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Who’s excited for Christmas? And more importantly – Beauty Advent Calendars? I know I am! It might seem a bit early to talk about Christmas, but when it comes to beauty calendars, you have to be prepared. And early. October is the time to order them, so you won’t be left without one.

I think beauty calendars are the ultimate Christmas present to yourself. Obviously you could just buy something for yourself, but for me, the element of surprise is important. There’s just something childishly exciting about it.

But if you do want to know what you’re buying –  you can usually always check the contents of the calendar. That way there are no disappointments. Or do both. Check the contents and buy the calendar – you still won’t remember every single product, so the element of surprise is still there.

Here are my top picks for this year’s best Beauty Advent Calendars!

best beauty advent calendars 2018

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2018

I’ll update this list as new Calendars come on sale.

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Rituals The Ritual of Christmas Deluxe Calendar 89€

This is my choice for this year. I ordered it a while ago and it’s already here at home just waiting to be opened. Both me and Risto love Rituals’ products, so I just couldn’t go wrong with this one. What’s epic about this calendar is that it’s shaped like a Christmas tree and it comes with lights!

LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar  $115

If you’re just thinking of getting a beauty calendar, I would probably choose this. It’s a safe choice. It’s one of the most popular Advent calendars after all. It contains makeup, skincare & hair products. I had this calendar in 2016 and I was very happy with it. Read my reviews here. Take a peek at the contents here.

Sleek Makeup Can’t Wait Another Day Advent Calendar £35
Very affordable, but tempting calendar! Sleek makeup has great price-quality ratio. I especially like their eyeshadows. The calendar contains for example full eyeshadow palettes, lip products and nail polishes. Full contents are listed on the link.

essence advent calendar 2018 24,94€
A very tempting calendar, not only because of the price, but because of the contents. Essence honestly has some great makeup products! And the calendar is beautiful.

The Body Shop 24 days of Enchanted Advent Calendar $45

25 Days of the Enchanted Deluxe Advent Calendar £65

25 days of the Enchanted Ultimate Advent Calendar £99

The Body Shop came out with three different Advent Calendars, the cheapest being only £45! All of these calendars contain products for bath, body, skincare, make up, hair care as well as some accessories. If you want to see the exact content, check out the links. The contents are listed in each calendar.

Feelunique The Little Beauty Parcel Beauty Calendar $99,75
This calendar reminds me of the Look Fantastic calendar. Great option with lots of interesting brands and products. Makeup, skincare & hair.

asos The Face & Body Advent Calendar $87
Another good option with lots of variety and different brands and products. Makeup, skincare & hair.

amazon 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar £50
Amazon sells some amazing brands so it’s no wonder they have their own beauty calendar. Last year’s calendar was pretty good, so I think this a very valuable option.

What’s your pick for this year?

Happy Holidays

happy holidays charlotta blog


happy holidays

merry christmas

Holidays – the best time to be sick, am I right? Well, luckily my condition doesn’t seem too bad – nothing a bag of chocolates and lots of good food won’t heal. And I’m prepared with the best kind – Toffifee and Ferrero Rocher, to name a few.

I will try and not spend too much time on the computer – and actually log off a little. But since it’s my favorite holiday and I’m on a joyful mood, I just wanted to come here and quickly say to you, from the bottom of my heart: Merry Christmas.

I also acknowledge that for many Christmas is a lonely party. There are so many emotions, they can’t all be joy. For you, I just hope you can make the best out of it and not to think too much of it. Christmas is also a Sunday, just one of many.

Anyway – if you need me, I’ll be out of touch. On the sofa, watching Santa live, answering children’s calls and listening to them caroling. And then later on – having dinner, probably complaining of eating too much, and then top it off with some more food. Oh! And opening presents – I’m not ashamed of admitting they still cause butterflies in my stomach, just like they did twenty years ago. I’m not selective though, like a kid – give me a 1€ candy bar wrapped, and I’ll smile like it was the best thing I could have ever hoped for.

Lots of love,

merry christmas