Pregnancy diaries: Weeks 30-38


Week 30+0

As I’m writing this, the baby pushes my belly on both sides of my navel. Its slightly distracting, as if I weren’t thinking about her already. My thoughts are more and more in the birth and a life that is gonna be so different from what I’m used to. But I’m happy to feel her move. The other day I experienced the first panic of not feeling her move for a while. Luckily after a while she started her usual shenanigans. Last night I also woke up to a first painful contraction. Lots of firsts!

I’ve been more moody than before. It doesn’t take much for me to cry. My hunger has also reached a new level. It’s crazy to think how fast the baby is growing in size now, so no wonder I’m craving for the extra calories. (Luckily it’s Christmas time and there’s always quick calories available in chocolate, ha ha). Other symptoms I could list are leukorrhea (can’t remember the last time I had to buy pantyliners), heartburn and tiredness.

Week 31+0

Dear baby girl, I love to feel you move, because it gives me a peace of mind. However, it does sometimes hurt, just a bit. You’re getting bigger. And yet you’re still so small. I can’t wait to have you in my arms.

This week I’ve been fighting with my mind. My body has required a lot of rest and I have struggled with accepting that. I don’t know if rest or exercising is what my body wants or needs. I don’t know if I’m making things worse by not moving. Then again, exercising hasn’t felt good and throughout this pregnancy I’ve tried to listen to my body. I guess I’m doing my best. And that should be enough.

Yesterday we attended an online birthing class and I’m actually feeling quite calm and trusting about childbirth. Funny how feelings change.

Week 36+.

Weeks 31-34

Weeks are going by so fast. The bump has grown so much. It feels massive, even though there’s still weeks to go. I’ve been quite tired. I get contractions (Braxton-Hicks) daily. Sometimes I wonder how much is normal. Other times they almost prevent me from walking. It doesn’t matter if I walk, sit or lay on the bed though, they happen when they happen.

This week I had to buy some new maternity pants. I have actually outgrown three of my maternity pants, which came as a surprise. Since living in this body has become more uncomfortable and anything that makes me feel better mentally or physically is a bonus, I figured buying new pants is acceptable. I found some really nice pants from H&M that can be worn also after pregnancy. If and when I get a lot of use out of the pants, it justifies the not-so-sustainable brand choice.

The nightly wake-ups have increased. Even a slight pressure (the need for peeing) feels very uncomfortable and it wakes me up.

The other night I slept poorly, stressing about the position of the baby. She isn’t yet head down and that worries me, as I would prefer to give birth naturally, having her be in the best position for that. But as Risto said, one way or the other, we’re gonna get the baby into our arms. And that’s true. It doesn’t matter how she is born, just that she is healthy. Why do I feel the need to control things I can’t control?

We got a new drawer for the baby and our bedroom is almost ready for the little one.

Week 37 and the hospital bags ready to go.

Week 38 – would you come out?

Weeks 36-38

On week 36 I learned that the baby is in position, ready to roll. I realize now that she might have been that way for a while, but since she’s quite active, I just couldn’t tell which way she was in there. Needless to say, this was a big relief, but also it makes me look forward to her birthday all the more.

Today 38 weeks are full and as my sister said, “the last torture” is here. I’m feeling quite desperate at times, depending on the day. I’m so ready to have this baby out, it’s not even funny. Now – how does it feel when the baby’s head is down there and low, you ask me? Like you have constant pressure between your legs and like you need to pee all the time. Also since she’s still growing rapidly, my belly feels huge and heavy. My lower body has started to swell and I don’t recognize my thighs. They also hurt, so you might find me on the bed, legs up, ice on the thighs. There’s also contractions, back and rib pains, heartburn, headache, you name it. It’s something every day.

Overall, I’m feeling like a stranger in my body. In a way it has been like this the whole pregnancy – not being in control of your own body. But the process is even faster now in the last month. I can’t wait to have my body back – or at least be alone in it. Once again I’m so thankful for not going through this alone. I have the loveliest support group of other expectant mothers, my sisters (who happily welcome my complaining) and I have Risto, who every day reminds me how beautiful I am and how well I’m coping with the pregnancy.

Since it’s just two weeks until the due date, it makes me think of this whole journey here. What a crazy amazing road it has been both physically and mentally. I have both lost a lot of weight and then got a lot back. My body has transformed. I think my mind also a bit. I have read baby books and reflected back on my childhood. I have made plans on my mind for three. I have been amazed of my body’s ability to care for a child.

It feels like an eternity since I got the positive result on the test. How my body trembled and tears just poured on my face. How far away February then felt. Yet here we are and the little bean that we first called Blueberry, is suddenly nearly three kilos and it shouldn’t be long (even though it feels like another eternity) until we get her in our arms and we really see her for the first time.

How exciting, nerve-wrecking, frustrating and wonderful this all is. In our soon nine years together with Risto, we have had all kind of adventures. All kinds of difficult and wonderful situations we have lived through. But I think this will be the biggest adventure of our lives. The kind, which doesn’t fly us to a tropical beach or have anything to do with something superficial. I think… Well. I have no idea what we’re getting into, but we make a pretty good team and I can’t wait to find out.


Love, Charlotta

Winter pregnancy style & outfits

long knit dress pregnant style


Winter style – pregnancy edition!

Needless to say I have had to buy some new clothes this year. Right from the beginning of my pregnancy, however, I wanted to buy clothes that would also fit me after pregnancy. And I think I have done a pretty good job at finding classic pieces that are comfortable, elastic – but stylish.

Here are some of the clothes I have bought to fit my bump throughout fall and winter.

I also have a discount for *Bubbleroom that’s valid until the end of this month: CHARLO for -10% off.

Pregnant winter/fall style

wrap wool jacket ralph lauren

Wrap wool jacket Ralph Lauren

Wrap wool-blend coat

This wrap wool coat fits the bump better than something with buttons. I love the classic color and style of this! I can see myself pushing strollers and drinking lattes (I hear babies make you tired) in the city in it. However, I have to say, because you only lightly wrap it shut, it’s not as warm as a jacket with a zipper, for example. Luckily I also got a warmer maternity coat from a friend.

Ralph Lauren Wool-Blend Wrap Coat

Pierre Robert Neule asu

Pierre Robert Neule asu

Long merino wool knit wrap

I love merino wool. It’s warm, breathable and doesn’t tickle. Pierre Robert is my go to brand for beautiful merino wool clothes and this long knit I also got from them. It fits the bump beautifully and can be worn with just leggings and some t-shirt.

*Pierre Robert Loungewear Long Knit

This top and knit are also from Pierre Robert. The photos were taken about a month apart. The bump has grown quite a bit, heh.

Pierre Robert Neule asu

Turtleneck knit vest

I’ve also worn nu-in’s sleeveless turtleneck a lot throughout this pregnancy. Since it’s a vest, I was able to wear it already at the end of summer. The long style of it makes it great with leggings.

Sidenote: maternity leggings are a must! I wear them all day every day. I have ones from asos and Noppies.

nu-in sleeveless turtleneck ribbed sweater
Maternity leggings

long knit dress pregnant

For the Bubbleroom items, remember to use the code CHARLO for -10% off.

Beige knit dress

I adore this long knit dress from Bubbleroom. It fits the bump so nicely – while also looking really good without it (check the link to see the model wear it). The material of this feels super soft and good. This dress is something I’ve been looking for for a long time! Comfy and stylish, if I do say so myself.

*Amira Knitted Dress

all black outfit pregnant

All black outfit

I think this black cotton shirt with buttons looks so cute with the bump. The pants I have bought from Zalando and they have been one of the best things I’ve bought, along with the maternity leggings. The sizing runs a bit small, I have size 38, but now that my bump is growing rapidly, I think I could wear 40.

*Chelsie Rib Top Black
Pieces maternity pants

red dress bubbleroom

red dress bubbleroom

Red elastic dress

I love red and not just for Christmas. This red dress from Bubbleroom is really comfortable and pretty!
My tights are from Lindex. If you didn’t yet know, I love Lindex. Basically all my bras are from them. They have comfortable yet pretty ones for pregnancy (and also nursing bras).

*Luigina Wrap Dress Red
*Lindex MOM Tights

Festive top

There come a time when you need festive clothes, but you can’t fit into any of your party dresses. This top is for those occasions. I can pair it with the black pants and some knit and call it a day.  This blue (or lavender?) high neck top is beautiful! It fits the bump nicely – again – thanks to the wrap/ribbon style of it, because you can choose how high you want to tie it.

*Emalie High Neck Top Blue

pregnancy week 26+4 bump raskausviikko 26+4
My old turtleneck knit with maternity pants from Zalando.

Where to shop maternity clothes online?

So there’s a peek into my pregnancy winter style. I have to say, it hasn’t been easy to find good maternity wear. You kind of don’t want to spend a lot of money, but then again, material also matters. Based on my experience I would recommend:

Zalando, which has a big maternity wear selection & easy return.
*Pierre Robert & nu-in especially for knits.
*Lindex for underwear and loungewear.

And even though *Bubbleroom doesn’t have a maternity section, you can make great finds from them or other similar stores. Just pay attention to the material (all the clothes in this post are either cotton or viscose, except the top) and the fit of the clothing. Usually clothes that are elastic or can be wrapped are great for pregnancy also, even though they’re not advertised as such.

What is your favorite look?

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