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Do you hate painting your nails? The whole process of waiting for an eternity for the layers to dry and then accidentally poking your nail somewhere and having everything been for nothing?

Yet still – you see a gorgeous nail polish color and you would love to have it on your nails. To be one of those women, who had time to do their nails. Or even sometimes use one of the nail polishes that is waiting for the right moment at the back of your drawer.

I. Feel. You.

I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but Seche Vite’s fast-drying top coat makes all the difference. It changes the whole game. I’m telling you. Just watch the video and decide for yourself!

Seche Vite fast-drying top coat

Nowadays, since I’ve switched up to Seche Vite, I actually do paint my nails every now and then. And it doesn’t take me an hour. It’s quick. And quite effortless. Okay, you do need to see some effort, but compared to life before Seche Vite? Ha, not even close. I think the fact that I don’t want to use any other top coat anymore tells you everything you need to know.

The thing with this cult top coat is that it’s a cult you do want to belong in. It actually dries fast. And not only that – it gives an amazing shine to your nails. And when you do it right, it lasts long. If you really want to make your nail polish last long, you should wrap the tips. Here’s an amazing tutorial for that.

When you get used to Seche Vite’s thick consistency and the results, you don’t want to get back.

How to apply Seche Vite?

So the consistency in Seche Vite is thick. The way to do it, is to use a bit more top coat than you would normally and apply it carefully on your nails, without using much pressure. You want to avoid touching the nail polish below it, if that makes sense. Another thing is, that you can apply it almost immediately after your color nail polish. You don’t have to wait for it to dry out, actually you shouldn’t. I wait about a minute, after which I apply the top coat. The top coat is dry in just a few minutes. I know, it sounds weird and difficult. It’s almost like applying a gel on the nail. But as I said – it’s worth a few test runs. You’ll get it eventually.

You can watch how I apply the top coat and how quickly it dries from the video.


This top coat is awesome, because it makes all your nail polishes work for you. It makes painting your nails fun.


Since the consistency in Seche Vite is thick, I recommend buying the Restore thinner as well, which you can use at the end of your Seche Vite bottle. It makes it runny again and that way you don’t have to throw away the rest of the polish.

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