mists. This sweet coconut-vanilla scent is not only my favorite, but a lot of my friends use it too.

manna kadar lip stain review

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lip Locked Primer & Lip Stain (Lucky)
The brand itself is pretty unknown to me, but I love this particular lip product, that I got from a surprise beauty box (Finnish Bette beauty box). The color reminds me of MAC Faux, which is one of my favorite nude colors. This one is more glossy and maybe a tiny bit darker than Faux. I love the beautiful packaging and the applicator makes it easy to apply.
(MAC Faux post & review)

manna kadar liplocked Lucky

Nurme Grapefruit Sugar Scrub
I got this too from the surprise box. I have one other product from this brand – a mango body lotion and needless to say I love it. I love products, that smell like fruits and berries. Yummy.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer
I got these cute small sized Clarins samples from one of the PR-events I attended last Spring. I have used the primer before – maybe two years ago, but had forgotten just how good it is. I mean, my makeup is on point the whole day with this! With oily skin a good primer just really makes a difference and this is one of those primers – it really smooths your pores and wrinkles and just makes a great base for foundation. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, when I run out of this cute little jar.

Clarins  Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil
I’ve also loved this lip oil for those days, when I’m too lazy to wear lipstick, but want a little something on my lips. This one is a clear(ish) gloss, which isn’t sticky and makes your lips look plump (like glosses tend to do, duh).

(In this post I’m wearing nothing on my face except this gloss.)

clarins lip oil swatch

Herbina Lip Candy & Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil

Herbina Lip Candy lip balm
Herbina is one of the most popular affordable cosmetic brands in Finland. If you ever visit Finland, you may want to check out their products, that are sold in department stores, but also in grocery stores. The packaging is a bit childish, but I like this clear gloss, which has a sweet lemony scent. I have surprised myself lately with the addiction of lipglosses!

+ Glamour & Bench sunglasses
I rarely buy or read magazines, but when I do, I’m most likely to take off. I have a tradition of buying Glamour from the airport, whenever I’m heading out to a holiday. Or sometimes I buy it, when I want to pamper myself. That said Glamour is definitely my favorite magazine – it’s actually full of interesting articles and funny things such as “Hey, it’s okay..” -section.  Note to self: I should buy Glamour more often.

The sunglasses were actually free, when we shopped at Bench and spent enough money. I like their pink reflection and the funny round shape!

summer favorite cosmetics

How has your summer been? I’d love to hear about it!

I’m a cliche

lifestyle blog

lifestyle blog

It’s been a few days (read: a week) since I got back from my trip and I think I’m finally ready to do some writing. For me it takes a few days to settle in, accept that the holiday is over and just get on with the work.

Not opening my laptop for two weeks and not writing a single post (I might have typed some drafts on my phone though) did good for me – and made me actually miss blogging. So here I am – back with the blog, back with the writing. With the topic that is, clichès. Me. Because I am one.

Sometimes, when I’m posting a photo on instagram and coming up with the description, I want to throw a clichè quote in there. Or I’m writing a blog post, I notice, that I sound like a cliche. I usually back out from those – we all have heard these things already, right? I don’t want to annoy anyone. But also – and that is a subject to another blog post really – annoying some people is inevitable. Not all of us are meant to be friends.

Today I thought of all the clichès, that suit me and instead of pushing them out of my mind – I chose to embrace them.
The links are to my blog posts, about the subject.

lifestyle blog charlotta

I’m a cliche..

because I had to stumble, fall and rise up again to get to where I am. The mistakes I’ve made? Probably inevitable for me to learn how to dance in the rain. I believe, that beautiful things can well become of something ugly and horrible. Whenever I feel clumsy or scared, I think to myself:
What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?

I’m a clichè

.. because I’ve gone through things, that could have steered my life to a totally different direction, but I chose another way. I’ve talked about some of these things, such as being suicidal and depressed.
  I am not, what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

wellbeing lifestyle blog

I’m a clichè

.. because I quit my well-paid job, decided to start my own company and find my own way. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo, when all of my friends are either studying or working in cool companies. I still feel this big power inside of me, that believes in me and knows I will end up on my feet, safe and sound. So really:
   Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost.

I’m a clichè

.. because I totally believe in the power of positivity. I used to think, that people were just born with a big smile on their faces, always happy and cheerful. I still think, that some people are born with that gift, but more so, I believe, that we are able to learn positivity. For most of my young life, I wasn’t that happy – I was miserable inside and had this huge grudge against the world.  I had reasons to be like that, but I luckily learned, that they don’t have to determine the way my life is.
   Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

charlotta blog

I’m a clichè

.. because I want to be an advocate for being confident in who you are in this crazy world. I know it’s pretty damn hard sometimes and you and everyone else has their own image of the perfect human being they should be. We have social media, that is both good and bad for us, we have magazines, movies, everything. It’s easier to find flaws, than good things in yourself. Here is something to live by:
   Be your own kind of beautiful.
  Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.

And finally..

Life is better, when you’re laughing.

What is your favorite quote?

photos Viivi N. Media