best self tanners for face and body


The best self-tanners for face and body are chosen – and are listed in this post! They are easy to use, give a natural tan, and don’t smell.

When it comes to self-tanners, you want to know what’s good. Just prior to posting this, I tried a new product (well, actually an old favorite that had a new “improved formula”) and it was a disaster. The scent was horrible, the consistency was sticky and uncomfortable, the color it gave was mediocre and I had to shower a few times before I got the smell off of me.

But hey, I’m ready to take one for the team and test the products for you. So be assured: I take the topic of the best self-tanners seriously.

The best self tanners

A good self-tanner is like an invisible friend. Effortless and trustworthy. It gives you a natural-looking color, it’s comfortable to use and it doesn’t stink. It results in a beautiful tan that fades away smoothly.

I use different self-tanners for face and for body. If you have any skin problems whatsoever, I recommend choosing a different one for your face. Also: the face self-tanners you need to apply more often, the body self-tanners last about a week on the skin.

Most of these products are all natural, so if you’re about that organic, natural skincare, here are some good picks for you.

Vita Liberata invisi best self tanner


Here are the best self-tanners for face. Below you’ll find quick reviews on them.

*Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Mist
*balance me Gradual Tanning Drops
*Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster
*Eco By Sonya Face Tan Water
Zuii Organic Gradual Tan Face Water

These are all very very light – either toners or tanning drops. Those are the best in my opinion, because they leave room for your regular skincare products. We all have different skin types and needs, but these work for all skin types, since you just add them to your routine.

vita liberata fabulous self tanning mist review

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Mist

My new self tan favorite for face is the Fabulous self tanning mist. You can use it on your whole body, but I like to use it for my face, neck and décolleté. 

Since it’s a water-based spray, I love to mix it with my toner or serum. One spritz is enough for me to use a few times per week, but you can build up the color by using it daily or using more product.

When I use it for my face together with my skin care products, I just use my hands to apply it. However, on my body I use the mitt.

The bottle is quite big, so this lasts a long time.

*Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Mist

balance me Gradual Tanning Drops

balance me Gradual Tanning Drops

The balance me gradual tanning drops are amazing. They are easy to use: just mix a few drops in your moisturizer and apply all over your face and neck. I love the fact that you can choose how dark you want to go, depending on how many drops you use. 1-3 drops gives you a natural tan whereas 3-6 drops give you a more intense color. This product is also soothing and moisturizing with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. And it’s unscented.

The size that I have is a sample size, that I got from the lookfantastic 2018 Advent Calendar, but the normal size 30ml is still small and good for travel.

*balance me Gradual Tanning Drops (amazon)
*balance me Gradual Tanning Drops (lookfantastic US/CA)
*balance me Gradual Tanning Drops (lookfantastic UK)


Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Clarins Golden Glow Booster drops are another good choice for face.  As with the balance me drops, you apply a few drops to your moisturizer and you can decide how deep of a color you want. Easy!

These drops also contain aloe vera, which is a great calming ingredient for summer (or throughout the year). As usual for Clarins, these are scented and come in a beautiful bottle. The small bottle is handy for travel also, to avoid the temptation to sunbathe even on holidays.

*Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Zuii Organic Gradual Tan Face Water

Zuii Organic’s Gradual Tan Face Water toner is great for beginners. You can’t go wrong with this one! The color it gives is not as intense and looks very natural. However, you can build up the color by using it more often, almost every day I’d say.

The consistency is a light, watery gel. It feels nice and light on the skin and has lots of natural moisturizing ingredients in it such as bamboo juice and jojoba esters.

This is a toner and I use it before applying my lotion. I apply this with my fingers on my face and neck.

Zuii Organic Gradual Tan Face Water


Eco By Sonya Face Tan Water

Eco By Sonya’s Face Tan Water is a classic. It gives a deep color and the consistency feels like a normal face toner. Compared to Zuii’s face water, it’s more watery and gives a darker color. This is also suitable for all skin types, even acne. Contains Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid.

This I recommend applying with a cotton pad.

Pro tip: if you want to tone down the color a bit, wet your cotton pad with water before applying tan water in it.

*Eco By Sonya Face Tan Water

best self tan review


Here are the best self-tanners for the body. Below you’ll find quick reviews on them.

*Vita Liberata Foaming Tan Water Invisi
*Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Tanning Lotion
*Eco By Sonya Cacao Tanning Mousse
*minetan Ultra Dark Violet Foam

Make sure to always use a mitt with them! I like *Vita Liberata’s mitt.

vita liberata invisi best self tan

Vita Liberata Foaming Tan Water Invisi

Vita Liberata’s Invisi foam is an awesome product. It’s unscented and clear – almost invisible on the skin when you apply it. It dries super quickly and feels like nothing on the skin. Still it gives a beautiful, even, natural looking tan.

I apply the mousse in the evening and wake up with a perfect tan. After shower my skin feels wonderfully soft. Recently I’ve preferred a self-tan that does its thing during the night. Because even though some of the products give the color sooner (you can shower after a few hours), they will still keep developing.

The color that this gives is very natural – yet tanned. My shade is Medium Dark. I’ve used this throughout the year, because it’s so easy and quick to use. Definitely a holy grail product!

*Vita Liberata Foaming Tan Water Invisi

vita liberata best self tan

Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Tanning Lotion

Vita Liberata’s Heavenly Elixir lotion surprised me so positively, I wrote its own review. Heavenly Elixir is a cream that gives a deep tan in just one night. It contains some wash-off color, which makes it easier to apply it evenly.

Besides the creamy consistency, this differs from the others with a sweet strongish scent, that covers any self-tan odour.

Every time I wake up with this on, I feel like I’ve just come from the Bahamas. Love it.

Since it’s a cream, it’s very moisturizing,. Good for dry skin.

*Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Tanning Lotion

Eco by sonya firming cacao mousse before after

Eco By Sonya Cacao Tanning Mousse

Eco By Sonya’s mousse is a lovely product. It’s the product that made me fall in love with mousses. The Cacao Tanning mousse is as good as it sounds. It’s easy to apply, it feels comfortable on the skin and it gives a natural looking tan. This would be beginner-friendly, because the color doesn’t develop as quickly as with the two other products.

I usually leave this on for 2-3 hours and I get about the same color I get with the other products during 1,5 hours. After that you can shower (without soap). The color will keep developing for a few hours, so you don’t want to accidentally rub off all the DHA off of your skin.

*Eco By Sonya Cacao Tanning Mousse

minetan violet self tan 1 hour tan

minetan Ultra Dark Violet Self Tan Foam

This I actually mentioned here briefly already, when I wrote about stretch marks. Minetan’s tanning foam gives a really professional looking tan (like I’ve been to spray tan).

I usually leave it on for 1,5 and that gives me a nice color. You can leave it on for 1-3 hours depending on how dark you want to go. After that you can shower (without soap). The color will keep developing for a few hours, so you don’t want to accidentally rub off all the DHA off of your skin.

*minetan Ultra Dark Violet Foam (amazon)
*minetan Ultra Dark Violet Foam (lookfantastic US)
*minetan Ultra Dark Violet Foam (lookfantastic UK)

best self tan for body and face

I will update this list as I find new good ones. What’s your favorite self-tanner?

The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar – Week 4 & full review

I can’t believe Christmas is almost over and there’s no more surprises in the mornings to open! I’ve loved this Advent Calendar from look fantastic. It was my first ever beauty calendar and it was the perfect gift for myself. My mini reviews and first impressions on all the earlier products that I got from the calendar can be found here: Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.

Let’s see what the last week brought me:

Box 19 – Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml
How did they know I was in search for a new eye cream? Or that I’m running out of it. This eye cream is 99% natural so all the better. I like this a lot! Doesn’t irritate my eyes and gives them enough moisture. Works under makeup too.

Box 20 – REDKEN One United Multi-Benefit Treatment 30ml
Okay, another hair treatment product.. Why do I have so many open already? I just couldn’t open this yet.  I love the packaging though and I trust Redken as a brand. Will definitely use this later as soon as I use my older ones, boring!

Box 21 – dermalogica daily microfoliant 13g
I’ve heard a lot about dermalogica but have never tried anything from them. It’s about time! Or not just yet – ’cause I have the same case with the exfoliants at the moment as I do with hair products (#beautybloggerproblems). Anyway –  this is a powder exfoliant that you use with your wet hands and create a creamy paste. You’re supposed to massage it for a minute and then rinse. So it’s really quick – which is great for impatient people such as myself. This doesn’t contain any synthetic perfumes or colorants which is great.

Box 22 – Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash 100ml
Body washes are great when you think about it. They are an easy way to bring luxury into your every day life. I was excited at first when I opened this box. I love the packaging with this and almost don’t want to use it because of that.. But no, that’s not the reason I’m not gonna use it. This one I’m giving to my man. Don’t let that pink color fool you: This is definitely for men. My nose thinks so, anyway.

Box 23 – OLEHENRIKSEN clean truth cleansing cloths (10 cloths)
I don’t use cleansing cloths regularly but I use them every once in a while. Or basically when I’m feeling lazy and just want to remove the most of my makeup quickly. These smell amazing (vanilla?) and do the job. These will get to travel with me to Lapland!

Box 24 – look good feel better Eye Shading Brush
There’s never enough eye shadow brushes. I love them! This one is soft but dense and I already see it in my top five eye shadow brushes. Look good feel better is also supporting women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

Box 25 – Illamasqua Eye Shadow Palette Look Fantastic
I waited the calendar for an eye shadow palette! I don’t know why I wanted one and had a feeling there might be one in this calendar (especially when the makeup products before were all for eyes, lips or cheeks) but I’m so happy this was in the last box! I’ve wanted to try Illasmasqua products before so again my prayers were heard. This palette is exclusive and named Look Fantastic. It contains four eyeshadows: Servant, Tango, Terra and Vernau. Three of them are mattes and only one is shimmer. These colors are perfect and my favorite is that greenish brown. The pigmentation and the texture in these are amazing.

Here are swatches with and without flash.

All together I am extremely happy with this calendar and the products. It was definitely worth the money. There were so many bomb ones like Pixi Glow Tonic, Moroccanoil, Rituals Body Cream, Foreo Luna Play and REN Night Cream. Not to talk about the grand finale – the Illamasque Palette! Of course there were some products that I wasn’t so excited about but I didn’t hate them. The Pillow spray (got it in the first week) for example is actually quite nice and I like it even though I wouldn’t have bought it. Then again most of the products were mini sized so it’s okay if I don’t love them.

I’m definitely gonna it again next year.

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