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One of the most important things in my skincare are masks. They’ve always been the one thing I stress, when I’m giving skincare advice. Giving that extra care to your skin once per week is essential in keeping it clean and good-looking.

Especially if your skin has even a slight tendency to impurities or oiliness. And actually – whatever the problem was. You probably know that feeling, when you feel like your skin is not doing that great? Maybe it looks dull, maybe there are impurities, dry spots or you feel like it needs a little something. Solution: masks.

In this post I will share my favorite masks from Madara. Madara has awesome masks and I’ve used them for years. They are very effective and the price-quality ratio is good.

I took these masks with me last weekend on a cottage, and chose a mask for my sister and my friend. They also got to tell their opinions on the products.

madara detox mask


Could this be the most effective mud mask I’ve ever tried? Possibly. Sometimes, if I leave it on for too long – I get red as a lobster. 5-10 minutes is enough with this one, so it’s also a time-saver. If your skin is super oily and you’re longing for that matte, very clean feeling – you have to try this.

Madara Ultra-Purifying Mud Mask* 25€

purifying mask madara detox

I chose this mask for my sister Janika, who has an oily skin. The mask was on her face for about 7 minutes. She liked the mask and was amazed at how fresh and clean her skin looked. The mask also brought some of the spots on the surface, so the next day she had some red spots – which then went away quicker. So if you have a party coming up, do this mask at the beginning of the week to purify your skin!

madara peel mask


Treating your skin with acids may sound rough, but it’s actually a gentle way to exfoliate the skin and make it look clean and radiant. Radiant is the key word here, because this mask really does brighten the skin and make it radiant. The consistency is quite transluscent, but don’t let it fool you. This mask is very effective – and the proper time for this mask is 3-10 minutes as well. So, another time-saver. As always: remember to protect your skin with SPF 15 at minimum, when you’re using products containing AHA or BHA.


Madara Brightening Aha Peel Mask* 25€

madara peel mask inka

I chose this mask for my friend Inka, who also liked it very much. She felt her skin was smooth and radiant after using this mask. Inka’s skintype is combination, leaning more to the dry side though. The mask was on her face for about 7 minutes.

madara smart mask


This is the newest mask from Madara and I got it as pr-sample. It’s a mud mask, but compared to Detox mask, it’s milder. When I could use Detox mask once per week, this I could do 2-3 times. This smart mask purifies the skin, but it also nourishes it. It contains charcoal, so it’s completely black. The consistency is something I absolutely love – it glides effortlessly on the skin and it makes my skin look and feel good. Again, 5-10 minutes. Madara knows people are busy nowadays!


Madara Smart Anti-Pollution Charcoal&Mud Repair Mask* 26,50€

madara smart mask review

I use all of these masks, but I chose this one for my skin this time. It has quickly become one of my favorite masks! It leaves my skin fresh, purified and radiant. My skintype is combination.

Have you tried Madara’s masks?

New skincare faves – Lavera Anti-Pollution review

  lavera detox mask
Current skincare faves – Lavera Anti-Pollution skincare products review

I’m quite bad at handling stress.

Or – I’m the master of it. I manage to stress about almost everything: food, sleep, outfits, work, play and even my toes.  It’s a constant struggle and something I do pay attention to daily – I have moments, when I realize it’s so unnecessary, take a deep breath and just enjoy whatever it is I’m doing or seeing. And on the other hand, it’s just life and it’s something you need to live with.

But one thing I haven’t had to stress much about lately has been my skin. I always get new products to try out and not always do they work for me. But I realized one day, that the routine I’m doing right now with some new products (received as pr-samples)  is actually working brilliantly for me.

So obviously I need to tell you about those products.

*adlinks marked

lavera products

Lavera Anti-Pollution line

Lavera is a german brand, that is quite affordable when it comes to price point. It’s ecocertified and sustainable.

The three products I’ve used lately regularly, have been from Lavera’s new Anti-Pollution line. The products are meant to shield your skin from air pollutants, keep it fresh and radiant and nicely moisturized. I’m quite excited about these ones, because Lavera is not only ecocertified and natural, but it’s also affordable (even though this line is slightly more pricey than the other lines). I admit I’m always a bit hesitant to try affordable things especially with skincare, but these products turned out to be very nice.  By the way, Germany has some really cool natural skincare brands!

Usually Lavera’s packaging doesn’t appeal to me, but with this particular line, there’s actually a bit more effort on it. I know it’s just a packaging, but I like pretty things. I’m seeing the product every day, so it’s nice that it’s nice to look at. But I have to say, that I do like that a brand uses more money on the inside of the product, rather than on the outside. What are your thoughts on this? 

I have combination skin, and I have found that these products suit my skin perfectly. All of these are vegan.

lavera hydro effect cleansing balm

Lavera Hydro-Effect Cleansing Balm

Somehow finding the perfect cleanser has been very hard for me. I’ve usually used gels and foams, but I’ve been wanting to try something more gentle. This cleansing balm is exactly what I’ve been looking for: it’s a creamy gel, that cleanses my skin gently, but effectively. It’s not like the cleansers made for oily skin (that leave my skin feeling dry), or like the milk cleansers made for dry skin (that leave my skin feeling like nothing’s happening).

This feels very nice on the skin, it slides nicely and it leaves my face fresh, clean – yet lightly moisturized. It has a natural sweet scent to it, which I love.

I actually use it both in the evening and in the morning.

*Lavera Hydro-Effect Cleansing Balm

lavera hydro effect day cream

Lavera Hydro-Effect Day Cream

This day cream is a lightweight gel-cream, that absorbs nicely into the skin. I always prefer a light consistency in my lotions and this makes no exception. The day cream brings just enough moisture and care to my skin, without clogging my pores.

It has the same sweet scent as the cleansing balm, which is a nice addition. I have to note, that even though there is a scent to these products, it’s very subtle. With natural products the scents are also natural – meaning that they evaporate quite quickly. So even if you preferred unscented products, you could probably use these.

Since this is quite lightweight, I would recommend this for normal to combination skin.

*Lavera Hydro-Effect Day Cream

lavera detox effect mask

Lavera Detox Effect Mask

I try to use a mud/clay mask weekly. I don’t always manage to do that, but I try my best. Doing a mask once per week helps to keep my skin radiant and clean. It also helps to fight any imperfections and sebaceous filaments.

This Detox mask is not too drying, but it’s still effective. It contains clay, but also nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera. It has these tiny grains in it, that help to exfoliate the skin. When I’m rinsing off the mask, I do some circular movements with my fingers to get rid of dead skin cells.

*Lavera Detox Effect Mask

skincare faves from lavera

Have you heard of Lavera?

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