Frantsila organics






Frantsila is a Finnish brand that produces organic cosmetics amongst other products. They are sold for example at Sokos which is where I first saw them. They are very affordable yet their quality is quite impressive. They don’t have ecocertificates but they are organic.

I got to try their rose facial oil, nourishing facial cream and bright eyes beauty cream.

The rose facial oil is very nourishing and moisturising. It’s best for normal, dry or mature skin. All skin types can benefit from this but personally I think this is too heavy for my skin which is oily/mixed. I searched the ingredients online and found this so I’m not  so sure about some oils that this product contains. For my skin this felt a bit too heavy but I may give it another go in winter. 

The nourishing facial cream is also very nourishing and moisturising. This too would be best for normal, dry or mature skin. Still this feels quite light and absorbs quickly. The texture is quite nice with his actually! I may give this another go in the winter.

The bright eyes beauty cream is surprisingly light and silky-feeling on the skin. This absorbs quickly so if you’re not a fan of thick creams you might like this.  I would recommend this for young people maybe as their first under eye cream. For me this was a bit too light since I use a lot of makeup on my eyes and need plenty of moisture to keep my eye area smooth.


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