Easy eyeshadow tutorial: Purple and light pink

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beauty blog tutorialsI love purple eye shadow. I think it compliments the blue in my eyes. This is one of my go-to looks, using purple and a touch of pink. This is super easy and quick to do, so it’s definitely beginner friendly.

Even though I’m using bright colors such as pink and purple here, the look is still quite wearable. You can modify it to suit your needs, maybe change the colors completely or skip the liner – whatever works for you.

I’ve been wearing this eye shadow look various times, only changing some bits to it: adding more purple and blending it higher than in this tutorial, changing the color of my liner (brown works perfectly with this!) and adding colors to it such as gold and brown. But when in a hurry or just in a simplistic mode, this only takes a moment to create. I even skipped the fake eyelashes this time.

Let’s get to my tips to creating this easy makeup:

easy eyeshadow

  1. Prime the lids and set the primer with a powder unless it’s already matte. That helps the blending, because powder eye shadow tends to stick to a cream.
  2. Add a white eye shadow to your inner corners and blend carefully. Use a small brush, since you’re operating on a small area.
  3. Apply pink eye shadow right next to your inner corners and about halfway of your lid. You can use medium sized flat brush. To get the best color payoff, tap the color on rather than swiping. I blended carefully with tapping motions at the edges of the color.
  4. Apply purple eye shadow next to the pink one. Bring the color all the way to your outer V. Blend this out – now it’s okay to use a bigger movement. I recommend using a tapered but fluffy brush for blending.
  5. Apply the same purple eye shadow to your lower lid. I left it quite light. Use small brush here too.
  6. Finish the look with a black liner and a coat of mascara. All done beautiful!

Now in case I lost you in that ‘Outer V’ part, here’s what I meant:what is outer v

This is the basic outer v. That is where you typically bring darker shades and where you contour your eye. Now you can vary this by making it tilt more up = a cat eye or bring it higher up = fake a crease. With my eye shape I’m always bringing it higher than my actual crease (fold).

If you’re interested in how I did the rest of my makeup, here is a tutorial to my acne-friendly makeup routine, that I’m wearing here!

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Acne update / Progress after one month of Apocyclin

apocyclin acne progress

adult acne treatment

apocyclin 1 month progress

It’s been one month since I started to take Apocyclin medication for my acne. First I felt like there wasn’t really any progress, but I guess there is a little. My family has also been saying that my skin looks better and that’s something.

What it comes to my skin, I feel like a lot of my pimples have come to the surface – the closed comedones I have on my cheeks have turned into blackheads and they basically come out if I just squeeze them a little bit. I’ve been trying not to touch my face too much though and you shouldn’t pick on your skin – but some of these are really just almost surfaced and they come out easily without irritation.

I’ve still had some painful pimples that don’t like touching – at all. And I noticed that all of a sudden my back is full of painful red pimples that make it impossible to wear a bra or lay down comfortably on my bed. Now it’s a bit better – luckily. My chest area is a bit clearer now too, but there are still some imperfections.

These photos were taken today, a month + three days after starting the medication. It’s hard to see any progress on the photos. I did have a weekend of bad sleep, bad food and alcohol mixed together though so I’m pretty sure that’s why my pimples seem to be more red. Or maybe the acne gets worse before getting better? I really don’t know. Anyway I want to be honest with this journey so here is the truth (these pictures).

apocyclin adult acne progress

Comparison between 24.2.17 – 20.3.17.

I haven’t noticed any major dryness on my skin during this time, but there are other side-effects, which haven’t been that nice. My stomach has been going crazy with these pills and that is their number one side-effect, tummy aches and everything that goes with that. I’ve been feeling really sick in the mornings, heartburn and almost ready to puke. The same happened in the evenings at first too – but then I realized I had to take the pill with lots of water and so I drank more water (at least half a tall glass) and it hasn’t been that bad. I also switched up my lactic acid bacteria pills to probiotic ones and I think that’s been helpful at least to my stomach.

Also now that I compare the first week of eating these pills to this moment, the side effects are definitely not that bad anymore. I don’t feel that sick in the morning and I barely get any heartburn. Still the tummy-aches are noticeable in the mornings.

I’ve been studying acne and hormones and doing some changes to my diet too recently. I think eating less dairy products as well as wheat is good for me right now – but I’m still taking baby steps and will keep you updated on that. And having the medication on right now it’s hard to say if what’s working is the pills or something I’m eating or not eating (probably the combination of these three though).

adult acne

Trying to keep a positive attitude. (Trying to smile.) That red pimple right on my cheek has been there forever! It’s a deep one so I haven’t touched that – just waiting for it to go away on it’s own. Hasn’t left me yet.

Apocyclin acne

Anyone else on acne medication right now? What’s your progress?