Cosmetic cellulite

Cosmetic cellulitis is not a disease, but a normal condition most of us have and some consider aesthetically ‘ugly’. Personally I try not to worry about this. However, there are many who struggle with cellulite so I wanted to write a bit about it.

Cosmetic cellulite means, that fat cells are increased, cell spacers have excess fluid, connective tissue strands tightened, and blood and lymph glands are squeezed. Simplified: the surface of the skin is swollen, uneven and lumpy.

There are three degrees of cosmetic cellulite, the first degree I claim to be found in every one of us. In the first stage, the orange skin is not visible except when the skin is pressed. At that time, patches appear on the surface of the skin. The first advice come here: do not squeeze into it the skin and the horror. In the second degree, orange skin is also visible in sleep, for example when sitting. In addition to the peeling of skin on the surface of the skin, the tissue feels strong at pressing. Many suffer from this too. The third degree is already acute cellulite. In it, the surface of the skin is obviously uneven, the dumps are deep, and when the skin is pressed, it hurts. Overweight plays an important role in this formation because the number and size of fat cells have increased considerably (that’s the diet).

Treatment of orange skin is a cosmetic challenge. Orange skin is especially a ‘problem’ for women, because we have more fat in the crocodile. In this case, of course, the fattening (the fatty cells) also appear more clearly on the surface of the skin. The first and most effective treatment is a varied and healthy diet and exercise.

However, orange skin can also be treated with cosmetic methods such as

  • The circulation of blood and fluid is stimulated by various massages, or devices that are slightly more effective than human hands – these affect blood and lymphatic circulation and metabolism.
  • Speed ​​up fat degradation – Massage / devices can try to “break” the fat cells – to make them peel off.
  • Improve Muscle Condition – Various muscle pumping devices train muscles to strengthen and burn more fat. At the same time, it intensifies metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Improves skin quality – Well-treated, smooth and moisturized elastic skin is beautiful. Different package treatments (eg peeling, massage, mask) made by a cosmetologist are above all relaxing and indulgent, so you do not pay from scratch (and cheer up!).


How to deal with cosmetic cellulite at home?

Move regularly and eat healthy. Keep it grease under control. Cover your skin regularly. In addition to the skin’s softness – it is receptive to the care product when dead skin cells are not “on the road”. Moisture-Firming Products. Dry skin causes all sorts of problems, so moisturizing your skin will keep its surface beautiful. The absorption of solidifying ingredients into the skin can be enhanced by heat and massage. Pinch and grind considerably the problem points. In addition to the moisturizing and softening ingredients, the solidifying products may include active substances such as caffeine. Stabilized products also have a psychological effect and they motivate the continuation / treatment of the problem.

source: WSOY Ihonhoito kauneudenhoitoalalla

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