What are you thinking about right now?

At the moment, there are so many things on my mind. My mind is racing with ideas and words – and then again it’s staring at out Christmas tree (yes, I was early this year, don’t judge me) and wondering, how lovely all that sparkle and glitter is.  How can a tree in the house make one girl so happy?  And also – I can’t wait for my friends’ glitter party. Yes you read that right. Glitter party. It’s in March though, so settle down, brain. Oh, and I just realized I own the perfect silver glitter heels for that. But zero decent pair of winter boots, which I actually would need. Oh, how hard it is sometimes to be a woman in this world of shoes and bags and adulting.

Obviously – I’m drinking coffee writing this. I don’t always drink coffee this late – or even another cup after the morning coffee, but today I have some exciting things happening later, and I need to be alert. Okay, if you need to know, my sister is in the leading role at the national theater, and I’m bursting from proudness just thinking of it. That, and I’ve never been to a proper theater before. I’m such a peasent. Or not, but somehow attending the theater makes me seem at least 70% more sophisticated.

What else? I have so many posts planned for you. People always ask me: how do you come up with new content? The problem is, that I come up with too much, really. I need to tell you about this amazing highlighter, which works for problematic skin – then I have these lovely luxury products I need talk about and also there’s this one thing about skincare, that deserves it’s own post. There’s also some cool photoshoots and great shots, I need to show you. I feel like so many bloggers say, how they don’t like being in front of the camera. If it’s photos we’re talking about, I love being my own super model.

So I’m pretty much thinking about Christmas, glitter, shoes, coffee, theater, blog posts and love. I’m always thinking about love though. I’m thinking about how it shows on my face, when I’m talking with Risto (he never fails to point out when I’m blushing), how it glows in the dark and warms my feet and how it tastes like rice porridge and cinnamon. Especially when my mom makes it.

On my old blog I often wrote these quick posts about whatever was on my mind. In Finnish the main category was always ‘ajatuksenvirtaa’, which roughly translates to ‘the flow of thoughts’. Every once in a while, I’d like to write these posts on this site as well. So, my question to you is: can we talk about glitter, shoes and love –  all packed together – every once in a while?

Photos: Suvi, Daily Chic

Now, quickly: what are you thinking about right now? Just answer spontaneously the first thing, that comes to mind!