Why menstrual cup is awesome and why YOU should give it a chance

menstrual cup why you should try it

There are two reasons I want to write about menstrual cups on my blog. The first reason is that they’re simply an awesome invention for periods. I’ve been using a menstrual cup for about eight years so it’s about time to spread the word.

And second – pretty often the articles written about menstrual cups are negative horror stories based on the user’s first experience with the cup. First experience.

Why would you base your review on a product this important (yes, very important) on just one experience?

You didn’t love sanitary towels at first, did you? They basically feel like a diaper. Like an adult diaper. That, in no world, feels invisible or comfortable (no matter what the ad says). Though to be fair – sanitary napkins might be the least scary thing for a young woman to start their journey to womanhood with.

I’m also thinking your first go with tampons wasn’t a love story, now was it? You’re shooting a cotton ball in your you-know-what and it’s not like the most natural thing in the world.

What I’m trying to say is that of course you’ll feel weird at first with your menstrual cup. You’ll need to get used to it! Learn to live with it. Just like you had to learn to live with the diapers and the cotton balls when you were younger. Or periods altogether. Because periods are natural, they are a good thing and they are a sign of health (and they give you an excuse to eat chocolate).

A menstrual cup & why you should try it

I speak of my own and lots of my friends’ experience, when I say this: menstrual cup is the best invention for periods. You read that right, the best. It actually makes periods manageable. Like, you don’t have to worry about them. It’s also hygienic, environmentally friendly, comfortable and cheap. Can’t say that for tampons or sanitary napkins, can you?

Now I realize that a reusable cup can sound scary. You can’t just toss it in the trash and imagine you’re not bleeding. Because, let’s just face it: you are. And before you get grossed out: these are just facts. Oh – and did I already mention about the whole ‘periods are natural’ thing? In case you forgot: periods are natural. These are normal things I’m talking about. We should talk about this.

Now here’s the deal: you do need to empty the cup, you do need to wash it and you do need to keep it clean. You even need to boil it monthly in a small pot to keep it hygienic. And yes, that means bringing it to the kitchen. So what?  

That said – you quickly get used to it. It’s just worth it in the long run. A menstrual cup is a thing worth learning to live with. It’s small, handy and genius.

It’s also awesome, because:

  • You can use the cup for even 12 hours straight! I mean, obviously it depend on your flow, but still, it’s a lot less hassle than with tampons for example. Personally, I manage by just emptying and cleaning the cup in the morning and in the evening. So I don’t have to worry about my periods during the day, at all.
  • The cup lasts for years. Yes, you read that right. Years! Forget about buying stuff for your periods monthly.
  • It’s trustworthy. It fits and stays in it’s place, since it’s designed to do so. And since it’s made of medical silicone, it doesn’t contain any chemicals and it doesn’t brew inside you like a tampon. Menstrual cup is a friend!

I’ve now used menstrual cup for – well, I’ve lost count. I think eight years?  I’ve only needed to buy a new cup once. At first my cup was clear-colored, but since it does stain a little during the years, I switched to a new pretty purple color. And about the staining – make sure to always rinse out the cup with cold water first. Just like you do with blood stains. That helps to keep the cup unstained.

And there’s that! I recognize this subject might seem a little weird to be blogging about, but I think it’s important and I wanted to encourage everyone to even consider switching up to a menstrual cup. Seriously. Try it. Give it a chance. And if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

My cup is from a Finnish brand Lunette and you find it’s resellers here. But there are tons of options for example on amazon, *here!

Anyone else using a cup? What are your thoughts on it?

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