YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation review

ysl touche eclat le teint foundation review



If you want a glowy foundation with a good coverage and a very lightweight feel – Yves Saint Laurent’s *Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation might just be the right foundation for you.

YSL Touche Eclat foundation is definitely a classic, which I just had to test out myself. I have a thing for foundations and more often or not I opt for the more expensive ones. I think Touche Eclat foundation is reasonable priced though and worth the money.

ysl touche eclat le teint foundation review

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation

It’s said on YSL’s site that this foundation is radiant and full-coverage. I was bit surprised to read that, because at first I would have said it’s medium coverage. However, it does actually have an amazing coverage. It’s just so thin and lightweight, you don’t even realize it. It covers well without looking like a mask. It leaves a beautiful radiant finish, which helps to make it look more natural.

Now since it’s not a totally matte foundation, it’s not more long lasting than, say, Double Wear foundation. It still lasts really well on my skin and it wears off nicely. I’m quite glowy at the end of the day, but my skin still looks nice and even. It lasts better if I set the foundation with a powder though, which I rarely do nowadays, even though I have some oiliness on my skin. I just like the finish this foundation leaves on my skin, I don’t want to add any more product to it. Or am I just lazy and leave the powder out therefore? Who knows.

ysl touche eclat le teint foundation

Touche Eclat Le Teint is easily blendable and I recommend using a damp beautyblender to apply it, as always. As said, the coverage is very nice even with one layer. You can build it up a bit too, but I just use a concealer where needed (acne and dark circles).

Before & after with YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint BD30. I used it for this gold tutorial. Photos taken in softbox -light.

How the shades go in YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation 

B – neutral
BD – beige dore (yellow undertone)
BR – beige radiant (pink undertone)
The number indicates the darkness of the shade.

So my shade BD30 is yellow undertone and the third lightest shade. The numbers go all the way to 70 in Beige Dore shades.

I use the shade BD 30, which is considered a golden light color. It’s quite yellow (I could have probably picked a color from the B (neutral) range), but since I’m more on on the warm side when it comes to undertones, I can use this shade. In summer it’s probably the perfect match for me. And to be honest, I feel like yellow foundations give my skin the much needed warmth, since it’s winter and I’m starting to remind one of Dracula’s victims.

ysl touche eclat le teint foundation honest review


Shop Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation

*YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation 54$  Sephora

I would recommend this foundation to normal and combination skin. If you’re oily, you can probably use it too, but you need to powder it well. If you have dry skin, you have better luck with *YSL Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow foundation. Actually, it might just work amazingly for you. I let my sister, who has extremely dry skin, test both of these and she couldn’t make Touche Eclat work, but the All-In-One Glow worked perfectly. I know it’s hard to find good foundations for dry skin, so hopefully this tip will help you out.


YSL Sequin Crush Eyeshadows & 3 sparkly tutorials

YSl Sequin Crush makeup


Do you have a moment to talk about glittery eyeshadows? I had a phase where I didn’t like single eyeshadows, but now I’m all about them. They are a great way to expand your collection with unique formulas and shades. Such as these YSL Sequin Crush eyeshadows. They’re super beautiful and add that touch of something to a look. It’s safe to say none of my eyeshadow palettes have shades like these.

YSL Sequin Crush Eyeshadows review, swatches & makeup tutorials

YSL Sequin Crush eyeshadows are basically pressed glitters, but they also have a metallic shift to them and they’re packed with a lot of pigment. In one word, unique. They blend and swatch beautifully just on their own, but for extra lasting power, I would use a glitter primer.

These shadows are very pigmented, especially when you use your finger to apply them and a sticky base. In the swatches I didn’t have any primer under though. I think the swatches speak for themselves.

One useful thing to note about these shadows is that when you blend them, the glitter kind of fades. But you can use it to your advantage, as I did in my 3-color tutorial. You can press them on to your lid, where you usually want the shimmer, and blend them to your crease, where you would typically use matte shades.

I have shades 1 Legendary Gold, 8 Louder Blue and 9 Bold Blue.

ysl sequin crush bold blue
9 – Bold Blue.
ysl sequin crush legendary gold
1 – Legendary Gold.
ysl sequin crush louder blue
8 Louder Blue.
YSL Sequin Crush Eyeshadows Legendary Gold, Bold Blue and Louder Blue swatched.

Now let’s get on to some ideas on how to use these beautiful shadows. I have three tutorials for you.

gold glitter liner makeup

gold glitter liner makeup tutorial


Gold Glitter Liner using YSL Sequin Crush Eyeshadow 1


This look is very simple, but I wanted to add it here just to show you different ways to use these shadows. A simple glitter liner just as itself looks nice. I somehow felt inspired to go for a wing futuristic kind of look, even though I always say I don’t like wings on me. This color was light enough so that I actually liked it quite a bit.

3 color look using YSL Sequin Crush eyeshadows 1, 8 & 9

ysl sequin crush eyshadow tutorial makeup


This look is way simpler than it looks. I basically applied the three colors all over the lid next to each other and blended very minimally (just on the crease a little). This look was super sparkly and looked amazing in the sun.

blue gold halo eye charlotta eve


Halo eye using YSL Sequin Crush 8 and 1 (and grey eyeshadows)

ysl sequin crush halo eye tutorial makeup


I love blue and gold together. This look requires a bit more steps.

  1. Add a light grey all over the ‘crease’, but leave the center of the lid bare.
  2. Add a darker grey in the inner and outer corner, making your eye look rounder and creating a halo effect. Blend well. Add some grey to your lower lashline as well.
  3. Add YSL Sequin Crush 8 (blue) in the outer and inner corners by tapping it on. Don’t blend it or bring it quite as high as the grey shadows.
  4. Add YSL Sequin Crush 1 (gold) in the center of the lid and in the inner corners. In halo eye you would also bring the gold to the center of your lower lashline, but I didn’t want to do that in this look.
  5. Add liner and mascara and you’re done.

Shop the YSL Sequin Crush Eyeshadows

on *Lookfantastic UK
on *Lookfantastic EU

What look was your favorite? Mine is obviously the one which I got the best pics of, heh, because of a sudden sunlight. Gotta love winter in Finland. 

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