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Lush scrub

Lush scrub

LUSH Angels On Bare Skin review

I’ve been loving this face & body cleanser for some time now. I was amazed at how good it was the first time I tried it but I’ve been using it for some time now and I can assure you it’s a little piece of heaven. It is LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser and it has earned it’s name, all right?

The Cleanser is solid in the jar, but when you apply water to it it melts and all the ingredients from kaolin clay to lavender oil come to life. You can basically decide how rough you want the treatment to be depending on how much water you mix it with. You can see from the photo, how I use it. I love to use this in a sauna, ’cause I think that the clay works even better with some heat. First I apply it to my face with circular motions (and doing a little exfoliation) and then I let it sit for 2-5 minutes. After rinsing my face feels exfoliated, soft and pampered. I also love the scent that this has that comes from lavender and chamomile.

This is the first product I’ve ever tried from Lush. Somehow I’ve always walked past the shops. But since I got a goodie bag from a party that Lush had some time ago I’ve been able to get to know to the brand. There are some other cool products that I’ve tried and I’m impressed. The products are beautiful themselves and they do work. I like Lush’s policy about ethical buying and such. Thank you Lush! I think we will be friends, you and I.


How to keep your brushes soft

Photo Matt Trostle

A good makeup brush feels soft and feels pleasant on the skin, but it also needs maintenance to stay soft.

My secret to soft brushes is using conditioner on them. I don’t use it every time I wash them but I use it from time to time. I apply it to the bristles after soap and I let it absorb for a minute or two. After rinsing the brushes feel incredibly soft and fresh.

My brush cleanser at the moment is the liquid blendercleanser. I like that it’s liquid and comes with a pump. It feels effective yet gentle. Oh and it’s the best cleanser for beautyblender.

My brush conditioner at the moment is faith in nature seaweed conditioner, which I bought from market some time ago. I meant it for my hair at first, but it turned out to be quite useless for that. But for my brushes – it’s the bomb. I do use my brushes on my face, so it’s important to me that the product is organic. This product is ecocertified, which is great.

My brushes got a good pampering after a weekend of work and they feel like new again.

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