From the bottom of my heart

I don’t love Christmas, because the day was always perfect and lovely in my life. Though for the most part, it was. I know Christmas is a tough holiday for many and it would be for me too, if I didn’t make it my own.

I guess I love Christmas, because of my routines. I have a timetable for the whole day, yet it feels like the most day off than any other day in the year. It always feels like a special day – a day where I’m allowed to just be. This week is dedicated to spending a lot of time in my red pyjamas, eating a lot of chocolate, watching a ton of movies and seeing my friends and family. I know it’s gonna sound super cheesy, but I feel the Christmas spirit. Whatever that is. Love? I guess. I’m already feeling it.

So from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

I hope you get to spend it however you wish.

P.S. You’ll find a tutorial to this black smokey eye on my Instagram Highlights.

x Charlotta

Christmas lights makeup

I’m not making many New Year’s resolutions, but here’s one. I want to create more makeup looks, show my creativity and really get better at it. I’ve already started to share more makeup videos and tutorials on Instagram, and I will keep doing tutorials here too, but I feel like I could do even more. I’m already visioning another version of this look, for example. But! I want to document my progress. That’s why I post things that I’m not necessarily always 100 % happy with. It’s so easy to see the mistakes – especially for me. Always striving for better and better. So maybe the real challenge is to push myself to get better, but enjoy the journey as well.

I was thinking that today and remembered that I really wanted to create this look last year, but didn’t. Well, here I am, 20.12.19 – just in time to post this before Christmas.

Christmas lights makeup tutorial

  1. Draw a black line on your face using an eyeliner or a black pencil. That acts as the strings to your Christmas lights.
  2. Draw colorful balls on the strings – as the lights.
  3. Contour the balls a bit using a cool toned bronzer. This helps to make the lights look more 3D.
  4. Finally add some light to the balls with some white. You can also add glitter to them to make the sparkle!

As for the products used, I used mellow cosmetics black liquid liner for the strings and face paint for the lights. I contoured with Hoola Bronzer and added Urban Decay’s Distortion glitter liner as glitter.

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