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Photos by Timo Newton-Syms

We’re going to spend this Christmas in Lapland. Two years ago we did that and it was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get there again.

Even though Lapland is a hundred times colder than Helsinki, a thousand times darker and it takes sixteen hours to get there (by car) – it’s a million times worth it. It’s so beautiful. It’s super peaceful. And it has reindeer which I love even though they’re super dumb and block the roads all the time.

I don’t have good photos of Lapland ’cause the few hours the sun is up you spend by gazing at the views and enjoying the fact that you can see ahead of you. (Thanks to Flickr and these photographers I got photos for this post.) The darkness though isn’t depressing at all in there. If you look up you can actually see the northern lights and stars which are amazing. There’s just something in staring at the sky and realizing how small you are and how big the world actually is.

And the snow. Talk about winter wonderland! If it’s somewhere, it’s there. I wanna crawl into the snow and make a dozen snow angels. And then run to sauna. And do it all again.

You know those places, where there simply isn’t room for stress? My mother-in-law’s cottage in the middle of nowhere (or in Inari) is one of those places. Being 1130 km away from home (and work) just takes you away from all those unnecessary and stressful thoughts.

I love December, I love my home and I love my job. But whenever I feel tired or uninspired I just imagine myself in Lapland – in the quiet magical place that is in Finland and that I’m able to visit.

Do you have plans for Christmas?

Green lights

Photo by Chris 


Photo by Juho Holmi

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